Endocrine Quiz -2nd || For Upcoming Nursing Exams

Endocrine Quiz -2nd 

Here we have made an online endocrine system nclex questions test quiz for nurse grade 2 (based on hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism etc). In this endocrine exam questions, you will get 10 endocrine system multiple choice questions and they will have four answers options. From them you have to choose the right option and press next button, in the end, you will get results according to your correct answers with a correct explanation / with rationale. Aiims staff nurse mock test paper

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Your try is the best. Do it again, you can do it very well. See below your wrong answer with correct explanation / with rationale. ⇓⇓⇓⇓

#1 The nurse is caring for a client with a diagnosis of addison’s disease. the nurse understand that hypotension associated with this disease involve disturbance in the production of :

Mineralocorticoids such as aldosterone causes the kidney to return sodium ions. with sodium, water is also retained, elevating blood pressure. absence of the hormone first causes hypotension.

#2 A client has hypoglycemic reaction to insulin when the nurse assessing the client which adaptations is indicative of the response ?

Because the brain required a constant supply of glcause, hypoglycemia triggers the response of the sympathetic nervous system, which cause this sign.

other signs are seen in hyperglycemic condition.

#3 The nurse should anticipate administration of which of the following medicine to a client with hypothyroidism ?

Levothyroxine sodium is there sodium salt of the natural isomer of thyroxine used to treat thyroid deficiency. (hyperthyroidism)

#4 Which adaptations should the nurse expect the client to exhibit when assessing a client with hyperthyroidism ?

Excessive thyroid hormone increase the metabolic rate causing weight loss.

Slow pulse rate accompanies hypothyroidism.

Listlessness occurs with hypothyroidism because of decreased metabolic rate.

Appetite increased to fulfill the metabolic needs.

#5 Moon face with centrally obesity is noted in :

Over production of glucocorticoid from adrenal cortex called cushing’s syndrome. It is characterized by moon face, buffalo hump, supraclavicular fat pad, thin extremities and trunkal or central obesity and pendulous abdomen these symptoms are due to abnormal fat distribution.

#6 When caring for a client with a diagnosis of Cushing’s syndrome, the nurse understand that excessive amount of glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids will increase the clients:

As a result of increased cortisol level, glucose metabolism is altered. which may contribute to an increase in blood glucose level.

Increased mineralocorticoid will decrease urine output.

Sodium is returned by the kidney but Potassium is excreted.

The immune response is suppressed.

#7 Level of which increase into hypothyroidism ?

In case of hypothyroidism, T3 and T4 level is decrease. then the plasma level of TSH is increased as a negative feedback mechanism.

#8 The normal speak postprandial capillary Glucose level is ?

Postprandial Glucose level is a level of glucose into blood after a meal within 2 hours. It’s normal range upon 160 mg/dl into a healthy person.

#9 Which of the following is not a clinical manifestation of diabetes mellitus ?

Clinical manifestation of diabetes mellitus are polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia, hyperglycemia, Blurred vision, slow wound healing, glycosuria and generalized weakness.


#10 A client is scheduled for an adrenalectomy. which nursing action should the nurse implement when caring for this client ?

Steroid therapy is usefully instituted preoperatively and continued intraoperatively to prepare for the acute adrenal insufficiency that follows surgery.


Endocrine Quiz || For Upcoming Nursing Exams

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