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Here we have provided the question paper of the ‘KPSC (Kerala PSC) Laboratory Technical Assistant {Mechanical Servicing (Agro Machinery)} – VHSE’ exam year 2015. psc lab technician question paper pdf. It was a paper conducted in English medium with 100 questions asked its paper code is 27/2015 and its series A was held on 10/02/2015. Here we have given a total of 100 questions with answers.

Kerala psc lab technician questions and answers pdf
psc lab technician question paper pdf

1. Nowadays the type of gearbox used in automobiles is :
A. Synchromesh gearbox ✅
B. Sliding mesh gearbox
C. Constant mesh gearbox
D. Planetary gearbox

2. In an ice plant the refrigerant generally used is :
A. Carbon Dioxide
B. Ammonia ✅
C. Air
D. Freon

3. In which cycle petrol engine works :
A. Diesel cycle
B. Carnot cycle
C. Otto cycle ✅
D. Duel combustion cycle

4. Which is not the function of a brake in a vehicle?
A. To increase the torque of the wheel ✅
B. To stop the vehicle in the shortest distance
C. To slow down the vehicle
D. To control the vehicle steadily, especially when the vehicle descends down a hill

5. In a centrifugal pump the negative pressure is created at:
A. Suction pipe
B. Impeller eye ✅
C. Delivery pipe
D. Foot valve

6. Which irrigation method soil erosion is mostly controlled?
A. Surface irrigation
B. Sprinkler irrigation
C. Drip irrigation ✅
D. Border atrip irrigation

7. In CFTRI ‘F’ represents :
A. Fertilizer
B. Farm
C. Flood
D. Food ✅

8. Which is not part of their break?
A. Fly wheel ✅
B. Compressor
C. Unloader valve
D. Reservoir

9. Displacement pumps are also known as
A. Centrifugal pump
B. Turbine pump
C. Propeller pump
D. Reciprocating pump ✅

10. Spanners are generally made of:
A. Cast iron
B. Chrome vanadium steel ✅
C. Aluminium
D. Mild steel

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11. From the following which is not a cause of low discharge in a centrifugal pump :
A. Speed of the pump is low
B. There is mud on the suction line
C. Delivery pipe is bigger in size ✅
D. Air leak in the suction line

12. In a carburetor air-fuel ratio for cold starting :
A. 9:1
B. 15:1
C. 8:1
D. 1:1 ✅

13. In an air brake system the working fluid is :
A. Compressed air ✅
B. Compressed liquid
C. Heated air
D. Heated liquid

14. When cutting by hacksaw we do not press in reversed stroke because :
A. The teeth are projected backward
B. The teeth are projected forward ✅
C. The teeth are projected vertically
D. No such thing

15. What is the transformation ratio of a transformer that has an output voltage of 200 volts arid an input voltage of 40 volts?
A. 10
B. 5 ✅
C. 0.5
D. 8000

16. Calculate the total resistance of 3.5 ohms, 2.75 ohms, and 4 ohms connected in series:
A. 4 ohms
B. 2.75 ohms
C. 3.5 ohms
D. 10.25 ohms ✅

Complete the aeries:

17. Voltage: Volt, Current: Ampere, Resistance :
A. Ohm ✅
B. Tesla
C. Newton
D. Watt

18. Parboiling: CFTRI, Storage structure: Kothari, Deshell mg :
A. Under runner disk sheller ✅
B. Horizontal rice whitening machine
C. Knapsack sprayer
D. Rasp bar cylinder

19. ___is the removal of hulls and bran from paddy grain to produce polished rice:
A. Deshelling
B. Parboiling
C. Threshing
D. Rice milling ✅

Pick the odd one out:

20. Motor, Generator, Thresher, Transformer :
A. Thresher ✅
B. Motor
C. Transformer
D. Generator

Kerala psc lab technician questions and answers pdf

21. Brake shoe, liner, fuel injector, brake drum ;
A. Brake drum
B. Fuel injector ✅
C. Brake shoe
D. Liner

22. A pump is a machine that converts:
A. Mechanical energy into electrical energy
B. Heat energy into mechanical energy
C. Chemical energy into heat energy
D. Mechanical energy into pressure energy ✅

