Guidelines for Establishment of Nursing College

Guidelines for Establishment of Nursing College

Get detail about What is B.Sc Nursing Program? Guidelines for Establishment of Nursing College, Facilities, and Eligibility Criteria Nursing Programs. Admission Terms and Conditions Qualifications & experience of teachers of the college of Nursing Scheme of Examination. Courses, Subjects, Syllabus, fees, and BSc nursing application form, etc.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing or B.Sc Nursing is a 4-year undergraduate course. B.Sc Nursing admission is based on entrance exams held between April-June. The minimum eligibility criterion for pursuing this course is the successful completion of 10+2 level of education in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Guidelines for the Establishment of B.Sc (Nursing) College

  1. The following Establishments / Organizations are eligible to establish / Open a B.Sc. (Nursing) College of Nursing.
    • Registered Private or Public Trust;
    • Organizations registered under Societies Registration Act including Missionary Organizations;
    • Companies incorporated under section 8 of the Company’s Act;
  2. The eligible Organizations / Establishments should have their own 100 bedded Parent Hospital.
  3. In respect of Tribal and Hilly Area, the requirement of own Parent Hospital is exempted.
    • Tribal area – Scheduled notified area; [Areas as the President of India may by order declare to be Scheduled Areas;]
    • Hilly area – the North East States, UTs of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh & Uttrakhand.
  4. The eligible Organizations / Establishments should obtain the Essentiality Certificate / No objection Certificate from the concerned State Government where the B.Sc. (Nursing) College of Nursing is sought to be established. The particulars of the name of the College / Nursing Institution along with the name of the Trust /Society [as mentioned in Trust Deed or Memorandum of Association] as also full address shall be mentioned in No Objection Certificate/Essentiality Certificate.
  5. After receipt of the Essentiality Certificate/ No objection Certificate, the eligible institution shall get recognition from the concerned State Nursing Council for the B.Sc.(Nursing) program for the particular academic year, which is a mandatory requirement.
  6. The Indian Nursing Council shall after receipt of the above documents/proposal online would then conduct Statutory Inspection of the recognized training nursing institution under Section 13 of Indian Nursing Council Act 1947 in order to assess the suitability with regard to availability of Teaching faculty, Clinical and Infrastructural facilities in conformity with Regulations framed under the provisions of Indian Nursing Council Act, 1947.

Parent Hospital (Unitary/ Single Hospital)

Parent Hospital for a nursing institution having the same trust which has established nursing institutions and has also established the hospital.


For a nursing institution (managed by a trust) a “Parent Hospital” would be a hospital either owned and controlled by the trustor managed and controlled by a member of the trust. In case the owner of the hospital is a member of the Trust that the hospital would continue to function as a “Parent Hospital” till the life of the nursing institution. The undertaking would also be to the effect that the Member of the Trust would not allow the hospital to be treated” Parent/Affiliated Hospital” to any other nursing institution and will be for minimum 30 years [i.e., signed by all members of trust] to the undertaking to be submitted from the Members of the Trust. Guidelines for Establishment of Nursing College


I. Change of Trust/Society:- The trust/ Society cannot be purchased as per the Indian Trust Act, but there can be a change of members/trustees. Therefore the purchase of institutions or change of membership will not be considered as a continuation of the program. The institution which is purchased/ taken over will be considered as closed. And afresh Govt. Order is required mentioning the trust/ society name along with programmes.

The change of membership in society/ change of trust and trustees to be submitted immediately after incorporating through registrar cooperative societies/Indian trust act.

II. Trust/society can open a number of institutions, but it will be considered as one institution under the ambit of one Trust. Further, a trust can open only one nursing institution in one city/town.

III. Change of Address:-State Nursing Council shall issue a certificate certifying the fact that the nursing institution is being shifted to the new building/premises at the address indicated. The certificate issued should indicate clearly a total covered area of the nursing institution, number of rooms along with area specification, provision of adequate washroom facilities, lighting and ventilation, etc of the new building.

Change of location (district/town/city/village) shall be considered under a new proposal. Guidelines for Establishment of Nursing College

IV. No two institutions will have the same name in the same city/town.

V. No Institutions / University will modify the syllabi; however, they can add units/subjects if need be.

Nursing model question paper Anatomy and physiology

VI. If no admission is made for two consecutive academic years then it shall be considered that the institution is closed. If the institution wants to restart the program they have to submit the fees along with valid justification, SNRC/University approval for the same to be submitted to Indian Nursing Council within 5 years i.e, from the year they did not have admissions or else it will become under new Nursing institution definition.

Guidelines for Establishment of Nursing College

VII. Change of Name of the Institution:- If the Trust/society proposes to change the name of the institute, a valid reason has to be submitted. In such cases, SNRC/University shall accept the proposal for change of name of the Institute, before submission of the proposal to INC.



