Solved Question Paper For Staff Nurse Exam

Staff nurse exam solved question paper

Staff nurse exam solved question paper:- Here it is the staff nurse exam previous year’s exam solved Question books.  you can also search for Aiims staff nurse question paper pdf. In this post, you find the most useful questions for the Aiims staff nurse exam question paper pdf. Now a day the competition for nursing exams is so tough. so read every topic possibly you can.  This is staff nurse exam solved paper pdf 2020 format.

1. Blood flow in the upper extremity is assessed by;
Ans: Allen’s Test

2. Physical regulation of the body temperature by the loss of heat is
Ans: Thermolysis

3. The most common deficiency seen in alcoholics
Ans: Thiamine

4. A safe method of open the airway of an unconscious patient with suspected spinal cord injury
Ans: Jaw thrust method

5. ICN adopted the code of ethics in the year
Ans: 1973

6. Drugs used to decrease gastric motility are
Ans: Anticholinergics

7. Koplik’s spots are seen in
Ans: Rubeola

8. The antituberculosis drug that can damage the eighth cranial nerve
Ans: streptomycin

9. An antiplatelet drug is given to a patient with myocardial infarction
Ans: Aspirin

10. Insertion of a catheter into the renal pelvis by a percutaneous puncture is? Nursing Officer Exam solved question paper
Ans: Nephrostomy

11. Tab. Digoxin should not be given when a patient has
Ans: Bradycardia

12. A disease that can arise from normal bacterial flora, especially after prolonged antibiotic therapy
Ans: Candidiasis

13. A blood transfusion reaction is
Ans: Cytotoxic hypersensitivity

14. Menstruation is inhibited by
Ans: Progesterone

15. Epinephrine is secreted by
Ans: Adrenal medulla

16. Shick test is done in
Ans: Diphtheria

17. Ascites due to cirrhosis liver is managed with the diuretic drug
Ans: Aldactone

18. A drug used to reduce blood ammonia level to prevent hepatic encephalopathy
Ans: Lactulose

19. The most reliable physical assessment indicator of low oxygen in the blood. Staff nurse exam solved question paper
Ans: Cyanosis of the oral mucosa or conjunctiva

20. Trendelenburg position is Not used in
Ans: Dyspnea

21. Kala-azar is transmitted by
Ans: Sandfly

22. An artificial method of giving fluid and nutrients through a tube passed the stomach through an opening in the abdominal wall is
Ans: Gastrostomy feeding

23. A Foleys catheter operates by the principle of
Ans: Osmosis

24. The temperature of water used for Sitz bath is
Ans: 110-115F

25. A suitable position of the patient for giving glycerin enema is
Ans: Left lateral

26. Sewage purification takes place by the action of
Ans: Anaerobic and aerobic organisms

27. The quantity of bleaching powder required to disinfect a well is
Ans: 5 gm for 1000 Litter water

28. When a patient develops a decreased response to a drug requiring an increased dosage to achieve the therapeutic effect is
Ans: Tolerance

29. Metabolic acidosis is corrected by giving
Ans: sodium bicarbonate

30. Screening and case-finding methods to halt the progression of the disease are focused under? staff nurse exam solved paper pdf 2020
Ans: Secondary prevention

31. The speech center in the brain is
Ans: Broca’s area

32. A peripheral vasodilator drug used to treat peripheral vascular occlusive disease
Ans: trental

33. An antidote used against organo-phosphorous poisoning is
Ans: atropine

34. Inflammation of the veins and formation of a clot is
Ans: thrombophlebitis

35. Fertilization takes place in the ________ part of the fallopian tube
Ans: ampulla

36. Failure of menstrual blood to come out from the genital tract is
Ans: Cryptomerrhoea

37. Timing of insertion of intrauterine device is
Ans: within 10 days of the beginning of menstruation

38. The nurse’s priority when caring for a 10-month-old infant with meningitis is
Ans: maintaining an adequate airway

39. The hormone is responsible for the development of the ovum during the menstrual cycle. staff nurse exam solved paper pdf 2020
Ans: Follicle-stimulating hormone(FSH)

40. The best TB control strategy under RNTCP is

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