23. A machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy :
A. Generator
B. Motor ✅
C. Transformer
D. Electrical cell

24. Pick out which do not match:
A. Refrigerant – Crushing ✅
B. Cold storage – Vapour compression system
C. Grain drying – Moisture content
D. Storage structure – Kothari

25. Which is the storage structure for grass?
A. Anvil
B. Silo ✅
C. Gun
D. Strainer

26. Important components of a drier:
A. Impeller
B. Beam
C. Discharge feed roller ✅
D. Fins

27. _____is removed during the whitening of the rice.
A. Husk
B. Moisture
C. Stone
D. Bran ✅

28. Which irrigation is commonly seen in Kuttanad?
A. Sprinkler
B. Drip
C. Sub surface ✅
D. None of these

29. Which of the following is not the advantage of rice bran?
A. It contains vitamin C
B. It contains cholesterol anti oxide
C. It contains a large amount of protein
D. It contains vitamin B

30. The drip irrigation method is also called ;
A. Sprinkler irrigation
B. Surface irrigation
C. Sub-surface irrigation
D. Trickle irrigation ✅

31. From the following statement which is false:
A. In solvent oil extraction method can produce oil in bulk amount industrially
B. In solvent oil extraction method no possibility of changing chemical structure because of high Temperature
C. More possibility of a loss of oil on processing in solvent oil extraction method ✅
D. More pure oil is got in the solvent oil extraction method than in the mechanical method

32. Which is not a type of rice whitener?
A. Wire loop type thresher ✅
B. Friction type
C. Grinding type
D. Combination of friction and grinding type

33. The tillage system which is most suited for areas of high rainfall:
A. Rotary strip tillage system
B. Minimum tillage system
C. Till plant system
D. Ridge planting system ✅

34. The diameter of an engine is called :
A. Bore ✅
B. Stroke

35. The power developed in an engine cylinder is :
A. Indicated horsepower ✅
B. Brake horsepower
C. Frictional horsepower
D. No power is developed

36. Which mold body is preferred for more stick is oil where it is difficult to get the moldboard to Scour?
A. Stubble
C. High speed
D. Slat ✅

37. The ratio of brake horsepower to indicated horsepower is called :
A. Mechanical efficiency ✅
B. Thermal efficiency
C. Air standard efficiency
D. Fuel efficiency

38. A trailed implement is:
A. Rigidly attached to the tractor and has a rear wheel or wheels support part of its weight
B. It attached to the tractor as an integral part
C. Is one that is attached to tractor drawbar by pin joint whose weight supported on the ground ✅
D. There is no such implement

39. Pick out which does not match:
A. Spark plug—Petrol engine
B. Differential—Master cylinder ✅
C. Injector—Diesel engine
D. Clutch—Friction plate

40. Which method was developed at ‘Tiruvarur’ India latter half of 1969?
A. Kisan’s continuous parboiling
B. Fernandes process
C. CFTRI method
D. Pressure par boiling ✅

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41. The lubricating oil used in the gearbox of a tractor is :
A. SAF 30
B. SAE 90 ✅
C. SAE 40
D. SAE 20

42. Pick the odd one out:
A. Throttle valve
B. Float chamber
C. Control rack ✅
D. Choke valve

43. In welding electrodes the flex coating is used:
A. To get high temperature
B. To fuse metal easily
C. To protect the fused metal from oxidation and to get the strength to weld ✅
D. For electrical insulation

44. Evapotranspiration is the sum of two terms :
A. Transpiration and infiltration
B. Transpiration
C. Transpiration and evaporation ✅
D. Infiltration and evaporation

45. Which is the process of removing metal by means of a cold chisel;
A. Filing
B. Chipping ✅
C. Drilling
D. Threading

46. Which is a precision measuring instrument:
A. Steel rule
B. Vernier caliper ✅
C. Brass rule
D. Spring caliper

47. Which is used for marking and testing of 90-degree angle :
A. Try square ✅
B. Steel rule
C. Telescopic gauge
D. Micrometer

48. In gas welding there is excess acetylene the flame is called :
A. Carburizing flame ✅
B. Oxidising flame
C. Neutral flame
D. None of the above

