RUHS MSc Nursing Entrance Exam­ Paper

RUHS MSc Nursing Entrance Exam­ paper 2015

MSc Nursing Entrance Exam Paper  Hello Dear Nursing Students. If you are preparing for a nursing competitive exam for ESIC, HPSSSB, RUHS, BFUHS, BHU, RPSC, AIIMS, PGIMER, JIPMER, DSSSB RAILWAY, and many more then you need previous year competitive exam papers to solve before any nursing competitive exam. old papers helping to know the syllabus exam pattern and time management.  

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Dr. NTRUHS MSc Nursing Entrance Exam Paper

MCQs, 1. An example of a ball and socket joint is?

1) Elbow
2) Hip joint
3) Thumb and fingers
4) Between wrist bones

Answer: 2

MCQs, 2. Excessive exercise without rest results in the accumulation of carbon dioxide and lactic acid and this causes fatigue in muscles. therefore, the nurse advises the patient to?

1) Sit and take a rest
2) Breath in between exercise
3) Sit and breath
4) Breath deeply after exercise
answer: 3

MCQs, 3. Intramuscular injection can be injected in all of the following muscles EXCEPT?

1) triceps
2) deltoid
3) vastus lateralis
4) Gluteal

Answer: 1

MCQs, 4. During clotting, the prothrombin is changed to thrombin in the presence of?

1) Calcium ions and fibrinogen
2) Thromboplastin and Vitamin K
3) Calcium iron and Vitamin K
4) Calcium ion and thermoplastin

Answer: 4

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MCQs, 5. A failure in the lymphatic system to return body fluid adequately results in?

1) Swelling of hands and legs
2) Swelling of face and hands
3) Edema in the spleen
4) Swelling of tissue as edema

Answer: 3

MCQs, 6. The trachea or windpipe is made up of cartilage rings shape of the Ring is?

1) C shaped
2) S-shaped
3) Cone-shaped
4) Straight

Answer: 1

MCQs, 7. Acid-base balance is regulated by the kidney by excreting hydrogen ions and electrolytes to maintain the?

1) Electrolyte balance in the body
2) Specific gravity of urine
3) Filter the protein from urine
4) Normal pH of blood plasma

Answer: 4

MCQs, 8. Which of the following is a master gland which influences the endocrine glands?

1) thyroid
2) Parathyroid
3) adrenal
4) pituitary

Answer: 4

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MCQs, 9. One of the functions of the cerebellum is to?

1) Serve as a passage between spinal cord and brain
2) Maintain balance, coordination, and muscular control
3) Conduct nerve impulse
4) maintain the area of reason, thought, memory, and sensation

Answer: 2

MCQs, 10. Most of the infections spread to the ear from the throat through?

1) Eustachian tube
2) Cochlea
3) Ear canal
4) Tympanic membrane

answer: 1

MCQs, 11. Food cooked in copper utensils loses ascorbic acid quickly because it:

  1. Oxidise in presence of copper and iron
  2. Oxidise in presence of copper and aluminium
  3. is destroy by alkalise
  4. Is stable due to acidic action

Answer: 1

MCQs, 12. Renin catalyzes the synthesis of angiotensins which causes vasoconstriction in the kidneys thereby:

  1. Causing water and electrolyte excretion
  2. Causing water and electrolyte retention
  3. Stimulate synthesis of minerals
  4. Affect melatonin synthesis

Answer: 2


MCQs, 13. Lipids can be stored in the body as a food resource because they are:

  1. Insoluble in aqueous solution
  2. Soluble in aqueous solution
  3. Rich in fatty acids
  4. Fat soluble

Answer: 1

MCQs, 14. One of the following organisms causes food intoxication in milk, meat, and cheese:

  1. Streptococcus
  2. Salmonella
  3. Clostridium botulinum
  4. Staphylococcus

Answer: 4

MCQs, 15. Antibodies that cause pathogens to dissolve or break up are known as:

  1. Antitoxins
  2. Lysine
  3. Agglutinins
  4. Precipitins

Answer: 2

MCQs, 16. When the body is able to make its own antibodies by having disease & recovering or by vaccination, it is known as:

  1. Acquired immunity
  2. Passive immunity
  3. Active immunity
  4. Passive acquired immunity

Answer: 1

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MCQs, 17. Extra space or room in­between the patient’s room and main corridor of the hospital will help in:

  1. Less contamination of room articles
  2. Reduced flow of airborne pathogens
  3. Patient will be less disturbed
  4. Nurse will have place for things

Answer: 2

MCQs, 18. Cardiovascular insufficiency is caused due to atherosclerotic plaque/thrombosis and:

  1. Decrease intracranial pressure and PCO2 and increase PO2
  2. Decrease intracranial pressure and increase PO2, PCO2
  3. Increase intracranial pressure and PCO2 and decrease PO2
  4. Increase intracranial pressure and increase PO2, PCO2

Correct Option C

MCQs, 19. Which of the following patho­physiological changes are seen in patients with pleurisy:

  1. Inflammation of pleura stimulates nerve endings causing pain
  2. Decrease of absence of inflammation
  3. Increase pulmonary vascular resistance
  4. Increase pulmonary arterial pressure

Answer: 1

MCQs, 20. Atherosclerotic plaque formation causing narrowing, ischemia lead to thromboembolism, which results in cardio or cerebrovascular disease in a patient with:

  1. Infective endocarditis
  2. Cardiogenic shock
  3. Hyperlipidemia
  4. Myocardial infarction

Answer: 2

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