Mucormycosis / Black Fungus Symptom & Prevention

what is Mucormycotic black fungus

Mucormycosis (black fungus) is a type of fungal infection that occurs after the corona patients recover In the second wave of the corona, the risk of black fungus has started spreading in the patients who have been cured. It is proving to be more fatal in patients recovering from corona, and patients with weak immunity and high blood sugar. Black fungus patients were also found in the first wave of Corona, but their number was less. It is a fast-growing disease. If its proper diagnosis and treatment are delayed then it is a life-threatening disease. In such a situation, it is necessary to identify and quickly diagnose black fungus. In this disease, there is an infection in the eye or jaw. If this increases, the patient can die. Its initial symptoms are redness and pain near the eyes and nose. Other symptoms may also include fever and vomiting of blood.

How to spread Mucormycosis (black fungus) infection

Mucormycosis factor:

mucormycosis, the most commonly related to Rhizopus species include mold, mucor species, and leukemia (absidia) species. It is usually found in soil.

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How to spread Mucormycosis infection

  • From non-sterilized bandages of treatment.
  • By wooden tongue depressors.
  • Due to the use of clothing and bedsheets etc. used in the hospital.
  • Due to negative pressure rooms.
  • Continuous water leak.
  • Because of poor air filtration.
  • Inhalation of spores present in non-sterilized medical devices or from the environment can be through.

Apart from the hospital, the following conditions are also more likely to spread black fungus at home.

It is been observed that mucormycosis (black fungus) is on the rise in post covid patients. Recently two 25-30 age group patients, with a history of covid, treated by home isolation and with no history of taking steroids or given oxygen or did not have diabetes also suddenly developed this dreadful disease.

The question of how and where did it come from?

High probabilityOnce you get a viral infection your immunity goes down.
We have been wearing a mask, it may be N95 or a cotton mask, which is used multiple times. Once we wear it, due to the humidity in our breathing, it gets wet which we don’t feel.
Then the mask is being used for 3-5 days, a perfect atmosphere for the growth of fungus, which we then breathe and goes straight into our respiratory system.
So all citizens whatever you have been using as a mask, Please wash it daily or change it or dry it in pure sunlight so no fungus grows on it.

  • Due to old air conditioners and coolers.
  • From living in dirty and damp rooms.
  • Because of dirty clothes and sheets.
  • From the soiled bandages used to cover the wound.
  • Due to the lack of proper exchange of air in the mudrooms during the rainy season.

Symptoms of Mucormycosis / black fungus infection

  • Unilateral swelling on face
  • Redness near the eyes and nose
  • Vision loss/ partial blindness
  • Pulmonary infections
  • Toothache, Chewing pain.
  • fever
  • Cough
  • Difficulty in breathing, and pain
  • Haematemesis (Blood in vomiting)
  • Change in mental state

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Why does black fungus occur after corona?

Black fungus is a rare disease, but it is more common in people who have health problems, or whose immune system is very weak. Also, people who are constantly taking steroids (which reduce the body’s ability to fight germs and disease). Be alert if patients have the following problems during or after corona:

  • Diabetes, especially ketoacidosis positive patient
  • Cancer patient
  • Organ transplant patient
  • Stem Cell Transplant Patient
  • Diabetes, especially ketoacidosis positive patients
  • cancer patient
  • Organ transplant patient
  • Stem cell transplant patient
  • Apart from these – Risk Factors
  • Neutropenia (lack of neutrophils in the blood)
  • Prolonged use of corticosteroids
  • Too much iron in the body. (Hemochromatosis)
  • Skin injury due to surgery, burns, or wounds that have not healed for a long time

How does someone get black fungus?

People get Mucormycosis due to exposure to fungal spores in the environment. Mucormycosis cannot spread between people to people or between people and animals.

How to prevent mucormycosis / black fungus?

  • Keep sugar under control.
  • Kovid kept checking the sugar level during treatment and even after being discharged from the hospital.
  • Take steroids only on doctor’s advice
  • Use only clean and sterilized water in the humidifier during oxygen therapy.
  • Use antibiotic and antifungal medications as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Try to avoid dusty areas of construction or excavation.
  • Wear N-95 mask
  • Buildings damaged by floodwaters and close contact with collected water should be avoided after hurricanes and natural disasters.
  • Avoid activities that have close contact with soil or dust. For example, while doing yard work or gardening, wear shoes, long pants, and full sleeve shirts.
  • To reduce the chance of skin infection, clean the dermis injuries with soap and water, especially when exposed to dirt and dust.
  • Wear gloves when handling materials such as soil, moss, or compost.

What not to do in Mucormycosis?

  • Do not take lightly with a closed nose like a cold. If you have covid.
  • Do not ignore any kind of alert.
  • Do not delay in getting the necessary tests done for fungal infection

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