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Anatomy and Physiology Nursing Exam Model Question Paper

February 7, 2018

Anatomy and Physiology Nursing Exam Model Question Paper download pdf Hello Readers, Here we present you New Nursing Exam Preparation Model Question Paper Guide. This model question paper include General Nursing MCQS of Male Reproductive Questions. We are create these Question Paper from Old Govt. Nursing Exams Papers like – Delhi Staff Nurse 2013 paper, […]

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What is Local Anesthetics – It’s Uses and Some New Drugs Added to Anesthetics.

December 20, 2017

What is Local Anesthetics ? There are a number of local anesthetics available for use with regional anesthesia including lidocaine, mepivacaine, chloroprocaine, prilocaine, etidocaine, bupivacaine tetracaine, and ropivacaine. They each have their advantages and disadvantages as well as different times of onset and durations of action. We have limited our practice to the use of […]

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VENTILATOR MODES || VCV, A/PCV, PSV, SIMV, CPAP etc || Alarms and common causes

August 25, 2017

VENTILATOR MODES   Moede refers to the machine will ventilate the patient in relation to the patient’s own respiratory efforts. there is a mode for nearly every patient situation, pluss many can be used in conjunction with each other.     MODES   Volume Control Ventilation ( VCV / CV )         […]

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Blood Transfusion – Complication – Precautions and Responsibility.

July 1, 2017

Blood Transfusion                             Blood Transfusion is a process to given intravenously blood product, to a patient who is anemic or due to other reason having heavy blood loss like major surgery, accident other hemorrhagic disease. In earliar medical practica Transfuse whole Blood But Mordan Practics Use Only Blood […]

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Common Medical Abbreviation And Acronyms List –

June 29, 2017

 What is medical abbreviation and acronyms? Doctors and health provider are commonly use a (Medical Abbreviation / Acronyms) terminology in disease and doses that’s called abbreviation and acronyms. The medical word is use to save time and space to taking/record a patient’s medical history. Different types specialties developed a collection of commonly used abbreviations in his practice. […]

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Allens Test – Allen test uses, procedure, importance

June 26, 2017

Allen’s Test    What is Allen’s Test ?  What is the indications of Allen’s test ?  how to do perform Allen’s test ?  Allen’s test result  Uses of Allen’s test ➤ Allen’s test is a medical sign and it’s use in physical examination of arterial blood circulation in hands.and it’s founder’s name is Edgar Van […]

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6 Easy Steps to ABG Analysis

February 15, 2017

6 Easy Steps to ABG Analysis What is ABG ?   ABG Stand for Arterial Blood Gas. Analysis the ABG to know O2 & CO2 concentration in the blood to diagnose the disease.  6 Easy Steps to ABG Analysis After ABG Analysis we found 4 situation & its causes 1.       Respiratory Acidosis   ⇛ Hypo-ventilation, retention […]

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Important Days

February 11, 2017

IMPORTANT DAY CELEBRATED AS ON Date & Month                  Celebrated As January  9                               Cancer Day January 12                              National Youth Day January 26                              Republic Day January 30                              Anti Leprosy Day                                           […]

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