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Post Basic BSc Nursing Entrance Exam Question Papers pdf


1. Florence nightingale was born in which country:
A. England
B. Germany
C. Italy
D. France

2. Which regulatory body is associated with the registration of nurses in these states?
A. Indian Nursing Council
B. State Nursing Council
C. Indian Medical Association
D. State Medical Council

3. Red Cross Society was founded by:
A. Henry Ford
B. Henry Durant
C. Henry Brown
D. Henry Clyde

4. “Hospice” is the treatment concept.
A. Terminally ill cancer patients
B. Cardiac patients
C. Psychiatric patients
D. All of the above

5. “Powerhouse” of the human cells is:
A. Nucleus
B. Golgi bodies
C. Mitochondria
D. Ribosome

6. Transformation of one type of cell into another type is called:
A. Hyperplasia
B. Metaplasia
C. Dysplasia
D. Anaplasia

7. “Sinoatrial node” is located in which part of the heart?
A. Right atrium
B. Right ventricle
C. Left atrium
D. Left ventricle

8. The number of thoracic vertebrae in the human being is:
A. 5
B. 7
C. 9
D. 12

9. In a patient of fever, “fastigium” is the term given to which of the following period?
A. Onset of fever
B. When body temperature has reached its maximum and remains constant
C. When the body temperature is gradually returning to normal
D. When the body temperature is suddenly returning to normal

10. In which of the following positions, the patient is not lying down?
A. Trendelenburg
B. Sim’s
C. Fowler’s
D. Rose


11. There are how many deciliters one liter?
A. 1
B. 10
C. 100
D. 1000

12. In-hospital waste management, the plastic bag of which color is not used?
A. Green
B. Blue
C. Yellow
D. Red

13. Blood groups were first discovered by.
A. Robert Koch
B. Karl Landsteiner
C. Paul Ehrlich
D. Anton von Lueowenhock

14. Normal platelet count in the human being is:
A. 25000-50000
B. 50000-150000
C. 150000-450000
D. 400000-600000

15. The stain used to identify Acid Fast Bacilli is:
A. Leishman
B. Ziel-Nielsen
C. Giemsa
D. Wright’s

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16. Benedict’s test in a urine sample detection of:
A. Acetone
B. Glucose
C. Bile salt
D. Bile pigment

17. Which of the following formula is correct for conversion of Centigrade to Fahrenheit temperature?
A. F = (C * (9/5)) + 32
B. F = (C + (9/5)) + 32
C. F = (C – (9/5)) + 32
D. F = (C + (9/5)) + 32

18. Which of the following formula is correct for calculating Body Mass Index (BMI)?
A. Weight in kg + (Height in meter)2
B. Weight in kg – (Height in meter)2
C. Weight in kg x (Height in meter)2
D. Weight in kg /(Height in meter)2

19. When a drug is to be given at bedtime, which of the following coded instructions is used?
A. ac
B. hs
C. od
D. sos

20. The process of assessing patients who come to the emergency department and determining the management priorities is called:
A. Mirage
B. Lavage
C. Triage
D. Collage

21. Tissue reaction is highest with which of the following suturing materials?
A. Plain catgut
B. Chromic catgut
C. Nylon
D. Vicryl

22. Method of administering a drug by topical friction over the skin is called:
A. Instillation
B. Inunction
C. Insertion
D. Insufflation

23. “Lund and Browder Chart” is used for which of the following conditions?
A. Head injury
B. Acute abdomen
C. Bums
D. Bone injury


24. “Haversian canals” are found in:
A. Bone
B. Brain
C. Lung
D. Kidney

25. Which of the following “fontanelle” in the child is the first to close?
A. Frontal
B. Occipital
C. Sphenoid
D. Mastoid

26. ‘Tetany” can be produced by which of the following electrolyte disturbance?
A. Hypocalcemia
B. Hypermagnesemia
C. Hypercalcemia
D. Hyponatremia

27. Which of the following ions is most abundant in extracellular fluid?
A. Sodium
B. Potassium
C. Chloride
D. Bicarbonate

28. Most frequently fractured carpal bone is:
A. Lunate
B. Pisiform
C. Scaphoid
D. Hamate

29. Which of the following extraocular muscles supplied by the third cranial nerve?
A. Superior oblique
B. Inferior oblique
C. Superior rectus
D. Inferior rectus

30. For effective sterilization, steam in an autoclave should be at a pressure of 15 pounds per square inch for 30 minutes and at a temperature of:
A. 100°C
B. 110°C
C. 121°C
D. 131°C

31. “Mask like facies” is a typical feature of:
A. Tetanus
B. Hypothyroidism
C. Parkinson disease
D. Down’s syndrome

32. “Klebs Loeffler bacillus” is the name of which of the following bacteria?
A. Clostridium tetani
B. Haemophilus influenzae
C. Corynebacterium diphtheriae
D. Lactobacillus

33. Majority of cases of mother-to-child (vertical) transmission of HIV-1 occur during:
A. Antepartum period
B. Intrapartum period
C. Postpartum period
D. Breastfeeding

