Aiims Mock Test Paper For Staff Nurse / Nursing Officer

Aiims Mock Test Paper For Staff Nurse / Nursing Officer

Hello friends we are provide complete Competitive Nursing Exam Solution For Helping Nursing Student. aiims mock test paper for staff nurse. We have Provide Previous year question papers will help the candidates to know the pattern of the exam. Aiims practice papers aiims mock test for staff nurse Also Benefit from AIIMS Staff Nurse Study Material and LATEST STAFF NURSE RECRUITMENT NOTIFICATION, PRACTICE NCLEX QUESTIONS ANSWER, IMPORTANT TOPIC, QUIZZES, Etc. This will help the candidate to download easily from our website at free of cost. online nursing test aiims jodhpur staff nurse previous year question paper

Q. 1. Isojonic urine is presint in ?
a. Henel’s loop
b. Distal tubule
c. Proximal tubule
d. Blood plasma

Answer : a. Henel’s loop

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Q. 2. A Mother brings her 18 month old to the clinic because the child eats ashes, crayon and paper. Which of the following about the toddler would the nurse assess first?
a. Evidence of eruption of large teeth
b. Amount of attention from the mother
c. Any change in the home environment
d. Intake of a soft low roughage diet

Answer : c. Any change in the home environment

Q.3. The plasma interstitial fluid exchange occurs at the rate of ?
a. One litter per min
b. 3 litter/min
c. 5 litter/min
d 7 litter/min

Answer : b. 3 litter/min

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Q.4. The nurse is planning activities for a client who has bipolar disorder with aggressive social behavior. Which of the following activities would be most appropriate for this client ?
a. Ping Pong
b. Writing
c. Chess
d. Basketball

Answer : b. Writing

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Q.5. Best method for getting pure culture is
a. Streak-plate
b. Agar slant
c. Both a & b
d. None of these

Answer : c. Both a & b

Q. 6. Urine of a healthy person does not contain?
a. Sodium
b. Urea
c. Chloride
d. Amino acid

Answer : d. Amino acid

Q. 7. Laboratory findings indicate that a child with leukemia is also anemic. The nurse interpret this finding as most likely resulting from which of the following?
a. Inadequate dietary folic acid intake
b. Decrease red blood cell production
c. Increased red blood cell destruction by lymphocyte
d. Progressive replacement of bone marrow with scar tissue

Answer : b. Decrease red blood cell production

Q. 8. Mid day meal program provides how many calories and proteins per day?
a. 300 calories and 6-12 gram of protein
b. 200 calories and 6 -12 gram of protein
c. 300 calories and 8-12 gram of protein
d. 200 calories and 8 – 12 gram of protein

Answer : c. 300 calories and 8-12 gram of protein

Q. 9. Temperature required for pasteurization is
a. Above 150° C
b. below 100° C
c. 110° C
d. None of these

Answer : b. below 100° C

Q. 10. What is the full form of DMPA?
a. Di methyl progresterone acetate
b. Di methyl mono progesterone acetate
c. Depot medroxy progesterone acetate
d. Depot methyl progesteronic acid.

Answer : c. Depot medroxy progesterone acetate

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Q. 11. Meat can be the sources of which of the following infection?
a. Tape worms
b. Liver fluke
c. Bacterial infection
d. All of the above

Answer : d. All of the above

Q. 12. A client has cancer of the pancreas. The nurse should be most concerned with which nursing diagnosis?
a. Alteration in nutrition
b. Alteration in bowel elimination
c. Alteration in skin integrity
d. Ineffective individual coping

Answer : a. Alteration in nutrition

Q. 13. A priority nursing diagnosis for a child being admitted from surgery following a tonsillectomy is:
a. Body image distubance
b. Impaired verbal communication
c. Risk for aspiration
d. Pain

Answer : c. Risk for aspiration

Q. 14. The nurse is discussing breastfeeding with a postpartum client. Breastfeeding is contraindicated in the postpartum client with:
a. Diabetes
b. Positive HIV
c. Hypertension
d. Thyroid disease

