esic staff nurse exam paper

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esic staff nurse exam paper

Today we collect Old Esic Staff Nurse Exam Paper 2012 . Old paper is a key to success because old exam paper provide us a guide to compete  Exam and Get Govt. Job. So here We Provide you ESIC Nursing Exam 2012 paper. You can Download this paper as Pdf. The Link is Given Below Last Question.


1. One – Fourth of a number exceeds one-seventh of itself by 24. The number is:

a.) 324

b.) 224

c.) 124

d.) None of these

2. The average of 8 numbers is 14. The average of 6 of these numbers is 16.. What is the average of the remaining 2 numbers ?

a.) 12

b.) 6

c.) 8

d.) 10

3. The mean mark obtained by 7 students in a group is 226. if the marks obtained by 6 of them are 340, 180, 260, 56, 275 and 307 respectively. find the marks obtained by the seventhe student:

a.) 164

b.) 226


d.) Cannot be determined

4. 13 chairs and 5 tables were bought for rs 8280. if the average cost of the table will be rs 1227. What is the average cost of a chair ?

a.) rs 175

b.) rs 165

c.) rs 2145

d.) None of these

Directions: ( Question Nos. 5 and 6 ) Two words are given in the following questions with a blank in between. Salect a word form the choices given which is most relevant to the two other words.

5. Matchstick (____) rifle:

a.) round

b) war

c) fire

d) hunter

6. Clock (_____) fire :

a) surprise

b) time

c) alarm

d) burn

Direction for Question NO. 7 & 8. There are six children Anuj, Shiva, Krishna, Deva, Vinod and Bharti Playing football. Anuj and vinod are brothers. Bharti is the sister of Vinod Krishana is only son of Anuj’s uncle. Shiva and Deva are daughters of the only brother of Krishana’s father.

7. How is krishana related to Bharti ?

a) Cousin

b) Son

c) Brother

d) Uncle

8. How many male players are There ?

a) One

b) Two

c) Three

d) Four

Directions for Q. No. 9 & 10. A set of inter relationship diagrams are given below. Select the deagram which represent the relationship best in the questions given.

9. Animals, Camel, Giraffe :

a) A

b) D

c) H

d) E

10. Uneducated people, poor people, unemployed people:

a) E

b) B

c) D

d) H

esic staff nurse mcq questions and answers

Directions for 11 and 12. What will come next in the series.

11. CXDW, EVFU, GTHS, IRJQ ……………….. :




d) None of these

12. 4, 16, 32, 128, 256 …………… :

a) 512

b) 768

c) 1034

d) 1024

Directions for 13 and 14 : Each face of a cube has a different colour. its top face is painted BLACK. BLUE is between RED and Yellow, GREEN is between BLACK and WHITE. WHITE is between YELLOW and RED.

13. Which colour is at the bottom:

a) red

b) white

c) black

d) yellow

14. ‘Suma’ is shorter than ‘Uma’, ‘Neha’ is taller than ‘Suma’, ‘Sudha’, ‘Sudha’ is taller than ‘Uma’, but shorter than ‘Hema’. ‘Uma is taller than ‘Neha’. Who is the tallest among them ?

a) Neha

b) Hema

c) Uma

d) Sudha

15. Which country gives Magsaysay awards ?

a) India

b) Britain

c) China

d) The Philippines

16. The correct sequence of the Indian Civilian “Padma” Awards, starting from the Lowest to highest is :

a) Padma Shri, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan, Bharat Ratna

b) Bharat Ratna, Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Shri

c) Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan, Bharat Ratna

d) Padma shri, Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan

17. Indian player Deepika Kumari who claimed her maiden World cup in Antalaya recently, belongs to which game:

a) Squash

b) Archery

c) Athletics

d) Billiards & Snooker

18. A coin placed at the bottom of a container appears to rise as the container is slowly filled with water. This is due to ”

a) Refraction of Light

b) Reflection of Light

c) Deflection of Light

d) Polarisation of Light

19. 1 dioptre of power of a lens:

a) Whose focal length is 10 meters

b) Whose focal length is 100 meters

c) Whose focal length is 1 meter

d) Whose focal length is 0.01 meter

20. Match the correct election symbols of political parties and identify the mismatched one :

a) Indian National Congress – Hand

b) Communist Party of India – Ears of corn and Sickle

c) Nationalist Congress party – Clock

d) Bhartiya Janta Party – Lotus

esic staff nurse mcq questions and answers of exam 2012

21. Which vitamin is called Alpha-tecopherol:

a) Vitamin B

b) Vitamin E

c) Vitamin K

d) Vitamin A

22. Blood pressure is measured by:

a) Nanometer

b) Sphygmomanometer

c) Barometer

d) Calorimeter

23. Which part of body is affected in typhoid:

a) Lungs

b) Intestines

c) Liver

d) Pancreas

24. Alpha-Keratin is protein present in:

a) Wool

b) Eggs

c) Blood

d) Skin

25. By increasing its speed by 8% a bus can reach 15 minutes early. What is the normal time taken by the bus to reach its destination:

a) 3-3/8 hrs.

