RRB Question Paper Previous Year

Railway staff nurse question paper 2019

RRB Previous Year Question Paper of nursing staff, This Railway staff nurse question paper exam was held on 21/07/2019 in the morning shift. It has 100 questions and the exam time is 90 minutes. In this vacancy, the examination is conducted in several shifts. We are providing a paper for the competitive examination of the Indian Railway Nursing Officer. In addition, we are also providing its PDF format. You can also download this pdf paper from our given link. At the end of this exam paper.
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RRB nursing question paper

Q 1. In which stage of labor the placenta is delivered?

(A) 3rd stage
(B) 4th stage
(C) 2nd stage
(D) 1st stage

Q 2. Which one of the following includes the immediate step in the resuscitation of the newborn?

(A) Routinely giving sodium bicarbonate
(B) Suction of the baby’s stomach
(C) Squeezing the chest to remove secretions from the airway
(D) Clearing the oral and nasal airway

Q 3. The lack of oxygen in the tissue is called?

(A) Hypoxia
(B) Anorexia
(C) Anoxia
(D) Cyanosis

Q 4. In which year the CSSM Programme was initiated?

(A) 1982
(B) 1992
(C) 1990
(D) 1980

Q 5. Two bells ring at intervals of 59 seconds and 70 seconds. If they both ring at 10 o’clock in the morning together, after how many seconds will they ring together again?

(A) 4130
(B) 4230
(C) 4030
(D) 4330

Q 6. Who discovered the antibiotic penicillin?

(A) Alexander Fleming
(B) Edward Jennner
(C) Waksman
(D) None of these

Q 7. Which are chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases affecting peripheral synovial joints of bone?

(A) Osteoarthritis
(B) Polyarthritis
(C) Rheumatoid
(D) Ankylosing

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Q 8. Which department issues PAN number?

(A) Revenue
(B) Financial affairs
(C) Income Tax
(D) Economic Affairs

Q 9. Which of the following develops a tough coat and is gradually converted into a seed in plants?

(A) Pollen grains
(B) Zygote
(C) Ovule
(D) Embryo

Q 10. Which is the most suitable position for giving an enema?

(A) Lithotomy position
(B) Left lateral position
(C) Prone position
(D) Right lateral position

Q 11. By selling a CPU for Rs.7935, a man makes a profit of 15%. At what price should he sell it to make a profit of 25%? (in Rs.) RRB nursing question paper

(A) 8825
(B) 8625
(C) 8525
(D) 8725

Q 12. What is the SI unit of electric field strength?

(A) Joules / Coulomb
(B) Coulomb / Newton
(C) Henry/ Coulomb
(D) Newton / Coulomb

Q 13. What is the frictional force exerted by the fluids also called?

(A) Effort
(B) Drag
(C) Slag
(D) Core

Q 14. Which is the earliest sign of rickets?

(A) Bow Legs
(B) Harrison’s Groove
(C) Rickety Rosary
(D) Craniotabes

Q 15. Wermer’s syndrome is considered as


Q 16. Which is called as Non-probability sampling?

(A) Cluster sampling
(B) Quota sampling
(C) Stratified random sampling
(D) Systematic sampling

Q 17. A framework for quality care does not include:

(A) Mission, Values
(B) Care Guidelines
(C) Critical Thinking
(D) Professional Standards

Q 18. Which causes Klinefelter syndrome?

(A) Xyy
(B) Xxy
(C) Xo
(D) Xx

Q 19. “Splitting” by the client with borderline personality disorder denotes? RRB nursing question paper

(A) A primitive defense mechanism in which the client sees objects as all good or all bad
(B) A brief psychotic episode in which the client loses contact with reality
(C) Two distinct personalities within the borderline client
(D) Evidence of precocious development

Q 20. The real executive of the Indian government is?

(A) The Vice President
(B) The President
(C) The Speaker
(D) The Prime Minister

Q 21. Which one of the following is a function of the liver?

(A) Concentration of bile
(B) Secretion of cholecystokinin
(C) Synthesis of plasma protein
(D) Elimination of carbohydrates

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Q 22. Which one of the following is an example of the risk for infection in nursing diagnosis?

(A) Actual Nursing Diagnosis
(B) Wellness Nursing Diagnosis
(C) Risk Nursing Diagnosis
(D) Diagnostic Nursing Diagnosis

Q 23. HML analysis means?

(A) Hierarchy, Moderate, and Low Estimates
(B) High, Medium and Low Estimates
(C) Heaping, Moulding, and Lowering Estimates
(D) High Medical Laboratory Inventory

Q 24. The establishment of personal relationship and affection takes place in the stage of group dynamics is termed as

(A) Storming
(B) Forming
(C) Performing
(D) Norming

Railway staff nurse previous year question paper 2019

Q 25. The normal IQ level of human beings is?

(A) 120 and above
(B) 90 to 110
(C) 110 to 120
(D) 80 to 100

Q 26. In India, which of the following States has the highest number of National Parks?

