Lab Technician Exam Paper

lab technician paper, lab assistant previous year question paper

Here we are providing you the paper asked in the ‘KPSC (Kerala PSC) Laboratory Technical Assistant (Medical Laboratory Technician) – VHSE’ exam. This Lab Technician Exam Paper was asked in the exam held on 29-01-2015, it was in English medium and it had 100 questions to be attempted in 1.15 hours. The paper code is 19/2015.

Here we have provided all the questions on lab technician paper with answers, definitely read them before any competitive exam, you will definitely get the benefit. Because it gives you an idea of ​​the format of the exam.

lab technician exam paper, lab assistant previous year question paper
Lab assistant’s previous year’s question paper

1. Cell wall deficient bacteria have no definite shape They are known as:
A. Spirochaetes
B. Mycoplasma ✅
C. Actinomycetes
D. Spirilla

2. Creatine is a chemical compound that is synthesized in the human
A. Liver ✅
B. Muscle
C. Stomach
D. Intestine

3. Graves disease is an Endocrine disorder caused by:
A. Hyperthyroidism ✅
B. Hypothyroidism
C. Hyperadrenalism
D. Hypoadrenalism

4. Black water fever is associated with the infection of:
A. P. vivax
B. P. falciparum ✅
C. P. ovule
D. P. malariae

5. Select the serum cholesterol estimation method:
A. Diacetyl monoxime method
B. Alkaline picrate method
C. Biuret method
D. Liebrmann Burchard method ✅

6. Study of Fungus:
A. Mycology ✅
B. Histology
C. Immunology
D. Osteology

7. The following eggs or bile stained except:
A. Ascaris lumbricoidU
B. Taenia solium
C. Trichuris Trichur
D. Hookworm ✅

8. Urine crystals showing envelope appearance:
A. Uric acid
B. Triple phosphate
C. Calcium oxalate ✅
D. Cholesterol crystal

psc lab technician question paper pdf

9. In which parasitic infection DEC Provocation test is used?
A. Wuchereria bancrofti ✅
B. Ascaris-lumbricoids
C. Kntaniocba histolytica
D. Tape-worms

10. Use of Cryostat in histopathology:
A. Autoninric tissue processor
B. Cutting bone tissue
C. Cutting frozen tissue ✅
D. Cutting fixed tissue

11. Type of Rh antibody:
A. IgM
B. IgG ✅
C. IgE
D. IgA

12. Under ideal conditions blood collected in CPD-A can be stored:
A. 14 days
B. 21 days
C. 24 days
D. 35 days ✅

13. Name of the instrument used to measure Sodium and Potassium:
A. Colorimeter
B. Spectrophotometer
C. Flame photometer ✅
D. Fiuorimetcr

14. Culture media for Fungus:
B. SDA ✅

15. The content of cryoprecipitate:
A. Factor XI
B. Factor VI
C. Factor VIII ✅
D. Factor IX

16. Who is known as the Father of Bacteriology?
A. Louis Pasteur
B. Anion Von Leeuwenhoek
C. Christian Gram
D. Robert Koch ✅

17. Anticoagulant used for blood sugar estimation:
A. Fluoride-oxalate mixture ✅
C. Wintrobcft mixture
D. Trisodium citrate

18. Routinely used histopathology fixative
A. 100% Formalin
B. 50% Formalin
C. 40% Formalin
D. 10% Formalin ✅

19. The blue hub of the disposable needle is indicated:
A. 22 Gauge
C. 21 Gauge
C. 23 Gauge ✅
D. 26 Gauge

20. The following are biological hazards except?
A. Anaemia ✅
C. Hepatitis
D. Tuberculosis (Lab technician exam paper)

21. ASO test is used to detect:
A. Staphylococci
B. Micrococci
C. Haemophilus
D. Streptococci ✅

22. Find the MCH of a sample of blood having Hb 12 gm% and RBC count 4 million/mm:
A. 3 Pg
B. 30 Pg ✅
C. 300 Pg
D. 3000 Pg