34. To calculate the dose of a medicine for a child which of the following formula is used?
A. Young’s rule
B. Clark’s rule
C. Fried’s rule
D. All of the above

35. Guillain Barre syndrome is a disease of which of the following?
A. Brain
B. Spinal cord
C. Peripheral nerve
D. All of the above

36. Which of the following is not a parameter for the “Glasgow Coma Scale”?
A. Eye-opening
B. Pupillary response
C. Verbal response
d. Motor response

37. Which of the following is not a species of plasmodium parasite?
A. Plasmodium ovale
B. Plasmodium Mexicana
C. Plasmodium malariae
D. Plasmodium vivax

38. Life cycle of the malarial parasite was first described by :
A. Ronald Ross
B. Robert Koch
C. Louis Pasteur
D. Banting and Best

39. Which of the following is recommended along with intravenous administration of Quinine sulfate for treatment of malaria?
A. Hydrocortisone
B. Multivitamin
C. Glucose
D. Calcium gluconate

40. “Rice water stool” is a typical finding in cases of:
A. Cholera
B. Typhoid
C. Ulcerative colitis
D. Amoebiasis

41. Out of the following which hormone is secreted by the posterior pituitary gland?
A. Growth hormone
B. Prolactin

42. Which out of the following drugs should be given first in a patient of acute myocardial infarction?
A. Statin
B. Calcium channel blocker
C. Aspirin
D. ACE inhibitor

43. McBumey’s point” is located in which of the following quadrant of the abdomen?
A. Left upper
B. Left lower
C. Right upper
D. Right lower

44. “MMR vaccine” provides protection against all of| the following diseases except? RUHS / RPSC NURSING EXAM PAPER 2007
A. Mumps
B. Meningococcal Meningitis
C. Rubella
D. Rubeola

45. HIV virus belongs to which of the following groups?
A. Flavivirus
B. Retrovirus
C. Rhabdovirus
D. Hepadnavirus

46. Which of the following diseases is not transmitted by airborne droplets?
A. Measles
B. Chickenpox
C. Poliomyelitis
D. Tuberculosis

47. Under normal circumstances, the volume of inspired air is:
A. 200 ml
B. 300 ml
C. 400 ml
D. 500ml

48. What concentration of NaCI in intravenous fluids is termed “isotonic”?
A. 0.25%
B. 0.45%
C. 0.75%
D. 0.90%

49. While measuring blood pressure in the upper arm, the chest piece of the stethoscope is placed oner which of the following arteries?
A. Axillary
B. Brachial
C. Radial
D. Ulnar


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50. How much blood is drawn from a donor when one unit of blood is donated?
A. 100 ml
B. 200 ml
C. 300 ml
D. 400 ml

51. ‘Bleeding gums’ is a feature of deficiency of which of the following vitamins?
A. Vitamin-A
B. Vitamin-B12
C. Vitamin-C
D. Vitamin-D

52. Above what body temperature, the term “hyperpyrexia” is used?
A. 101°F
B. 103°F
C. 105°F
D. 107°F

53. If the phenotypes of the parents are B and AB, which of the following blood groups is not possible in offsprings?
A. A
B. B
D. O

54. Which infecting serotype of dengue virus is most dangerous?
A. Type 1
B. Type 2
C. Type 3
D. Type 4

55. Secretion from mother’s breast following delivery’ is called:
A. Sequestrum
B. Colostrum
C. Lochia
D. Leucorrhoea

56. Switching from mother’s breast milk to normal feeding in infants is called:
A. Trail feedings
B. Weaning
C. Substitution
D. Replacement feeding

57. During pregnancy, deficiency of which of the following leads to neural tube defects?
A. Folic add
B. Iron
C. Calcium
D. Zinc

58. During which stage of labor, the placenta is delivered?
A. Stage 1
B. Stage 2
C. Stage 3
D. Stage 4

59. According to the National Immunization Schedule, immunization for how many diseases is done in infants?
A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7

60. After delivery, which of the following medicines can be used to suppress lactation?
A. Estrogen-progesterone
B. Testosterone
C. Bromocriptine
D. All of the above

61. In premature labor, which of the following medicines is useful for the newborn?
A. Magnesium sulfate
B. Oxytocin
C. Dexamethasone
D. Testosterone

62. “Pap smear” is used for screening of which of the following?
A. Ovarian cancer
B. Endometrial cancer
C. Cervical cancer
D. Breast cancer

63. Partograph was first devised by:
A. Dr. R.H. Philpoter
B. Dr. A.L. Mudaliar
C. Dr. William Shaw
D. Dr. Shirodkar

64. Which abdominal grip is used to assess the descent of the head in a pregnant woman?
A. Fundal
B. Lateral
C. Pelvic 1
D. Pelvic 2

65. Alfred Binet is associated with:
A. Personality testing
B. Intelligence testing
C. Aptitude testing
D. Value testing

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66. Which of the following medicines is useful in the treatment of organophosphorus poisoning?
A. Neostigmine
B. Atropine
C. Magnesium sulfate
D. D-penicillamine

67. Which of the following medicines is useful for reducing raised intracranial pressure?
A. I.V. Mannitol
B. I.V. Phenytoin
C. I.V. Diazepam
D. I.V. Nitroglycerine

