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AMU Previous Staff Nurse Exam Paper 2016

AMU Staff Nursing exam paper 2016

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) Staff Nurse Exam Paper DOWNLOAD OR READ PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTIONS PAPERS For AMU, JIPMAR, AIIMS, DSSSB Etc. Staff Nurse jobs apply here, AMU Staff Nurse jobs for GNM B.Sc Nursing Candidates,.AMU Staff nurse Recruitment.

1. What is the correct layout of the Nursing Process ?

a. Planning – Implementation-evaluation-assessment
b. Assessment-planning – implementation- evaluation
c. Evaluation- implementation-planning – assessment
d. Implementation-assessment-evaluation- planning

2. Which of the following is not a principal of ethical practice for nurses?

a. Veracity
b. Malfeasance
c. Confidentiality
d. Justice

3. Which of the following is not a sign of malnutrition?

a. Muscle wasting
b. Obesity
c. Loss of subcutaneous tissue
d. Good skin integrity

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) Staff Nurse Exam Paper

4. Body mass index is calculated using:

a. Weight and height
b. Weight and skin thickness
c. Height and eyesight
d. Weight and abdominal girth

5. Which is not a sign of inflammation?

a. Fever
b. Leucocytosis
c. Erythema
d. Paraesthesia

6. Thalasemia can be diagnosed by

a. Protein Analysis
b. Haemoglobin Electrophoresis
c. Chromosomal Analysis
d. Hexosaminidase A. Activity testing

7. Warfarin is antagonist of

a. Vit-K
b. Vit-A
c. Vit-D
d. Vit-E

8. Which of the following is not a pain intensity scale?

a. Norton’s Scale
b. Numeric Pain Intensity Scale
c. Visual Analogue Score
d. Simple Descriptive Pain Intensity Scale

9. When NSAID and ginger are taken together they increased risk of

a. Hepatotoxicity
b. Bleeding
c. Nephrotoxicity
d. CNS Depression

10. Which is not a side effect of opiod Analgesic?

a. Nausea & Vomiting
b. Respiratory Depression
c. Sedation
d. Gastro Intestinal Bleeding

11. Which of the following gas is used during laparoscopy?

a. Carbon dioxide
b. Oxygen
c. Carbon monoxide
d. Nitrogen

AMU Nursing exam paper 2016

12. Which electrolyte is not properly matched with its normal range?

a. Na+ 135-145meq/l
b. K+ 2.5-3.5meq/l
c. Bicarbonate 22-27meq/l
d. Chloride 100meq/l

13. Clinical manifestation of hyponatremia does not include

a. Altered mental status
b. Coma
c. Status epilepticus
d. Bradycardia

14. Sign and symptoms of hyperkalemia are all except

a. Bradycardia
b. Ventricular Arrhythmias
c. Skeletal muscle weakness
d. Decreased bowel motility

15. Signs and symptoms of compensatory shock are all except

a. Normal Blood Pressure
b. Heart rate 100 per minute
c. Decreased urinary output
d. Profound Acidosis

16. Which of the following drug is not used in management of shock?

a. Sildenafil
b. Dopamine
c. Adrenaline
d. Noradrenalin

17. Which of the following drug is not used in management of Anaphylaxis?

a. Diphenhydramine
b. Hydrocortisone
c. Chlorpheniramine
d. Milrinone

18. Carcinoma Breast can be diagnosed earlier by

a. Breast self examination
b. Faecal occult blood test
c. Digital rectal examination
d. Pap test

19. Which of the following is not an anticancer drug?

a. Tissue plasminogen activator
b. Cyclophosphomide
c. Cisplatin
d. Bleomycin

20. Peripherally inserted catheter (PICC) can be used to give

a. Blood products
b. Chemotherapy
c. Parenteral nutrition
d. All of the above

21. For elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy, hair should be removed.

a. A day before surgery                                                      AMU Nursing exam paper 2016
b. Night before surgery
c. Morning of surgery
d. Just before surgery

22. Preoperative antihypertensive medicines should be taken in morning of surgery with ?
a. Glass of milk
b. Glass of fruit juice
c. Sip of clear water
d. Should not be taken as patient has been advised nil per orally (NPO)

23. All are signs of cardiac arrest except.

a. Sudden onset of unconsciousness
b. Cessation of heart beat
c. Cessation of breathing
d. Constricted people

24. When should aspirin be stopped prior to surgery ?

a. 7-10 days
b. 3-4 days
c. 1 month
d. 2 months


25. During Hernia surgery, surgical knife drops down on floor how can it be used?

a. Washing and reusing it.
b. Cleaning it with 95%a!cohol and reusing it
c. Washing it in cidex solution for 15 minutes
d. Sending it for sterilization

26. Which of the following drugs is used to control nausea and vomiting ?
a. Promethazine
b. Hydralazine
c. Propyl thiouracil
d. Ofloxacin