23. Which vitamin deficiency causes Scurvy?
A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin B
C. Vitamin C
D. Vitamin E

24. The main sugar present in semen:
A. Glucose
B. Laefcoce
C. Sucrose
D. Fructose ✅

25. Tyndaliaarion is the moist heat sterilization method:
A. at 160°C
B. at 100°C ✅
C. below 100°C
D. above 100°C

lab assistant exam questions and answers pdf

26. The only horizontal hone in the skeleton:
A. Clavicle ✅
B. Scapula
C. Humeroua
D. Lina

27. Spirometer is used to measure:
A. Lung volume ✅
B. Heart rate
C. Glomerular filtration rate
D. Endocrine activity

28. Acid fastness of an organism is due to:
A. Carbonic acid
B. Hyaluronic acid
C. Myoolic acid ✅
D. Butyric acid

29. The abnormal urinary constituent present in obstructive jaundice:
A. Ketone body
B. Bile salt ✅
C. Bence-Jones protein
D. Bilirubin

30. WBC having blue-black granules:
A. Neutrophil
B. Eosinophil
C. Lymphocyte
D. Basophil ✅

31. Name commonly used staining method in cytology:
B. H & E
C. PAP ✅
D. Negative staining

32. The type of microscope used for the best demonstration of living unstained spirochaetes
A. Compound microscope
B. Polarizing microscope
C. Fluorescent microscope
D. Dark ground microscope ✅

33. Possible blood groups of offspring having A-group father and A-group mother :
A. A, B
B. A, O ✅
C. A only
D. O only

34. The following are used to detect bacterial motility- except?
A. Streak culture ✅
B. Hanging drop
C. Mannitol medium
D. Craigos tube

35. Crystals are seen in amoebic dysentery stool:
A. Calcium oxalate
B. Charcot-Leydon ✅
C. Triple phosphate
D. Iron crystal

36. Which is not a ketone body?
A. Acetic acid ✅
B. Acetone
C. Beta-hydroxy butyric acid
D. AcetoaoHlate

37. Cob-web clots of CSF indicate:
A. Cryptococcal meningitis
B. Encephalitis
C. Poliomyelitis
D. Tuberculous meningitis ✅

38. Working principle of photoelectric colorimeter :
A. Beer Lambert’s law ✅
B. Landstainer’s law Newton’s
C. Mendelian law
D. Newton’s law

39. Which is come under RFT?
A. Cholesterol
B. Creatinine ✅
D. Bilirubin

40. Special staining used to demonstrate reticulocyte:
A. Negative staining
B. Regressive attuning
C. Supravital staining ✅
D. Progressive staining ((Lab technician exam paper pdf)

41. The following are the stages of ESR except?
A. Stage nf aggregation
B. Stage of sedimentation
C. Stage of packing
D. Stage of agglutination ✅

42. Bacteria having Chinese letter pattern arrangement :
A. Clostridium
B. Spirochaete
C. Actinomycete
D. Corynebacterium ✅

43. Which of the following is not volumetric glassware?
A. Graduated pipette
B. Standard flask
C. Beaker ✅
D. Measuring cylinder

44. Name the RBC inclusion body:
A. Spherocyte
B. Siderocyte ✅
C. Leptocyte
D. Acanthocyte

45. Ingredients of buffy coat:
A. WBC and Platelets ✅
B. HBC and platelets
C. Plasma and platelets
D. Platelets only

46. Select the anaerobic culture media:
B. U
D. KCM ✅

47. Select the chemical under the explosive category:
A. Ammonia
B. Picric acid ✅
C. Benzidine acid
D. Formaldehyde

48. The maximum depth of skin wound mode by lancet:
A. 3 mm ✅
B. 0.3 mm
C. 3 cm
D. 1 cm

49. Interferons are produced by the action of:
A. Bacteria
B. Fungus
C. Virus ✅
D. Parasite

50. Which cell component is known as the power house’ of a cell?
A. Endoplasmic reticulum
B. Mitochondria ✅
C. Ribosome
D. Nucleus