b) 3-5/8 hrs.

c) 2½ hrs.

d) None of these

26. The average marks obtained by 20 students is 45. The average of first ten is 50 and of last 9 is 40. What are the marks obtained by the 11th student:

a) 30

b) 0

c) 40

d) 45

27.  if the side of a cube is decreased by 10% the percentage decrease in the volume of the cube is :

a) 72.9%

b) 10%

c) 19%

d) 27.1%

28. A man can row with the stream at 6 Km/hr. and against the stream at 4 Km/hr. Find the speed of the current :

a) 5 Km

b) 4 Km

c) 1 Km

d) 2 Km

29. Out of 1/3, 1/5, 4/23 and 2/11, the smallest number is :

a) 2/11

b) 4/23


d) 1/3

30.  In a stock  clearance sale. Bata Shoe Company announces 20% discount. If The discounted price of a pair of shoes is RS. 1520/, find its original price :

a) Rs 1800

b) Rs 1900

c) Rs 1950

d) Rs 2000

31. The patient anziety during the preoperative period would decrease by which of the following nursing actions:

a) Reassuring the patient that the surgical staff are competent professional

b) Spending time listening to the patient and answering questiosns

c) Encouraging sleep

d) Expaining all procedures thoroughly

32. Electrocardiagram is :

a) Recording of brain wave activety

b) Recording of heart activity

c) Recording of peristalsis

d) None of the above

33. Glycosylated haemoglobin is determined to diagnose:

a) Hypothyroisism

b) Diabetes mellitus

c) Gout

d) All the above

34. Serum lipase level increases in:

a) Paget’s disease

b) Gaucher’s disease

c) Acute pancreatitis

d) Diabetes mellitus

35. Which of the following clinical features alert the nurse to lithium toxicity ?

a) Increasingly agitated behavior

b) Marked increased food intake

c) Sudden increase in blood pressure

d) Anorexia with nausea and vomiting

36. Sources of folic acid are :

a) Spinach

b) Banana

c) Carrots

d) Papaya

37. Which of the following hormones is not produced by placenta:

a) Testosterone

b) Estrogen

c) Progesterone

d) Human chronic gonadotropin

38. A multigravida 32 years old lady, admitted at  30 weeks with bleeding per vagina, which of the action the nurse should first do for her:

a) Perform a pervaginal examination

b) Provide perineal pads

c) Take consent for cesarean section

d) Check the fetal heart rate and maternal blood pressure

39. Digoxin is administered intravenously to the patient as drug acts to:

a) Dilate coronary arteries

b) Increase myocardial contractility

c) Decrease electrical conductivity to heart

d) Decrease cardiac dysrrhythmias

40. A Patient has undergone mitral valve replacement having persistent bleeding from surgical incision in the early postoperative period, which drug will be administered:

a) Protamine sulfate

b) Vitamin-C

c) Quinidine Sulphate

d) Warfarin Sodium

41. A nurse assess the patients respiratory status. Which of the following symptoms be an early indicator of hypoxia in an uncoscious patient:


b) Decreased respiration

c) Restlessness

d) Hypotension

42. Episiotomy is best done and commonly practiced in:

a) Medially

b) Laterally

c) Mediolaterally

d) J shaped

43. Which of the following would most likely be a major nursing diagnosis for a patient with acute pancreastitis ?

a) Ineffective airway clearance

b) Fluid volume excess

c) Impaired swalowing

d) Altered nutrition less than body requirements

44. The nurse is assessing the colostomy of a patient who has had an abdominal perineal resection for a bowel tumor. Which of the following assessment indicate that the colostomy is beginning to function?

