Job description of nursing | duties, and responsibilities

Job Description of Nursing, duties and responsibilities of a nurses/ staff nurse

In this article, we are going to discuss about Nursing Job Description. What is the role of a Senior Nursing Officer and Nursing Officer/Staff Nurse in patient care, Ward Management, Admission and discharge of a patient.
Very important place of nurse in hospital and its management. Nurses are called the backbone of hospitals. Duties and responsibilities of nurse for patient care, ward management, creating educational environment. The duties and responsibilities of a nurse are described in the two category Senior Nursing Officer job description. and Nursing Officer Duties and Responsibilities. Detailed description of duties and responsibilities of nurses is mentioned bellow.

Senior Nursing Officer Job Description

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The Senior Nursing Officer is a second-level professional nurse in the hospital set up and is directly responsible/ answerable to the Assistant Nursing Superinten (ANS) in charge, who is responsible for the overall administration of the concerned area for assuring quality clinical care of the patients. The senior Nursing officer is responsible for the total care of patients in wards and also for supervision and guidance to Nursing officers, student nurses, hospital attendants, sanitation attendants(housekeeping), and security staff. She should have valid registration as a Nurse.

Responsibilities of SNO in Nursing Care of a Patient

  • Assess the total needs of patients and prepare a plan for the respective area by assigning patients to the Nursing officers and students keeping in the mind the needs of particular patients concerned and level of competency of the nursing professional in consultation with the Assistant Nursing Superintendent (ANS).
  • Admission, Discharge, and Transfer of patients.
  • Plan, prepare, demonstrate and carry out direct nursing care to all patients especially preoperative patients, seriously ill patients, and acutely ill dangerously ill, and the post-operative care of patients as and when the situation arises.
  • Demonstrate and carry out efficient nursing care, taking care of personal comfort and toilet needs of patients, administration of drugs & treatment, and observation and recording of vital parameters.
  • He / She will be responsible to check all the patient care records, related to the diagnosis, condition, treatment, etc.
  • Assist the medical staff in an examination of patients and treatment.
  • Coordinate patients care in coordination with other departments if so required.
  • Supervise dietary arrangement i.e serving the diet to the patient and feeding helpless patients who need Ryle’s tube feeding and are not able to feed themselves.
  • Attending rounds with Medical / Nursing personnel.
  • Participate and provide requisite assistance for clinical investigation/procedures by ensuring specimen collection, documentation, dispatch, report collection, and availability of reports before ward rounds.
  • Maintenance of patient records and their confidentiality.
  • Ensure safe custody of patients’ belongings as per laid down policy of the hospital.
  • Follow prescribed rules in case of accident or death of a patient or when a patient absconds from the ward.
  • Provide requisite information and health education to patients and their attendants.
  • Provide counseling to the patients and relatives.
  • He/ She will be responsible for communicating with the patient’s attendants/ relatives about the patient’s clinical condition in consultation with the treating doctor whenever needed.
  • Maintain daily census of patients in the unit and report about the critically ill cases any emergency unusual occurrence to the assistant nursing Superintendent/DNS/NS.
  • To ensure availability of medical, surgical, and all other supplies including equipment & appliances for medical/surgical procedures and proper accounting of drugs and ensure judicious use of other consumables.
  • Ensure patient safety and proper biomedical waste management.
  • Ensure compliance to infection control practice as per laid down policy of the Institute.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Nurse in Ward Management and Administration