68. The cardiotonic dose of dopamine is:
A. 1 to 5 mg/kg/minute
B. 5 to 15 mg/kg/minute
C. 15 to 25 mg/kg/minute
D. 25 to 50 mg/kg/minute

69. In a case of hypothyroidism, which of the following is increased?
A. T3
B. T4
D. All of the above

70. During hemodialysis, which of the following drug is used to prevent blood clotting? RUHS / RPSC NURSING EXAM PAPER 2007
A. Aspirin
B. Warfarin
C. Heparin
D. Protamine

71. Preferably, lumbar puncture (LP) is done at which of the following site?
A. T12-L1
B. L1-L2
C. L2-L3
D. L3-L4

72. Which of the following is not an essential amino
A. Threonine
B. Arginine
C. Alanine
D. Tryptophan

73. In Rajasthan, an approximate number of primary health centers is:
A. 1000
B. 1500
C. 2000
D. 2500

74. Maternal mortality rate (MMR) is expressed in terms of:
A. Per 1000
B. Per 10000
C. Per 100000
D. Per 1000000

75. NRHM (National Rural Health Mission) will last till which year?
A. 2009
B. 2010
C. 2011
D. 2012

76. Exiting behavior is controlled by :
A. Hypothalamus
B. Adrenal glands
C. Pancreas
D. Thyroid

77. Emotion can be expressed through which of the following?
A. Language
B. Gesture
C. Facial expression
D. All of the above


78. The cognitive changes during old age mostly affect which of the following aspects?
A. Emotion
B. Memory
C, Sentiment
D. Intelligence

79. The junction through which neurons communicate with one another is:
A. Dendrite
B. Axon
C. Synapse
D. Node of Ranvier

80. Physical symptoms in psychosomatic disorders are caused by:
A. Emotional factors
B. Physical factors
C. Environmental factors
D. Genetic factors

81. The ancient name of Bayana is:
A. Virat
B. Harauti
C. Shri Panth
D. Kothi

82. Who led the swadeshi Movement at Sirohi, Dungarpur, Mewar, and Banswara?
A. Gopal Singh Kharwa
B. Arjun Lai Sethi
C. Govind Giri
D. Vijay Singh Pathik

83. Historical and Cultural Research Institute of Arabian-Persian language is situated at:
A. Ajmer
B. Jaipur
C. Tonk
D. Sawai Madhopur

84. The Jaswant Sagar Dam which was in the news during the monsoon 2007 is situated in one of the districts of:
A. Marwar
B. Mewar
C. Harauti
D. Vagad

85. The Tradition of which Indian Music still exists in Shri Nath Ji temple at Nathdwara?
A. Raagmala
B. Drupad
C. Mand
D. Haveli Sangeet

86. ‘Ojjihana’ in Rajasthan is famous for what?
A. Temples
B. Sahitya Academy
C. Ancient Bronze City
D. Industrial Development

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87. In which district of Rajasthan the fort of ‘Gagraun’ is situated?
A. Kola
B. Jhalawar
C. Bharatpur
D. Hanumangarh

88. Teza Animal Fair named Veer Teza Ji is being organized every year at:
A. Nagore
B. Parbatsar
C. Ajmer
D. Merta

89. Smt. Vasundhara Raje, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan inaugurated two units of Gas based Power Plants on 01.09.2007 at which place?
A. Jhalawar
B. Jaipur
C. Dholpur
D. Alwar

90. The first outbreak of the revolt of 1857 look place in Rajasthan at:
A. Nimuch
B. Nasirabad
C. Deoli
D. Kherwara

91. Approximate difference of local time between the eastern and westernmost boundary of Rajasthan is:
A. 40 minutes
B. 47 minutes
C. 35 minutes
D. 27 minutes

92. Of the following, the maximum decadal growth rate of the urban population between 1991-2001 was the district of:
A. Jaisalmer
B. Jodhpur
C. Kota
D. Udaipur

93. The districts with north-south contiguity are:
A. Jaipur- Dausa-Alwar
B. Ajmer-Bhilwara-Chittorgarh
C. Kota-Bundi-Baran
D. Jalor-Pali-Ajmer

94. The river which is not part of inland drainage, is
A. Kantli
B. Mendha
C. Sabi
D. Som

95. Select the appropriate answer from the given options D.A.R.E. programs have:
A. Made people responsible
B. Saved a million lives
C. Not created the required awareness
D. Controlled drug abuse

96. Find one word from the above passage which means ‘to be habituated to’. The words given are:
A. Resistance
B. Addict
C. Awareness
D. Relieve

97. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word from the given options:
You should…………the offer if it does not suit you.
A. accept
B. decline
C. consider
D. prefer

98. Which one of the four given options is most suitable for filling the blank in the sentence:
The boy ran…………the filed and reached safely home.

A. into
B. to
C. across
D. within

99. Join the following sentences using an appropriate connector from the options given :
She is beautiful………she is cruel.

A. and
B. else
C. so
D. but

100. Use one of the given options to connect the
Take precautions………the onset of disease.

A. before
B. later
C. so
D. earlier


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