a) Absent bowel sounds

b) The passage of flatus

c) The patient ability to tolerate foods

d) Bloody drainage from the colostomy

45. The nurse evaluates the adequacy of the neonates oxygen by monitoring:

a) Cyanosis of hands and feet

b) Pulse rate continuously

c) Arterial blood gas levels

d) The percentage of oxygen received

46. A patient received codeine sulphate for severe back pain, which of the following obsevation must be done by the nurse:

a) Monitor fluid balance

b) Monitor bowel activity

c) Monitor peripheral pulses

d) Monitor for hypertension

47. A patient progress form pre-eclampsia to eclampsia, the nurse’s  first action should be to :

a) Administer oxygen by face mask

b) Clear and maintain an open airway

c) Administer magnesium sulphate intravenously

d) Assess the blood pressure and fetal heart rate

48. The immediate nursing action where patient has cardiac arrest:

a) Begin O2 therapy

b) Begin mouth to mouth resp.

c) Put him on ventilation

d) O2 not be given till doctor arrives

49. Cholecystography is performed to :

a) Detect obstruction in the duodenum

b) Diagnose stones in the gall bladder

c) Detect conditions of the stomach

d) None of these

50. Retention of abnormal amount of fluid in the body is due to :

a) Sodium

b) Chloride

c) Potassium

d) Calcium

ESIC Previous Year Paper Nursing Exam fo 2012

51. Diet prescribed for patient having malabsorption syndrome is:

a) Folic acid

b) Vitamin B12

c) Corticotrophin

d) A gluten free diet

52. The signs of fetal distress are:

a) Fetal heart sound is irregular

b) Meconium stained liquor

c) Fetal heart sound is less than 120/mt

d) All of these

53. Fasting blood sugar is done to detect ;

a) Amount  of insulin in blood

b) Amount of glucose in blood

c) Course of diabetes

d) Treatment of diabetes

54. The endotracheal tube is put into the :

a) Oesophagus

b) Stomach

c) Trachea

d) Nasal cavity

55. Which portion of the heart receives oxygenated blood :

a) Left auricle

b) Right auricle

c) Left ventiricle

d) Right ventricle

56. The following are absorbable sutures except:

a) Catgut

b) Vicryl

c) Nylon

d) Monocryl

57. The embryo/foetus gets its food supply from:

a) Arteries of the mother

b) The uterus

c) The Placenta

d) The amniotic sac.

