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RUHS M Sc Nursing Entrance Exam­ Paper

M Sc Nursing Entrance Exam Paper 


Hello Dear Nursing Students. If you are preparing nursing competitive exam for ESIC, HPSSSB, RUHS, BFUHS, BHU, RPSC, AIIMS, PGIMER, JIPMER, DSSSB RAILWAY,and many more then you need previous year competitive exam papers for solve before any nursing competitive exam. old papers helping to know syllabus exam pattern and time management.

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mcqs, 1. Example of ball and socket joint is ?
1) Elbow
2) Hip joint
3) Thumb and fingers
4) Between wrist bones
                                    answer : 2

mcqs, 2. Excessive exercise without rest result in accumulation of carbon dioxide and lactic acid and this causes fatigue in muscles. therefore, nurse Advise patient to?

1) Sit and take rest
2) Breath in between exercise
3) Sit and breath
4) Breath deeply after exercise
                                    answer : 3

mcqs, 3. Intramuscular injection can be injected in all of the following muscles EXCEPT ?

1) triceps
2) deltoid
3) vastus lateralis
4) Gluteal
                                    answer : 1

mcqs, 4. During clotting, the prothrombin is changed to thrombin the presence of ?
1) Calcium ions and fibrogen
2) Thromboplastin and Vitamin K
3) Calcium iron and Vitamin K
4) Calcium ion and thermoplastin
                                    answer : 4

mcqs, 5. A failure in lymphatic system to return body fluid adequately result in ?
1) Swelling of hands and legs
2) Swelling of face and hands
3) Edema in spleen
4) Swelling of tissue as edema
                                    answer : 3

mcqs, 6. The trachea or wind pipe is made up of cartilage rings shape of the Ring is ?
1) C shaped
2) S shaped
3) Cone shaped
4) Straight
                                    answer : 1

mcqs, 7. Acid base balance is regulated by kidney by excreting hydrogen ion and electrolytes to maintain the ?
1) Electrolyte balance in body
2) Specific gravity of urine
3) Filter the protein from urine
4) Normal pH of blood plasma
                                    answer : 4

mcqs, 8. Which of the following is a master gland which influence the endocrine glands ?
1) thyroid
2) Parathyroid
3) adrenal
4) pituitary
                                    answer : 4

mcqs, 9. One of the functions of cerebellum is to ?
1) Serve as a passage between spinal cord and brain
2) Maintain balance, coordination and muscular control
3) Conduct nerve impulse
4) maintain area of reason, thought, memory and sensation
                                    answer : 2

mcqs, 10. Most of the infections spread to the ear from throat through ?
1) Eustachian tube
2) Cochlea
3) Ear canal
4) Tympanic membrane
                                     answer : 1

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