Lab technician previous year question paper pdf

51. Anaemia is the characteristic feature of all parasitic infections except:
A. Malaria
B. Ancylostomiasis
C. Filannsis ✅
D. Amoebiasis

52. Action of heparin to prevent blood convolution:
A. Precipitate calcium
B. Chelation
C. Antithrombin ✅
D. Shrinking of RBC

53. Generation time of Mycobacterium tuberculosis:
A. 2 seconds
B. 20 seconds
C. 20 minutes
D. 20 days ✅

54. The dilutions prepared by the RBC pipette:
A. 1/100, 1/200 ✅
B. 1/10, 1/20
C. 1/50, 1/500
D. 1/2, 1/4

55. Rest method of sterilizing plastic syringes
A. Drying
B. Moist heat
C. Radiation ✅
D. Hot air oven

56. Lumbar puncture site in adults:
A. Between LI and L2
B. Between L2 and L3
C. Between L3 and L4 ✅
D. Between L4 and L5

57. Causative agent of Enteric fever:
A. Haemuphilu H
B. Proteus
C. Vibrio
D. Salmonella ✅

58. Leucocytes present in normal CSF:
A. Eosinophil
B. Lymphocyte ✅
C. Neutrophil
D. Monocyte

59. Most accurate Haemoglobin estimation method:
A. Sahli’s method
B. Gasometric method
C. Spencer’s method
D. Drab kin’s method ✅

60. Bullet-shaped virus:
A. Rabies ✅
B. Pox
D. Polio (Lab Technician Paper)

61. Total magnification of a microscope using oil immersion objective and 10X eyepiece-
A. 10 times
B. 100 times
C. 1000 times ✅
D. 10000 times

62. Causative agent of bacillary dysentery:
A. Shigella ✅
B. E.coli
C. Proteus
D. Vibrio

63. Quick one-stage method is used to detect;
A. Bleeding time
B. Clotting time
C. Prothrombin time ✅
D. Clot, retraction time

64. Name of test used to detect urine urobilinogen:
A. Rothera’s test
B. Ehrlich’s test ✅
C. Fouchet’B test
D. Hay’s test

65. Name the test associated with the Kirby-Bauer method:
D. Widal

66. Albert staining is used to detect:
A. Flagella
B. Spore
C. Capsule
D. Metaohromatic granules ✅

67. Osmotic fragility of RBC is increased:
A. Hereditary spherocytosis ✅
B. Iron deficiency anemia
C. Sickle cell anemia
D. Polycythemia

68. Which of the following statement is correct in the case of a virus?
A. Multiply by binary fission
B. Ribosomes arc absent ✅
C. Sensitive to antibiotics
D. Grow in an inanimate medium

69. Select Agglutination reaction:
A. Widal test ✅
B. VDRL test
C. CRP test
D. Schick test

70. The following are Romanowsky stains except;
A. Wrights stain
B. Giemsa stain
C. Granin stain ✅
D. Jenners stain

71. A spectrophotometer contains all the components of a colorimeter except
A. Light source
B. Galvanometer
C. Photocell
D. Filter ✅

72. Blue pus-producing bacteria:
A. Haemophilus
B. Pseudomonas ✅
C. Neisseria
D. E.coli

73. What is the specific method for blood sugar estimation?
A. Ortho Toluidine
B. Folin-wu
C. Oxidase peroxidase ✅
D. Nelson-Somogy

74. Select Gram-negative bacteria:
A. Staphylococci
B. Clostridium
C. Neisseria ✅
D. Corynebacterium

Lab assistant’s previous year’s question paper

75. Which of the following is a blood parasitic infection?
A. Filariasis ✅
B. Taeniasis
C. Ascariasis
D. Amoebiasis

76. Bacteria produce swarming growth on solid media:
A. E.coli
B. Proteus ✅
C. Klebsiella
D. Shigella

77. ANA test is used to detect:
A. Hb S
D. LE Cell ✅

78. Cross infections occurring in the hospital:
A. Zoonotic disease
B. Endemic disease
C. Pandemic disease
D. Nosocomial disease ✅