58. Cretinism is due to deficiency of :

a) Thyroxine

b) Estrogen

c) Epinesphrine

d) Renin

59. When the patient lies on his back with one pillow under the head is called:

a) Trendelenburg position

b) Genupectoral position

c) Lithotomy position

d) Erect position

60. The sources of wound infection are:

a) Poor hygiene in nurses or patients

b) Infected droplets from mouths and noses

c) Cross infection from othe wounds

d) All the above

61. The drip that is running satisfactorily may stop because :

a) The vein is obstructed by too tight a bandage

b) Blood clotted in the cannula

c) The head of pressure is too low

d) None of the above

62. Septecemia is :

a) Speread of organism in blood stream

b) Invasion and multiplication of bacteria in blood stream

c) Spread of toxic product in blood stream

d) Process of pus formation

63. Oedema is :

a) Depression or deficiency of the quality of blood

b) Excess of fluid in tissue

c) Vitamin deficiency

d) Malnutrition and dehydration

64. Vomiting of blood is called :

a) Epistaxis

b) Haemoptysis

c) Haematemesis

d) Haemothorax

65. Osteoporisis is desease of :

a) Skin

b) Bones

c) Brain

d) Muscles

66. Disorders of utrine tube and ovaries are:

a) Acute salpingits

b) Ectopic pregnancy

c) Tumors

d) All the Above

67. Gravida denotes the :

a) Pregnant state

b) Previous pregnancy

c) Pregnancy at the stage of 30 and above

d) All the above

68. The heat regulatory cetre is located in the :

a) Thalamus

b) Hypothalamus

c) Limbic system

d) Medulla

69. Which of the following methods of intracranial pressure monitoring provides most accurate results:

a) Epidural catheter

b) Intraventicular catheter

c) Subarachnoid catheter

d) Intravertebral catheter

70. Which of the instructions are most appropriate to be provided by the nurse to a patient undergone cataract surgery :

a) Elevate the head of the bed while sleeping

b) Keep the room environment cool and dry

c) Avoid climbing stairs
d) Take a stool softner daily at night

71. The sign and symptoms of retinal detachment include the following except:

a) Sudden severe pain in eye

b) A curtain falling across the field of vision

c) Light flashes in the visual field

d) Floaters in the field of vision

72. A nurse is expected to find all the symptoms in GB syndrome except:

a) Hypertonia

b) Areflexia

c) Parathesia

d) Urinary retention

73. The earliest signs of the postoperative shock is monitored by nurse by observing the:

a) Pulse rate

b) Pulse pressure

c) Body temperature

d) Urine output

74. ATP does not form in ….

a) Glycolysis

b) TCA Cycle

c) Fatty Acid Oxidation

d) HMP Pathway

75. The code of ethics is composed and published by the :

a) National league of nursing

b) American nursing association

c) American medical association

d) National institute of health

76. Oxygen saturation is measured by:

a) Pulse oximeter

b) Thermometer

c) Manometer

d) Pulse transducer

77. The correct position to palpate the apical pulse is at the :

a) Left midclavicular line at the level of second intercostals space

b) Left midclavicular line at the level of fifth intercostals space

c) Left axillary line at the level of fifth intercostals space

d) Left midclavicular line at the level of seventh intercostals space

78. An important nursing responsibility for a patient after an invasive cardiovascular diagnostic study is :

a) Discourage fluid intake and place the patient in Prone Position

b) Apply heat to the puncture site and passively exercise the involved extremity

c) Limit motion of the affected extremity and assess the puncture site

d) Restrict fluid intake and encourage ambulation

79. Ethical dilemmas can be best solved by:

a) Relationship

b) Ethical principle

c) Homocare nurse

d) Code of ethics for nurses

80. The most common cause of coronary artery disease is :

a) Atherosclerosis

b) Hyperglycemia

c) Stress

d) Vasospasm of coronary artery

81. Application of cool clothes to the auxulla decreases the body temperature through:

a) Conduction

b) Convection

c) Evaporation

d) Radiation

82. Who is known as “Lady with a Lamp”?

a) Mother Teresa

b) Joan of Arc

c) Sister Nivedita

d) Florence Nightingale

83. Increased respiratory rate is called :

a) Tachycardia

b) Bradycardia

c) Tachypnea

d) Bradypnea

84. Difference between diastolic and systolic pressure is :

a) Pulse pressure

b) Pulse deficit

c) Cardiac output

d) Blood pressure

85. A jerky pulse with full expansion and sudden collapse is :

a) Collapsing pulse

b) Corrigan’s pulse

c) Running pulse

d) Blood pulse

86. Cessation of breathing for a short period is :

a) Orthopnea

b) Dyspnea

c) Apnea

d) Bradypnea

87. To assess the patients posterior tibial pulse a nurse would palpitate :

a) Behind the knee

b) Over the medical malleolus

c) Below the medial malleolus

d) Below the lateral malleolus

88. To correctly palpate the patients skin for temperature determination, a nurse will use the :

a) Base of hands

b) Fingertips of hands

c) Dorsal surface of hands

d) Palmer surface of hands

89. For assessing range of joint movement the nurse will ask the patient to move away from the body evaluating the movement of :

a) Flexion

b) Extent ion

c) Abduction

d) Adduction

90. The position used to assess the extension of hip joint is :

a) Supine

b) Prone

c) Sitting

d) Dorsal recumbent

91. An excessive vomiting and haemorrhage leads to :

a) Hypovolaemia

b) Hypervolaemia

c) Fluid overload

d) Oedema

92. Increased sweating leads to :

a) Hyponatremia

b) Hypernatremia

c) Hypervolaemia

d) Oedema

93. Rapid administration of blood containing citrate cause :

a) Hypokalemia

b) Hyperkalemia

c) Hypocalcemia

d) Hypercalcemia

94. Kwashiorkor occurs when the diet is severely deficient in :

a) Iron

b) Calories

c) Proteins

d) Essential fatty acids

95. When providing a patients hydration status, a nurse would initiate :

a) Provision of variety of fluids

b) Provide ice chips

c) Give fluid on patients demand

d) Maintain inflow and outflow chart

96. A necessary safety precaution when ambulating a patient is to :

a) Have family members

b) Have patients wear well fitted shoes

c) Have atleast two persons

d) None of these

97. A Positive Benedict’s test is not given by :

a) Sucrose

b) Lactose

c) Maltose

d) Glucose

98. Renal threshold for glucose is decreased in :

a) Diabetes mellitus

b) Insulinoma

c) Renal glycosuria

d) Alimentary glycosuria

99. In the diet of a diabetic patient, the recommended carbohydrate intake should preferably be in the form of :

a) Monosaccharides

b) Dissaccharides

c) Polysaccharides

d) All of these

100. What is the primary reason for the gradual change of position of the patient after surgery ?

a) To prevent sudden drop of BP

b) To prevent muscle injury

c) To prevent respiratory distress

d) None of these

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