Online Nursing Test For AIIMS Rishikesh Exam 2018 || Check Your Ability

April 15, 2018

Online Nursing Test For AIIMS Rishikesh Exam 2018 Here we have made an online exam for nurse grade 2. In this exam you will get 20 questions and they will have four options. From them you have to choose the right option and in the end you will get results according to your correct answers […]

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kearala psc nursing exam previous year paper

kerala PSC staff Nurse Exam Previous 2007 question papers Download pdf 100

April 6, 2018

Kerala PSC Previous Year (2007) Staff Nurse Exam Paper :- Hello Dear Nursing Student, Are you preparing for the examination of the nursing staff? We provide material of nursing exam. If you visit our website on a regular basis, it will prove to be beneficial for you as we update all the information related to nursing […]

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Anatomy and Physiology Nursing Exam Model Question Paper

February 7, 2018

Anatomy and Physiology Nursing Exam Model Question Paper download pdf Hello Readers, Here we present you New Nursing Exam Preparation Model Question Paper Guide. This model question paper include General Nursing MCQS of Male Reproductive Questions. We are create these Question Paper from Old Govt. Nursing Exams Papers like – Delhi Staff Nurse 2013 paper, […]

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All Subject Mix Model Question Paper For Staff Nurse Exam

October 7, 2017

Model Question Paper For Staff Nurse Exam Here We are providing you the ESIC Solved Model Question Paper for Staff Nurse Exam question like …..Hallmark finding in the ECG of acute MI include. esic staff nurse exam model questions model question paper for staff nurse exam in aiims nursing entrance exam questions answers  Read Here Question No. 1 – 25  Read Here Question No. 26 – 50 […]

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August 19, 2017

URINARY SYSTEM MULTI PAL CHOICE QUESTIONS  mcqs 1. The last part of a nephron is the _____. A) Collecting duct B) renal papilla C) distal convoluted tubule D) glomerulus mcqs 2. Which area actually secretes renin into the blood? A) macula densa B) juxtaglomerular apparatus C) Juxtaglomerular cells D) cortical nephron mcqs 3. Which blood vessel conveys blood […]

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Common Medical Abbreviation And Acronyms List –

June 29, 2017

 What is medical abbreviation and acronyms? Doctors and health provider are commonly use a (Medical Abbreviation / Acronyms) terminology in disease and doses that’s called abbreviation and acronyms. The medical word is use to save time and space to taking/record a patient’s medical history. Different types specialties developed a collection of commonly used abbreviations in his practice. […]

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Blood mcqs – Blood Cell Related Question For Nursing Exam

June 23, 2017

Blood Cell Related Question For Nursing Exam   mcqs 1. Which is known as ‘River of Life’? A. CSF        B. Blood C. Water    D. Serum Answer: Blood mcqs 2. Blood circulation was discovered by? A. Robert koch        B. Robert Hooke C. William Harvey    D. Karl Landsteiner Answer: William Harvey mcqs 3. The total […]

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Cardiovescular System Related Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

February 23, 2017

  CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM Mcqs, 1. The first branch of the human aorta is   1) Left sub-clavian artery 2) Brachiocephalic artery 3) Coronary artery  4) Left common carotid artery                                            Answer : 3   Mcqs, 2. hepatic portal system originates from 1) Kidney 2) Diaphragm 3) Liver 4) Different parts of alimentary canal                                            Answer […]

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Practice Questions For Respiratory System

February 21, 2017

RESPIRATORY SYSTEM MCQS mcqs, 1. Right lungs has how many lobes1) One lobes2) two lobes3) three lobes4) four lobes                           Answer : 3 mcqs, 2. Aspirated object must probably loaded into which Lang1) right lung2) left lung3) both lung4) any lung        […]

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