27. In which of the following conditions, intercostals tube insertion is needed?

a. Pneumonia
b. Hydatid cyst of the Lung
c. Pyothorax
d. Teratoma

28. Which drug is not used in management of deep venous thrombosis (DVT) ?

a. Heparin
b. Warfarin
c. Low molecular weight heparin
d. Atorvastatin

29. Warfrin activity is monitored by

a. a PTT
b. BT/CT
c. CBC

30. In a patient of Trauma what is the first step in management ?

a. Putting intracath
b. Assessing Airway
c. Getting Chest X-ray
d. Stopping Bleeding

31. Colour Doppler ultrasound is done to see
a. Brain tissue
b. Bone marrow
c. Blood vessels
d. Spine                                                                                                    AMU Nursing exam paper 2016

32. Which of the following drugs is used to control blood pressure ?
a. Atenolol
b. Methyldopa
c. Clonidine
d. All of the above

33. Which of the following diseases is not transmitted by blood transfusion?
a. Hepatitis B virus
b. Creutz feldt Jacob disease
c. HIV virus
d. Hepatitis C virus

34. Which of the following gas is used during laparoscopy?
a. Carbon dioxide
b. Oxygen
c. Carbon monoxide
d. Nitrogen

35. A patient of head injury obeys motor commands, his M score will be
a. 4
b. 5
c. 3
d. 6

36. Which of the following hormone is not secreted from anterior lobe of pituitary gland?
a. Growth hormone
b. Throtropic hormone
c. Gonadotropic hormone
d. Antidiuretic hormone

37. The thyroid gland secretes all the following hormones except
a. Thyroxin
b. Tri-iodothyronin
c. Glucagon
d. Calcitonin

38. Paget’s disease of nipple and areola is associated with
a. Encephlaloid carcinoma of breast
b. Scirrhus carcinoma of breast
c. Duct carcinoma of breast
d. Acute carcinomatosis of lactation

39. Logan’s bow is applied after the operation of
a. Cleft plate
b. Cleft lip
c. Cysts in mouth
d. Carcinoma of the tongue

40. The patient with interstitial radium for malignant growth in the oral cavity to give radiotherapy the followings are done except
a. Should be nursed in supine and flat posture on the bed
b. A pencil and paper should be given to the patient for communication
c. A bowl should be provided to collect salvia
d. Gauze/swabs should be given to patient to wipe his/her lips

Aligarh muslim university

41. Wharton’s duct is a duct of
a. Parotid gland
b. Submandibular salivary gland
c. Sublingual salivary gland
d. Palatal salivary gland

42. Achalasia cardia is a disease of
a. Heart
b. Lungs
c. Aorta
d. Oesophagus

43. All statements are true about gall bladder stones diseases except
a. Pigment stones are commonest
b. Presence of Flatulent dyspepsia
c. Can cause jaundice if migrate to common bite duct
d. Can predispose to acute pancreatitis

44. In colle’s fracture all the following are true except
a. Fracture of lower end of radius
b. Ventral angulation
c. Radial angulation
d. Occurs commonly in elderly people

45. All of the following are true for carbuncles except
a. Gangrenous process of the subcutaneous tissues
b. Commonest site is front of the neck
c. It is due to infection of multiple hair follicle
d. Diabetes predisposes it

46. All are malignant tumour of the skin except
a. Rodent ulcer
b. Melanoma
c. Squamous cell carcinoma
d. Papilloma

47. Sudden obstruction of arterial circulation ofthe limb causes following symptoms/sign except.
a. Pain of sudden onset
b. Pallor of the affected limb
c. Paralysis of the limb
d. Feeling of warmth of the limb

48. All are signs of cardiac arrest except
a. Sudden onset of unconsciousness
b. Cessation of heart beat
c. Cessation of breathing
d. Constricted pupils

49. Which ofthe following ions is dominant inside the cell ?
a. Na+ Sodium ion
b. K+ Potassium ion
c. Ca+ Calcium ion
d. Magnesium ion

50. Hartman’s solution contains all except
a. Sodium
b. Protein
c. Potassium
d. Calcium lactate

51. Increase in in the size or mass of the tissue is :
a. Growth
b. Maturation
c. Development
d. Progress of skill

52. At what age the brain growth reaches to 90 %:
a. 2 years
b. 4 years
c. 8 years
d. 6 years

53. A patient of head injury obeys motor commands, his M score will be.
a. 4
b. 5
c. 3
d. 6

54. Average ratio of Upper segment lower segment at birth is:
a. I.3:1.0
b. 1.6:2.0
c. 1.7: 1.0
d. 1.9: 1.0

55. Stem Stature index at birth is:
a. 60
b. 70
c. 80
d. 50

56. Child can stand without support and walk holding furniture at:
a. 6-8 months
b. 8-9 months
c. 10-12 months
d. 20-24 months

57. Normal newborn temperature is:
a. 36.5-37.00° C
b. 36.5-37.05°
c. 36.5-38.00°C
d. 36.5-37.50°C

58. Cradle cap is :
a. Atopic dermatitis
b. Atrophic dermatitis
c. Seborrheic dermatitis
d. Hemorhagic dermatitis

59. DPT vaccine should be administered in children under one year of age in :
a. Lateral aspect of upper arm
b. Middle aspect of thigh
c. Lateral aspect of thigh
d. Upper outer quadrant of gluteal region

