Biotin Vitamin B7-Function, Sources & Deficiency.

Biotin Vitamin B7 rich sourse and functions

Vitamin B7 is the part of B Complex Its chemical name is Biotin. this is a water-soluble vitamin. Also known as Vitamin H. It is a Sulphur containing Vitamin. Biotin is not stored in the body so this vitamin is essential for the body. Because Vitamin B7 is needed to convert certain nutrients and micronutrients into energy. Important roll in the health of skin, hairs, and nails. Its deficiency is rare but if you are experience hair loss that is an indication of biotin deficiency. Vitamin B7 plays an important function in our body, and many food products contain rich sources of biotin.

Vitamin H/ B7 Function

  • Act as a co-enzyme in the process of carboxylation, decarboxylation & deamination.
  • Biotin participates in reactions in which CO2 is added to a compound.
  • Essential cofactor for 5 carboxylase enzymes that adds CO2 to various compounds. (vitamin H/ B7 function)
  • Participate in the synthesis of fatty acid, as a coenzyme in carbon dioxide fixation.
  • It’s required for metabolizing Protein, Fat, and CHO.
  • Also useful for body cell, And hair growth.
  • Biotin is present in the hair, skin, nerve cells and bone marrow.

Biotin Rich Sources

Milk, liver, baker’s yeast, egg, nuts, soya beans, peas, whole grain, cauliflowers, banana, and mushrooms. Vitamin H/ B7 supplements are available in capsule or tablet form over the counter. You can find biotin supplements Here.

Vitamin B7 deficiency is not common that’s why the U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn’t refer any (RDA) Recommended Daily Allowance. But some experts recommend the following dose and guidelines.

  • Less than 3-year till toddler 10-20 mcg
  • Preschooler or 4-6year 25 mcg,
  • 7-10year 30mcg,
  • More than 10 years or adult 30-100 microgram/day
  • May a higher need for pregnancy and breastfeeding women.

Deficiency Of Biotin Vitamin B7

The antibiotics medicine kills the biotin producing bacteria in the intestine. So these medications can arise the deficiency of vitamin H. Also, those patients who are taking prolong intravenous nutrition. The deficiency leads to diseases like:

  • Dermatitis
  • Lack of appetite (anorexia)
  • Nausea
  • An enlarged tongue (glossaries)
  • Loss of Hair
  • Dry scaly skin
  • Mental depression
  • Elevated blood cholesterol level.

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