Teaching Block:

  • The college of Nursing should be within 30 Km Distance from its parent hospital having space for expansion in an institutional area. For a College with an annual admission capacity of 60 students, the constructed area of the college should be 22800 square feet.
  • Adequate hostel/residential accommodation for students and staff should be available in addition to the above mentioned built-up area of the Nursing College respectively. The details of the constructed area are given below for admission capacity of 60 students:
S.No. Teaching BlockArea (Figures in sq feet)
1.Lecture Hall4 @ 900 = 3600
2.Skill/ Simulation Laboratory
(i) Nursing foundation lab1500
(ii) CHN 900900
(iii) Nutrition900
(iv) OBG and Pediatrics lab900
(v) Pre-clinical science lab900
3.Computer Lab1500
4.A.v. Aids Room600
5.Multipurpose Hall3000
6.Common Room1000
7.Staff Room500
8. Principal Room300
9.Vice Principal Room200
10. Library2300
11. One room for each Head of Departments[email protected] = 1000
12. Faculty Room2400
13. Provisions for Toilets1000
14. Total Constructed Area22800 sq.ft.

Note -1:5 computer student ratio as per student intake.


  1. Nursing Educational institutions should be in the Institutional area only and not in residential areas.
  2. If the institute has a non-nursing programme in the same building, the Nursing programme should have a separate teaching block.
  3. Shift-wise management with other educational institutions will not be accepted.
  4. Separate teaching block shall be available if it is on hospital premises.
  5. Proportionately the size of the built-up area will increase/decrease according to the number of seats approved.
S. No.Hostel BlockArea (Figures in sq feet)
1.Single Room
Double Room
12000 (50 sq. ft. for each student)
2.SanitaryOne latrine & One Bath room
(for 5 students) – 600* 4 = 2400
3.Visitor Room500
4.Reading Room250
6.Recreation Room500
7.Dining Hall3000
8.Kitchen & Store1500
9.Warden’s room450
Total21100 Sqr. Ft.

Grand Total Constructed Area-

Teaching Block               22800 Sqr. Ft

Hostel Block                    21100 Sqr. Ft

Grand Total                 43900 Sqr. Ft.

{Note: Day Scholars are allowed, however 30% provision of the hostel is mandatory}

CLINICAL FACILITIES for 60 students (for new institution)

I. a. College of Nursing should have a 100 bedded Parent/Own Hospital.

Note:- The institution offering the General Nursing Midwifery programme and found suitable by INC before 2013-14 are eligible for up-gradation (phasing out GNM programme) will be exempted from the requirement of parent hospital.

I. b 100 beds are not sufficient to offer clinical experience/specialties to students as laid

down in the B.Sc (Nursing) syllabus.

II. Additional affiliation of the hospital

In addition to Parent Hospital of 100 beds, the institution shall take affiliation of the hospital, if all the required learning experiences are not available in the parent hospital. The students should be sent to affiliated hospitals/agencies/Institutions where it is available.

a. Criteria for Affiliation:-

The types of experience for which a nursing college can affiliate are:

  • Community Health Nursing
  • Communicable Disease
  • Mental Health (Psychiatric) Nursing
  • Specialty like Cardiology, Neurology, Oncology Nephrology, etc.
  • Obst, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Ortho, etc.

b. The size of the hospital for affiliation:-

  • It should not be less than 50 beds apart from having own hospital.
  • Bed occupancy of the hospital should be a minimum 75%

III. Clinical requirements for the Nursing program are as given below:

S. No Areas of Clinical Experience Number of Beds
1 Medical 45
2 Surgical 45
3 Obst. & Gynaecology 45
4 Pediatrics 30
5 Orthopedics 15
6 Psychiatric 50

IV. Other Specialties/Facilities for the clinical experience required are as follows:

  • Major OT
  • Minor OT
  • Dental Eye/ENT
  • Burns and Plastic
  • Neonatology care unit
  • Communicable disease
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Cardiology
  • Oncology Neurology/Neuro-surgery
  • Nephrology etc.
  • Geriatric

Educational Visits will also be conducted as per the B.Sc(N) syllabus (for example Milk Treatment plant, Water and Sewage plant, Rehabilitation Centres, Orphanage, Geriatric Care, Home for Destitute, Professional Organisation, etc.)

V. The Nursing Staffing norms in the Parent and affiliated Hospital should be as per the INC norms.

VI. The Parent/affiliated Hospital should give student status to the candidates of the nursing programme.

VII. Maximum Distance between affiliated hospitals & institutions should not be more than 30 km.

VIII. For Hilly & Tribal, the maximum distance can be 50 km.

IX. 1:3 student patient ratio to be maintained.


Aiims mock test paper for nurses

Table -I

Qualifications & experience of teachers of the college of Nursing

1.Principal cum Professor- Essential Qualification:-M.Sc. (N) Experience:- M.Sc (N), Ph.D. (N) having a total of 15 years experience with M.Sc. (N) out of which 10 years after M.Sc. (N) in collegiate progarmme. Ph.D.(N) is desirable
2.Vice- Principal cum Professor- Essential Qualification:-M.Sc (N) Experience:-M.Sc (N) Total 12 years experience with M.Sc. (N) out of which 10 years teaching experience after M.Sc (N) Ph.D.(N) is desirable
3.Professor- Essential Qualification:- M.Sc (N) Experience:- M.Sc (N)Total 12 years experience with M.Sc.(N) out of which 10 years of teaching experience after M.Sc (N). Ph.D.(N) is desirable
4.Associate Professor- Essential Qualification:- M.Sc (N) Experience:-Total 8 years experience with M.Sc. (N) including 5 years of teaching experience Ph.D.(N) desirable
5.Assistant Professor- Essential Qualification:- M.Sc (N) Experience:- M.Sc. (N) with a total of 3 years teaching experience Ph.D.(N) desirable
6.Tutor- M.Sc.(N) preferable Experience:- B.Sc.(N)/P.B.B.Sc.(N) with 1 year experience.