60. A two year old child brought to the Pediatric OPD by his parents with the complaints of not eating anything but on examination her weight is 11.5 Kg (50lh percentile of normal) height 75 percentile of normal. What will be the management of this child :
a. Advise multi vitamin and tonics
b. Force to eat
c. Investigate for UTI
d. Ask parent to stop worrying

61. Adaptation of pregnancy is an increased blood supply to the pelvic region that results in a purplish discoloration of the vaginal mucosa, which is known as:
a. Ladin’s Sign
b. Hegar’s Sign
c. Chadwick’s Sign
d. Goodell’s sign

62. A 26-year old multigravida is 14 weeks’ pregnant and is scheduled for an alpha- fetoprotein test. She asks the nurse, “What does the alpha-fetoprotein test indicate?” The nurse bases a response on the knowledge that this test can detect:
a. Cardiac defects
b. Kidney defects
c. Musculoskeletal defect
d. Neural tube defects

63. Which of the following hormone stimulates the secretion of milk from the mammary glands :
a. Oxytosin
b. Estrogen
c. Prolactin
d. Progesterone

64. During a prenatal examination, the nurse draws blood from a young Rh negative mother and explains that an indirect Coombs test will be performed to predict whether the fetus is at risk for:
a. Respiratory distress syndrome
b. Protein metabolic deficiency
c. Physiologic hyperbilirubinemia
d. Acute hemolytic disease

65. Which of the following condition is common in pregnant women in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy?
a. Respiratory acidosis
b. Physiologic anemia
c. Mastitis
d. Metabolic alkalosis

66. A pregnant woman at 34 weeks’ gestation complains of feeling dizzy and lightheaded while her fundal height is being measured. Her skin is pale and moist. The nurse’s initial response would be to:
a. Turn the woman on her side
b. woman breathe into a paper bag
c. Raise the woman’s legs
d. Assess the woman’s blood pressure and pulse

67. Commonest cause of death in children is due to:
a. Vomiting
b. Dehydration
c. Lethargy
d. Abdominal pain

68. The commonest type of Atrial Septal Defcct(ASD) is :
a. Ostium primum
b. Ostium secundum
c. Sinus Venosus
d. Endocardial Cushion defect

69. What is the best and most accurate method of measuring medication doses for infant and children ?
a. Weight
b. Height
c. weight and height
d. Nomogram

70. 1 he nurse clarifies that a neuroendocrine response involves the autonomic nervous system and endocrine system and is considered a
a. General adaptation syndrome
b. Local adaptation syndrome
c. Acute adaptation syndrome
d. Total adaptation syndrome

71. Which of the following types of cardiomyopathy can be associated with child birth?
a. Myocarditis
b. Hypertrophic
c. Dilated
d. Restrictive

72. Which of the following organisms is protozoan ?
b. Entamoeba Histolytica
c. Taenia Pedis
d. Camphylobacter

73. Network analysis in management of health services include:
a. Cost effective analysis
b. Cost accounting
c. Cost benefit analysis

74. Bhore committee was set up in :
a. 1948
b. 1952
c. 1943
d. 1956

75. PHCs under public health care system in India was introduced as a result of recommendation by::
a. Bhore Committee
b. Mudaliyar Committee
c. Planning Commission
d. Kartar Singh Committee

76. Theory X and Theory Y was proposed by :
a. Wiliium Ouchi
b. Douglas McGregor
c. F W Taylor
d. Mary’ Follett

77. A system in which one nurse is responsible for total care of a number of patient (Client) 24 hours a day. 7 days a week is called :
a. Secondry Nursing
b. Tertiary Nursing
c. Super specialty Nursing
d. Primary’ Nursing

78. The causative organism of diphtheria is:
a. Carynebacterium diphtheria
b. Corynebacterium diphtheria
c. Curynebacterium diphtheria
d. Calrynebacterium diphtheria

79. Clostridium tetani:
a. Gram negative
b. Gram positive
c. Aerobic
d. Acid fast bacilli

80. Hemophilia B is due to deficiency of factor:
a. X
b. IX
c. VII

81. Hemophilia A is due to deficiency of factor:
a. X
b. IX
c. VII

82. Hirschsprung’s disease is associated with :
a. Turner syndrome
b. Down’s syndrome
c. Congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis
d. Klinefelter syndrome

83. Which of the follow ing disease is characterized by muscular rigidity locked jaw. risus sardonicus and opisthotonus :
a. Meningitis
b. Dengue
c. Tetanus
d. Malaria

84. Essential characteristic of delirium is:
a. Alert
b. Clouded state of consciousness
c. Convulsion
d. Hyper alert

85. The word alcohol has been derived from:
a. Hindi word alkuhl
b. Arabic word alkuhl
c. Sanskrit word alkuhl
d. English word alkuhl