Answer : b. Positive HIV

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Q. 15. A Nurse midwife is performing an assessment of a pregnant client and is assessing the client for the presence of ballottement. Which of the following would the nurse implement to test for the presence of ballottement ?
a. Auscultating for fetal heart sounds
b. Palpating the abdomen for fetal movement.
c. Assessing the cervix for thinining
d. Initiating a gentle upward tap on the cervix

Answer : d. Initiating a gentle upward tap on the cervix

Q. 16. After giving instruction about the cause of the vaginal bleeding to a multi-gravid client at 36 weeks’ gestation diagnosed with placenta previa. the nurse determines that the teaching has been effective when the client says that the bleeding result from which of the following ?
a. Diminished clotting factor.
b. Exposure of maternal blood sinuses.
c. Increased platelet level.
d. A large for gestation age fetus.

Answer : b. Exposure of maternal blood sinuses.

Q. 17. The most common symtoms of congenital rubella syndrome that follows infection in the mother during the 1st trimester is:
a. Hydrocephalus
b. Phocomelia
c. Cardiac anomaly
d. Otosclerosis

Answer : c. Cardiac anomaly

Q. 18. A 7 Year old child weighing 15 kg got accidental burn injury with 20% body burn, the nurse will administer how much amount of fluid in first 24 hour to resuscitate
a. 1500ML
b. 1800ML
c. 2400 ML
d. 2000 ML

Answer : b. 1800ML

Q. 19. In situation in which there is insufficient staff to implement competent care nurse should
a. Organize a strike
b. Inform the clients
c.Refuse the assignment
d. Accept the assignment but make a protest in writing the administration

Answer : d. Accept the assignment but make a protest in writing the administration

Q. 20. Situation :- A nurse may encounter children with mental disorders. Her knowledge of these various disorders is vital. When planning school interventions for a child with a diagnosis of attention defficit hyperactivity disorder, a guide to remember is to:
a. Provide as much structure as possible for the child
b. Ignore the child’s overactivity.
c. Encourage the child to engage in any play activity to dissipate energy
d. Remove the child from the classroom when disruptive behavior occurs.

Answer : a. Provide as much structure as possible for the child

Q. 21. Which of the following psychological symptoms would the nurse expect to find in hospitalized client Who is the only suvivor of train accident?
a. Denial
b. Indifference
c. Perfectionism
d. Trust

Answer : a. Denial

Q. 22. What is a characteristic of an independent variable?
a. It is the variable that is predicted to change
b. It varies with a change in the dependent variable.
c. It is manipulated by the researcher.
d. It can be identified only by changes in the dependent variable

Answer : c. It is manipulated by the researcher.

Q. 23. Buerger’s disease is characterized by all of the following except:
a. Arterial thrombosis formation and occlusion
b. Lipid deposits in the arteries
c. Redness or cyanosis in the limb when it is dependent
d. Venous inflammation and occlusion

Answer : b. Lipid deposits in the arteries

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Q. 24. An elderly client with pneumonia may appear with which of the following symtoms first?
a. Altered mental status and dehydration
b. fever and chills
c. Hemoptysis and dyspnea
d. Pleuritic chest pain and cough

Answer : a. Altered mental status and dehydration

Q. 25. Which are the philosophy of community health nursing?
a. Naturalism
b. Socialism
c. Pragmatism
d. Realism

Answer : b. Socialism

Q. 26. How many days training provided for ASHA ?
a. 30 days
b. 28 days
c. 45 days
d. 23 days

Answer : d. 23 days

Q. 27. The nurse practice Acts are an example of –

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a. Statutory law
b. Common law
c. Civil law
d. Criminal law

Answer : a. Statutory law

Q. 28. When was the RED RIBBON PROJECT Launched in India?
a. 2001
c. 2007-08
d. 2003-04

Answer : c. 2007-08

Q. 29. Which of the following is used as an emerge contraceptive:
a. Combined oral contraceptive pill
b. Progesterone only
c. Depo-Provera
d. Levonorgestrol

Answer : d. Levonorgestrol

Q. 30. One the following is not the food additive?
a. Saffron
b. Vanilla
c. Aregemone oil

Answer : c. Aregemone oil

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