49. Which one is suitable for spraying in small gardens and nurseries:
A. Engine-powered sprayer
B. Knap Back sprayer
C. Airplane sprayer
D. Hand atomizer ✅

50. The manufacturer of fuel injection pumps:

51. When the vehicle is climbing up the hill track the gearbox supplier.
A. Low torque (psc lab technician question paper pdf)
B. Not torque
C. Higher torque ✅
D. Any of them

52. For cutting external thread on bars which tool is used :
A. Taps
B. Reamer
C. Dies ✅
D. Drills

53. A propeller shaft connects :
A. Engine with dutch
B. Clutch with gearbox
C. Gearbox with differential ✅
D. Gearbox with universal joint

54. In a micrometer pitch of the thread is 1 mm, and there are 100 divisions on the thimble scale. The least count is :
A. 1/50 MM
B. 1/100 MM ✅
C. 1/10 MM
D. 1 MM

55. Which one is not a holding tool?
A. Bench vice
B. Ball peen hammer ✅
C. Pipe vice
D. C clamp

56. Maintenance coat of magneto ignition system compared to that of battery- coil ignition system is:
A. Higher
B. Same
C. Less ✅
D. Not predictable

57. __ ploughs are used in the area where the climate is dry and where the soil is rough and stony.
A. Disk plough ✅
B. Mould board plough
C. Sweeps
D. Sub soiler

58. Heat exchange between water and air in a radiator takes place by :
A. Conduction
B. Convention
C. (A) and (B) ✅
D. Radiation

59. The included angle of the center punch is :
A. 90 degree ✅
B. 30 degree
C. 120 degree
D. 60 degree

60. Which is not a part of the clutch system?
A. Sun gear ✅
B. Pressure plate
C. Clutch plate
D. Flywheel (psc lab technician question paper pdf)

61. Gearbox is installed between :
A. Engine and flywheel
B. Flywheel and clutch
C. Clutch and differential
D. Clutch and propeller shaft ✅

62. Which is not a piece of plant-protecting machinery?
A. Hand compression sprayer
B. Centre fugal pump ✅
C. Rocking sprayer
D. Power duster

63. The property of a metal to make a thin sheet by hammering :
A. Ductility
B. Malleability ✅
C. Brittleness
D. Elasticity

64. Brake linings of a mechanical brake are made of:
A. Brass
B. Copper
C. Steel
D. Asbestos ✅

65. Inside micrometer can be used to measure :
A. Diameter of a cylinder
B. Bore of an engine cylinder ✅
C. Thickness of plate
D. Clearance of spark plug electrodes

66. In the air brake system air compressor is driven by:
A. Electric motor
B. Battery
C. Hand operator
D. Engine itself ✅

67. In an IC engine the Total volume of the cylinder / Clearance volume is called ;
A. Swept volume
B. Mean effective pressure
C. Compression ratio ✅
D. Brake horsepower

68. For checking the specific gravity of electro light in a led acid cell one of the following devices is used:
A. Multimeter
B. Hydro meter ✅
C. Thermo meter
D. Ammeter

69. The starting motor in a tractor is :
A. Shunt motor
B. Series motor ✅
C. Induction motor
D. Synchronous motor

70. In a center fugal pump the volute casing is used to :
A. Increase the velocity of the fluid in the casing
B. Increase discharge
C. Increasing the pressure by decreasing velocity ✅
D. Increasing suction head

71. The variation in speed on account of variation in load in an engine is controlled by:
A. Timing gear
B. Camshaft
C. Governor ✅
D. Rocker’s arm

72. Which is not the medium of heat transmission?
A. Conduction
B. Convention
C. Radiation
D. Vapomation ✅

73. For checking the spark plug electrode gap you should use:
A. Micrometer
B. Feeler gage ✅
C. Vernier caliper
D. Plate gage

74. The elements that provide a larger surface area on the cylinder for air cooling is
A. Bellows
B. Jackets
C. Corrugations
D. Fins ✅

75. Which part of the engine absorbs energy from power stroke and distributes other strokes?
A. Governor
B. Crankshaft
C. Fly wheel ✅
D. Clutch