Table -II

S.No.DesignationB.Sc.(N) 40-60B.Sc.(N) 61-100
1. Principal11
2. Vice- Principal11
3. Professor11-2
4. Associate Professor22-4
5. Assistant Professor33-8
6. Tutor/Clinical Instructor/Demonstrator5-1010-12

(For example for 40 students intake minimum number of teacher required is 13 including Principal, 1- Principal, 1- Vice Principal, 1-Professor, 2- Associate Professor & 3- Assistant Professor, tutors will be 5)

Number of Nursing departments = 6 (Six)

  • Nursing Foundation ( Professor or Associate shall head of the department)
  • Medical-surgical Nursing
  • Psychiatric Nursing
  • Paediatric Nursing
  • Midwifery, Obst. & Gynaecology
  • Community Health Nursing

Minimum one professor from each specialty area shall be appointed as head of the department except the nursing foundation.

  • 1:15 teacher-student ratio excluding Principal and Vice Principal
  • All teacher shall take classes, perform clinical teaching and supervision academic activities including Principal & Vice Principal
  • If the number of students is more than 60 there shall be two sections with a minimum of 30 students each. The maximum number of students in each section shall be 60 only.

Admission Terms and Conditions

  • The minimum age for admission shall be 17 years on 31st December of the year in which admission is sought. The maximum age limit for admission shall be 35 years.
  • Minimum Educational Qualification
    • Candidate with Science/Arts/Humanities/Commerce who have passed the 12th Standard examination (10+2) and must have obtained a minimum of 45% marks in the core/elective/academic subjects taken together and passed English individually. The above candidates should have passed from recognized board under AISSCE/CBSE/ICSE/SSCE/HSCE or other equivalent Board.
    • Candidate with Science/Arts/Humanities/Commerce who have passed the 12th Standard examination (10+2) and must have obtained a minimum of 45% marks in the core/elective/academic subjects taken together and passed English individually. The candidates should have passed from State Open School recognized by State Government and National Institute of Open School (NIOS) recognized by the Central Government.
    • Vocational ANM’s/ RANMs are also eligible.
    • Admission shall be through the Entrance examination. Entrance test** shall comprise of:
      • Aptitude for Nursing                          10 marks
      • General Science                                   50 marks
      • General knowledge                            20 marks
      • English                                                 10 marks
      • General ability                                    10 marks

-Minimum qualifying marks for entrance test shall be 50% marks. *Entrance test shall be conducted by University/State Government
Guidelines for Establishment of B.Sc Nursing College

  • The candidate shall be medically fit.
  • The candidate shall be admitted once in a year

Reservation policy:

  • For disabled candidates: 3% Disability reservation to be considered with a disability of locomotor to the tune of 40% to 50% of the lower extremity and other eligibility criteria with regard to age and qualification will be the same as prescribed for each nursing program.
  • Colour Blind candidates are eligible provided that color corrective contact lenses and spectacles are worn by such candidates.

Note: A committee to be formed consisting of a medical officer authorized by a medical board of State government and a nursing expert in the panel which may decide whether the candidates have the disability of locomotor to the tune of 40% to 50% and also for the color blind candidates.

Guidelines for Establishment of Nursing College

In respect of candidates belonging to SC/ST/OBC and candidates with benchmarked disabilities under the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 (PH) the marks obtained in core subject stated above shall be 40% instead of 45 % marks for General category Candidates.

  • Foreign Nationals:
    • The entry qualification equivalency i.e., 12th standard will be obtained by the Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi. An institution, State Nursing Council & University will be responsible to ensure that the qualification and eligibility will be equivalent to what has been prescribed by the Indian Nursing Council.
  • Reservation of seats in Nursing Colleges for SC/ST/OBC/PH/EWSs
    • Admission under the reserved quota shall be subject to reservation policy and eligibility criteria for SC/ST/OBC/PH/EWSs prescribed by the Central Govt./ State Govt./ Union Territory as applicable to the College concerned.


  • Reservations shall be applicable within the sanctioned number of the seats.
  • The start of the semester shall be 1st August every year.
  • No admission after the cut-off date i.e. 30th September will be undertaken. Further Hall tickets/admit cards shall not be issued to the candidates who are admitted after 30th September.
  • The responsibility of obtaining and verifying the requisite documents for admission lies with the Institution and University.

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