  • Handling over and takeover charge of patients at the end/ beginning of the shift.
  • Assignment of work to Nursing Officers and support staff working in the respective areas.
  • Coordinate and facilitate work of all other staff, e.g physiotherapist, technical staff, medical social services staff, dieticians, etc.
  • Supervise & monitor the maintenance of good inter-personal relationships among all categories of staff and with patients and their relatives.
  • Maintain cleanliness of ward, its annexes, and environment. Proper upkeep and repair of linen and ward equipment.
  • Maintain stock of medicines, surgical items, general, linen & stationery, and all other items including appliances and equipment, and make a regular inventory of the area.
  • Make indents for drugs, surgical supplies, and all other store items and issues.
  • Keep custody of dangerous drugs/ narcotic drugs and record of their administration.
  • Daily check of emergency drugs, dangerous/ narcotic drugs, crash carts, and lifesaving equipment.
  • Maintenance of stock registers, inventories.
  • Assist to investigate complaints, if any.
  • Maintain records/ registers of non-serviceable articles and make arrangements for condemnation of all broken unserviceable articles of the area under the supervision of ANS.
  • Create a positive working environment and address the concerns and grievances of subordinates.
  • Assist the ANS in Incharge to check the attendance of all nurses, hospital and sanitation attendants posted in the area and report to ANS/DNS/ Nursing Superintendent about staff absenteeism for replacement.

Role of Seniour Nursing Officer in Nursing Education

  • Ensuring tine continuous development of the subordinates by organizing orientation and in-service education programs in consultation with ANS/DNS/ Nursing Superintendent.
  • Participate in teaching and learning activities of student nurses as and when required in the area.
  • Impact planned and incidental teaching to subordinates & support staff.
  • Consult and co-operate with the nursing tutors in arranging clinical teaching for the student nurses.
  • Take necessary steps for the integration of nursing education into clinical practice including advanced nursing and evidence-based nursing practice.


Profession Job Description of SNO

  • Maintain professional ethics.
  • Participate in professional & in-service educational activities and encourage the colleagues to similarly participate in these activities.
  • Update his/her professional competency by continuous on-the-job learning.
  • Advocate for adopting newer practices in the nursing profession for improving overall patient care services.
  • Organize and participate in staff welfare activities whenever required.

Nursing Research

Participate in ongoing research activities and projects/study/research for professional growth (if so required) Perform any other duty as may be specified from time to time.

Job Description of Nursing Officer

Nursing Officer is the first-level professional nurse in the hospital setup and is directly responsible/answerable to the Assistant Nursing Superintendent (ANS) In-charge, who is responsible for the overall administration of the concerned area.

therefore, by deed and appearance, he/she should prove himself/herself as professional at all times. The skilled nurse must give expert bedside care to patients or execute special technical duties in all patient care & support areas including but not limited to inpatient wards, operation theatres, intensive care units, labor room, wellness clinics, OPD, emergency departments, clinical specialties, and any other clinical area. Nursing Officer is directly responsible for total nursing care of the patient assigned to him/her. He/ she should have a valid registration as a Nurse and Midwife.

Job Description of Staff Nurse in Nursing Care of a patients.

  • Perform the requisite nursing activities for admission, discharge, and transfer (within the hospital or other centers) of the patients.
  • Give direct bedside nursing care to all patients as allotted by the ANS or Senior Nursing Officer.
  • To ensure the personal hygiene of the patients, including toilet needs, sponging/ bathing, care of mouth, back, nails, hair, etc. with the assistance of support staff (HA’s/HK’s) as required.
  • Ensure the elimination need of the patient is met by offering and removing bedpans and urinals by the supportive staff (HA’s/HK’s) as and when required.
  • To render nursing care during physiotherapy, ambulation, and rehabilitation of patients as required.
  • Administration of medications (as prescribed), injections, infusions, and Transfusions and application of surgical dressings, etc. to the patients.
  • Urine testing for sugar, and albumin (whenever applicable).
  • Be responsible for the care of all patients especially acutely ill or dangerously ill patients in the area.
  • Render pre-operative, post-operative intensive care to the patients in the area.
  • Care of pressures points as needed from time to time.
  • Observing, recording, and reporting of vital signs e.g. T.P.R. and Blood pressure.
  • Observation, recording, and reporting of all tests and diagnostic/ therapeutic procedures.
  • Responsible for carrying out nursing care need assessment and nursing care plan of all patients assigned to him/her.
  • To ensure Bed making with the assistance of support staff (HA’s/SA’s) and ensure patient safety during the procedure especially of critically ill patients.
  • Assist in feeding the weak and debilitated patients.
  • Avoid the normal or special nutritional needs of the patients and special types of feeds (gastrostomy feed, nasal feeds, etc)
  • Supervision of distribution of diets in the unit.
  • Carry-out patient’s health education/ teaching and demonstration according to the need.
  • Counseling the patients and relatives as and when required.
  • He/She will be responsible for communication with the patient’s attendants/relatives about the patient’s clinical condition in consultation with the treating doctor whenever needed.
  • Carry out technical procedures such Nasogastric intubation, Gastric Gavage and Lavage, Oxygen Therapy, Surgical dressing and Irrigation, Enema, Catheterization hot and cold applications, suction, etc. & ensure part preparation for any procedure with the assistance of HA’s/SA’s (as required.)
  • Preparation for and assistance in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, clinical investigations, and medical /surgical procedures.
  • Care of the dying and dead with the assistance of support staff (HA’s/SA’s) as required
  • Collection, labeling, and dispatch of all blood and non-blood samples/specimens.