76. Firing order of a four-cylinder petrol engine is :
A. 1-2-3-4
B. 4-3-2-1
C. None of them
D. 1-3-4-2 ✅

77. What is the universal method of conditioning the grain by removing moisture content level that is in equilibrium with normal atmospheric pressure?
A. Winnowing
B. Threshing
C. Drying ✅
D. Milling

78. The element that is actuated by compressed air in the brake chamber of an air brake system IR :
A. Piston
B. Spring
C. Valve
D. Diaphragm ✅

79. In a carburetor throttle valve is used:
A. To control the amount of air-fuel mixture ✅
B. For cold starting
C. To ignite the fuel
D. To maintain the level of fuel in the float chamber

80. Wheel cylinder is located between :
A. Front and rear wheels
B. Master cylinder and wheels
C. Anchored end of brake shoes
D. Free ends of brake shoes ✅

psc lab technician question paper pdf

81. What kind of soil predominates in the Sunderbans area?
A. Black soil
B. Alluvial soil ✅
C. Laterite soil
D. Red soil

82. Which river forms its Delta in Orissa?
A. Narmada
B. Godawari
C. Krishna
D. Mahanadhi ✅

83. Where is the Maikal range situated?
A. Chattisgarh ✅
B. Jharkhand
C. Orissa
D. Uttar Pradesh

84. What is the ideal temperature for the cultivation of cotton?
A. 20°Cto25’C
B. 15°C to 20°C
C. 20°C to 30°C ✅
D. 24°C to 35°C

85. In which year Parliament passed the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act:
A. September 2005 ✅
B. September 2006
C. September 2004
D. September 2007

86. ‘Let everybody study, Let everybody grow’ this slogan is related to the __ project;
C. SSA ✅

87. Which sea shore in Kerala is Famous for the deposit of mineral soil?
A. Vizhinjam
B. Neendakara
C. Alappuzha
D. Chavara ✅

88. Who described the government of India Act 1935 as a new charter of bondage?
A. Mahatma Gandhi
B. Jawaharlal Nehru ✅
C. Chittaranjandas
D. Motilal Nehru

89. The first women chief minister of an Indian state?
A. Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit
B. Sarojini Naidu
C. Sucheta Kripalani ✅
D. Shrimathi Shano Devi

90. ‘Gol Gumbaz’ was situated in :
A. Amritsar
B. Bijapur ✅
C. Jaipur
D. Udaipur

91. The place where Chattambi Swamikal attained samadhi?
A. Varkala
B. Pallana
C. Kannamoola
D. Panmana ✅

92. Who organized the ‘Yachana yatra’ in 1931?
A. V.T. Bhattathiripad ✅
B. Ayyankali
C. Pandit Karuppan
D. Sree Narayana Guru

93. ‘Prathyaksha Raksha Daivasabha’ was started by?
A. Thycaud Ayya
B. Blessed Kariakose Elias
C. Vaikunda Swamy
D. Kumara Guru ✅

94. ‘Darsanamala’ is written by :
A. V.T. Bhattathiri Pad
B. Sree Narayana Guru ✅
C. Kumaranassan
D. Vaikunda Swamy

95. Who published the Journal ‘Abhinava Keralam’?
A. Vakkam modular
B. V.T. Bhattathiripad
C. Vagbhatananda ✅
D. Pandit Kampman

96. Who got the 27th ‘Moorthidevi’ Award?
A. C. Radha Krishnan ✅
B. Akkitham
C. Sujatha Kumari
D. Sachidanandhan

97. Who has become the first speaker of the Telangana Legislative assembly?
A. Ashok Gajapathiraju
B. Krishan Pal Gurjar
C. Srikonda Madhusudhana Chary ✅
D. G.M. Sindheswara

98. Who won the French open men’s single in 2014?
A. Rafael Nadal ✅
B. Roger Federer
C. Novak Djokovic
D. J. Benneteau

99. Which Indian film star’s autobiography is ‘The substance and the shadow’?
A. Anupam Kher
B. Rajesh Khanna
C. Sanjay Dutt
D. Dilip Kumar ✅

100. Name the largest yellow star spotted by astronomers recently in our galaxy which is 1,300 times larger than the sun:
A. HR5271 A
B. HR 5171 A ✅
C. HR 5371 A
D. HR 5071 A

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