Post Basic BSc Nursing Entrance Exam ­

Post Basic BSc Nursing Entrance Exam ­paper 2015

Hello Dear Nursing Students. If you are preparing for the nursing competitive exam for ESIC, HPSSSB, RUHS, BFUHS, BHU, RPSC, AIIMS, PGIMER, JIPMER, DSSSB RAILWAY, and many more then you need previous year competitive exam papers to solve before any nursing competitive exam. old papers helping to know the syllabus exam pattern and time management. post basic BSc nursing entrance exam Online Nursing Exam Series

PbBSc nursing entrance exam paper 2015

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1. The radius is located?
A. In the upper part of the arm
B. On the thumb side of the lower arm.
C. On the little finger side of the lower arm
D. At the shoulder arm

2. The type of muscle found in the visceral organ and blood vessel is called?
A. Voluntary
B. Cardiac
C. Myocardium
D. Involuntary.

RUHS MSc Nursing Entrance Exam­ Paper

3. Poliomyelitis is caused by?
A. Bacteria
B. Protozoa
C. virus.
D. Rickettsia

4. Pathogenic organisms are?
A. Used in the pasteurization process
B. More Plentiful than any other type of organism
C. Important to industry
D. Harmful to humans.

post basic BSc nursing entrance exam sample papers

5. Autoclaving a means of sterilization will destroy?
A. All microorganisms
B. pathogenic microorganisms
C. Non-pathogenic microorganisms
D. Just yeasts and moulds

6. All microorganisms?
A. From Spores
B. have a waxy coating
C. Are Protoplasm consisting of protein.
D. Adapt to adverse environment

7. In the complex sense of vision, the image of an object focused on the retina and is transmitted to the brain?
A. Cornea
B. Optic Nerve
C. lens
D. Iris

8. During swallowing food is stopped from entering the larynx by the?
A. Oesophagus
B. Pharynx
C. Eustachian tube
D. Epiglottis (post-basic BSc nursing entrance exam model question papers with answer)

9. Many children with tonsillitis develop ear infections this is because of the ear and throat connected by the?
A. Larynx
B. Eustachian tube
C. Epiglottis
D. Oesophagus

10. The respiratory Centre is located in the part of the brain?
A. Medulla
B. Thalamus
C. Midbrain
D. Cerebellum

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