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Here we have made an Endocrine Quiz, online test for nurse grade 2. In this endocrine exam questions, you will get 10 multiple choice questions and they will have four answers options. From them you have to choose the right option and press next button, in the end, you will get results according to your correct answers with the correct explanation.

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#1 when caring for a client with a diagnosis of Cushing syndrome the nurse understand that most common cause of Cushing syndrome is ?

Hyperplasia of the adrenal cortex leads to increased secretion of cortical hormone which cause sign of Cushing syndrome.

#2 The gland that is the primary regulator of the rate of oxygenation in all the cell in the body is ?


The thyroid gland produce thyroxine T4 and triiodothyronine T3 which help regulate oxidation in all body cells.


#3 Which of the following hormone is modified amino acid ?

Biologically active amines, like dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine called catecholamine. It derived from the amino acid tyrosine only.

#4 Oxytocin causes all except ?

Except lactogenesis all other all function of oxidation lactogenesis caused by prolactin

#5 Oxytocin is a hormone produced by ?

Pituitary gland is best response although Oxytocin produced by hypothalamus and store for released by posterior pituitary.

#6 The nurse should monitor a client with addison’s disease closely for sign of infectious complication because there is a disturbance in which body mechanism ?

Because of diminished glucocorticoid production there is a decrease response to stress, reducing the ability to fight an infectious process.

#7 The nurse is caring for a client who had an adrenalectomy the nurse understands that until the client is regulated by steroid therapy the nurse must monitor for ?

After an adrenalectomy adrenal insufficiency cause hypotension because of fluid and electrolyte alteration.

Others are secondary complication because lack of mineralocorticoids


#8 The hypofunction of the anterior pituitary gland that rarely affect the posterior lobe leading to ?

Simmond’s disease means the effective or absent function of the entire pituitary gland, it causes loss of function of the thyroid, adrenaline and gonads, hair loss, hypertension and cachexia.

#9 The effect of antidiuretic ADH hormone is ?

The major function of ADH is retention of water in the body by action on renal tubules of kidney, So decrease urine output. ADH action on DCT of nephron and increase reabsorption of water.

#10 A High concentration of oestrogen in the blood ?

High concentration of oestrogen in the female and testosterone in the male suppress secretion of FSH and GnRH by negative feedback mechanism.


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