Staff Nurse Job Description about Ward management and administration

  • Handing over and taking over charge of patients, and ward inventory related to nursing (as required) in each shift.
  • Drawing up nursing care need assessment plan for all patients in the ward in consultation with the ANS/Senior Nursing Officer.
  • Help the Sr. Nursing Officer in indenting and checking of drugs, and supplies and maintaining the inventory of each category of item.
  • Assist Senior Nursing Officer in keeping a sub-store of drugs, Linen, and supplies in the area for use.
  • Prepare a checklist and keep patients’ belongings in safe custody particularly in case of unconscious/unattended patients, in accordance with the laid down policy of the hospital.
  • Supervise & Monitor in keeping the ward clean and tidy.
  • Supervise the work of support staff working in the area for maintenance of cleanliness, sanitation & all other duties allocated to them.
  • Maintenance of therapeutic environment and discipline in the ward.
  • Supervise & monitor routine care and cleaning of dressing trolleys, cupboards apparatus, mackintosh, etc.
  • Ensure availability of medical, surgical, and all other Supplies and equipment for medical & surgical procedures.
  • Supervise & Monitor the care of clean and soiled linen.
  • Supervise & monitor disinfection of linen, beds, floor and bedpans, and fumigation of rooms, etc. with the assistance of support staff as required.
  • Preparation of dressing/procedure room, trolleys, and sets for procedures.
  • Preparation of surgical sets & supplies.
  • Ensure compliance with Infection control practices as per laid down policy of the Institute.
  • Demonstration of assigned duties to and supervision of Hospital & Sanitation Attendants.
  • Supervision of security personnel posted in the area.
  • Reporting of Medico-legal cases admitted in the ward to the ANS of the Ward /senior-most nursing official on duty during that shift & keep them informed of the happenings in the ward like fire, absconding patients, theft reported and etc. who will then be responsible for generating an incident report for the same.
  • Conduct rounds with doctors and Senior Nursing Officials.
  • Maintaining interpersonal relationships with patients, relatives, and all medical & paramedical team members.
  • Orientation of new staff/nursing & medical students.
  • Demonstration and guidance to student nurses.
  • Participation in the in-service education programs and staff meetings.
  • Participation in professional activities.

Nursing education

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Participate in the teaching program of student nurses as and when required.

Profession Job Description of Nursing Officer

  • Maintain the professional ethics
  • Participate in professional & in-service education activities and encourage the colleagues to similarly participate in these activities.
  • Update his/her professional competency by continuous on-the-job learning.
  • Advocate for adopting newer practices in Nursing Profession for improving overall patient care services.
  • Participate in staff welfare activities whenever required.


Nursing Research

Participate in ongoing research activities and projects/ study/ research for professional growth (if so required)

Perform any other duty as may be specified from time to time.

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