79. Culture including used to differentiate Lactose form Hailing and Non-lactose fermenting bacteria:
A. LJ medium
B. Mac Conkey agar ✅
C. Selenite F broth
D. Chocolate agar

80. Bilirubin is the breakdown product of:
A. Haemoglobin ✅
B. Protein
C. Fatty acid
D. Amino acid

81. _____is the term related to the breaking up and decay of rocks by the action of the sun, rain, wind, etc.
A. Weathering ✅
B. Erosion
C. Denudation
D. Apogee

82. Name the country” which was excluded recently from the ‘Group of Kight Countries’:
A. Canada
B. Iran
C. Italy
D. Russia ✅

83. Quit India Movement was launched in :
A. 1924
B. 1942 ✅
C. 1920
D. 1919

84. Rabindranath Tagore was horn in :
A. 1869
B. 1950
C. 1889
D. 1861✅

85. Years of an irresolute war between India and Pakistan that led to the Tashkent Pact’ between the two countries: (Lab Technician exam Paper)
A. 1971
B. 1965✅
C. 1972
D. 1966

86. Name of present Governor of Kerala.
A. R.L. Bhatia
B. Nikhil Kumar
C. Sheila Dikshit ✅
D. Hansraj Bhardwaj

87. Who founded Ananda Maha Sabha and Ananda Matham?
A. Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi ✅
B. Pandit Karuppan
C. Anand Ramlogan
D. K. Kelappan

88. Name the Guru of Chattampi Swamikal and Ayyankali:
A. Thycaud Ayya ✅
B. Sree Narayana Guru
C. Karunakara Guru
D. Ayya Vaikundan

89. Name the newspaper associated with Vakkom Abdul Khader Moulavi:
A. Swadeshabhimani ✅
B. Kesari
C. Njananikshepam
D. Rajyasamacharam

90. Who was the director of a newspaper boy?
A. Lal Jose
B. Padmarajan
C. P. Ramadas ✅
D. M.T. Vasudevan Nair

91. To which of the following, is Yakov Grigorevich Sinai related?
A. Nuclear medicine
B. Biology
C. Mathematics ✅
D. Nanotechnology

92. Name the person who worked on the committee that drafted India’s ‘Biological Diversity Act-2002′:
A. Krishnaswamy Kasturi Rangan ✅
B. Madhav Gadgil
C. Ommen V. Ommen
D. P.C. George

93. In 1951, the present Kerala voted in two parts. Name the parts:
A. Travancore and Cochin
B. Travancore-Malabar and Cochin
C. Travancore-Cochin and Malabar ✅
D. Malabar Cochin and Travancore

94. Which among the following zones is the coldest region?
A. Savannah
B. Temperate zone
C. Torrid zone
D. Frigid zone ✅

95. Juma Masjid in Delhi was built by:
A. Shah Jahan ✅
B. Akbar
C. Aurangazeb
D. Shershah

96. Longest Dam in India:
A. Bhakra Dam
B. Hirakud Dam ✅
C. Tungabhadra Dam
D. Thien Dam

97. Which part of the Constitution is dependable to formulate objectives for planning in India?
A. Preamble
B. Fundamental Rights
C. Fundamental Duties
D. Directive Principles of State Policy ✅

98. Which of the following is a natural hot water spring?
A. Perigee
B. Geyser ✅
C. Lagoon
D. Delta

99. Khasi and Garo languages are spoken by the people of;
A. Assam
B. Nagaland
C. Meghalaya ✅
D. West Bengal

100. Energy of the sun is called:
A. Photomerism
B. Phototropism
C. Isolation
D. Insolation ✅

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