What Is Memory its Definition Parts

What is memory its definition and parts

Our memories are a major part of our personality. What we remember and what we forget depends on a lot of things. It is a mental activity. The basis of memory is acquired experience, like language, vision, hearing, perceptiveness, learning, and attention is also a major intellectual capacity of the brain. Whatever is stored in our brain in the form of experience, information, and knowledge, is all organized in various forms and definitions. And it is reproduced according to the situation. The study of this ability of the human brain is a fairly broad subject matter. It is mainly studied in psychology, neurology, and medicine. Osteoporosis Causes, Risk Factor, Management


Definitions According to Hilgard and Atkinson –
“To express or display the signs of reactions already learned at the present time means remembrance.”

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Definitions According to Eigen –
“Memory is the ability of a person to collect the first learning process or experience as information. It reproduces this information in response to specific stimuli.”

Definition According to Bruno –
“Memory is a psychological process that involves the coding, storage, and modification of information.”

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According to Price and his colleagues –
“The brain’s ability to reproduce or reproduce past experiences and thoughts is memory.”

Definition according to Woodworth and Marquis:-
“A mental power which consists in learning, retaining and remembering what has previously been learned.”

Described by Ryburn:-
“The power we have to keep accumulating our experiences and to bring them back to the field of consciousness after some time of acquiring them is called memory.” BSc NURSING PROGRAM

Definition according to William James:-
“Memory is the knowledge of an element of an event that we have not thought about for some time, but about which we have a consciousness that we have already thought or experienced it.”

Definition according to Scout:- “Memory is a perfect repetition.”

According to William McDougall:-
“Memory refers to imagining past events and recognizing the fact that these are experiences of the past.”

Parts of Memory


It is a complex process. How well we remember and learn depends a lot on our emotional state. A motivational environment for learning and understanding is always beneficial. We learn better even when we pay attention. It also requires how the information is being coded. How its storage and integration is taking place and its recovery. Good memory requires all these actions to run smoothly. The completion of the process of memory and remembrance consists of four stages or parts.

  1. Learning – Learning is the first part. Today we want to remember anything, so first, we have to learn that thing.
    “To remember something well, learning well is like winning more than half the battle”
  2. Retention – Retention is the second part of memory. In this, we store the remembered thing in the brain.
  3. Recall – Recall is the third part of memory. That is, to bring the learned thing from the unconscious mind into the conscious mind.
  4. Recognition – This is the fourth part of memory. After a long time, anything remembers rightly recognized is called recognition.

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