(A) Tripura
(B) Punjab
(C) Tamil Nadu
(D) Madhya Pradesh

Q 27. Which is a cause of Anuria?

(A) Gastritis
(B) Appendicitis
(C) Renal failure
(D) Pyrexia

Q 28. Which one of the following aspects are not considered as an indicator of a hospital system? (RRB nursing question paper)

(A) Public Relations
(B) Patient Satisfaction
(C) Quality of Care
(D) Machinery

Q 29. Find the next number in the series.
7, 9, 13, 21, 37, ?

(A) 63
(B) 55
(C) 57
(D) 69

Q 30. In a certain code language, if BEACH is coded as GDCJE, then how is FLUID coded in that language? Railway nurse exam question paper


Q 31. The Schick test is done for the diagnosis of

(A) Rubella
(B) Diphtheria
(C) Mumps
(D) Measles

Q 32. is also known as Ascorbic acid.

(A) Vitamin A
(B) Vitamin D
(C) Vitamin C
(D) Vitamin E

Q 33. Dandiya is the traditional folk dance of?

(A) Uttar Pradesh
(B) Sikkim
(C) Gujarat
(D) Karnataka

Q 34. Which of the following is termed as the fetal blood vessel lying over the internal os, in front of the presenting part?

(A) Vasa Previa
(B) Occult Cord Prolapse
(C) Cord Prolapse
(D) Cord Presentation

Q 35. 2450 boys and 1750 girls are examined in a test; 42% of the boys and 36% of the girls pass the test. The percentage of the total who failed is? (Railway / RRB staff nurse previous year question paper)

(A) 62.5
(B) 60.5
(C) 61.5
(D) 63.5

Q 36. Down syndrome is also known as?

(A) Trisomy 18
(B) Trisomy 21
(C) Trisomy 13
(D) Monosomy 13

Q 37. What is the symbol of the element Gallium?

(A) Gm
(B) Gl
(C) Ga
(D) G

Q 38. The number of new cases occurring in a defined population during a specified period of time is called?

(A) Point Prevalence
(B) Prevalence
(C) Morbidity
(D) Incidence

Q 39. Which is a macro mineral that the body needs to work properly?

(A) Gold
(B) Silver
(C) Calcium
(D) Lead

Q 40. How many drops per minute would you administer when the doctor’s order states that the client should receive 1000 cc of fluid for 8 hours and the IV set delivers 20 gtts per cc?

(A) 42 gtts
(B) 31 gtts
(C) 48 gtts
(D) 51 gtts

Q 41. Antipsychotic drugs are prescribed to decrease the psychotic symptoms by? (RRB staff nurse previous year question paper)

(A) Depressing the central nervous system
(B) Inhibiting the production of the enzyme Monoamine oxidase inhibitors
(C) Blocking reuptake of norepinephrine and serotonin
(D) Blocking the action of dopamine in the brain

Q 42. What is the renal threshold value of glucose?

(A) 188 Mg / dl
(B) 182 Mg / dl
(C) 180Mg / dl
(D) 185 Mg / dl

Q 43. The maternal mortality ratio is expressed in terms of

(A) 10000 live births
(B) 1000 live births
(C) 100 live births
(D) 100000 live births

Q 44. What nutrient deficiency causes goiter?

(A) Protein
(B) Iodine
(C) Calcium
(D) Carbohydrate

Q 45. Which is the basis of ABC analysis in inventory control?

(A) Procurement difficulty of items
(B) Unit cost of items
(C) Criticality of items
(D) Annual consumption value

Q 46. Which disease is Fatal brain disorders that are caused by the prion protein?

(A) Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease
(B) Pick’s Disease
(C) Lewy Body Disease
(D) Mad Cow Disease

Q 47. Osmotic pressure and Acid-base balance of body fluids are maintained by?

(A) Magnesium
(B) Sodium
(C) Fluorine
(D) Zinc

Q 48. An effective approach in preventing pulmonary embolism is to prevent?

(A) Heart Disease
(B) Deep Vein Thrombosis
(C) Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
(D) Diabetes Mellitus

Q 49. A life-threatening condition due to rapid loss of blood or body fluids is known as?

(A) Hypovolemic shock
(B) Neurogenic shock
(C) Anaphylactic shock
(D) Septic shock

Q 50. The word emotion etymologically means

(A) To express
(B) To cry
(C) To test
(D) To stir up

Staff nurse exam paper

Q 51. Which is the process of assigning specific duties?

(A) Delegation
(B) Coordination
(C) Communication
(D) Supervision

Q 52. In domestic water sewage, which of the following things is not a part of ‘Dissolved materials’?

(A) Nitrate
(B) Sand
(C) Phosphate
(D) Calcium

Q 53. What is a Bacille Calmette-Guerin(BCG)?

(A) Killed vaccine
(B) Live attenuated vaccine
(C) Immunoglobulin
(D) Toxoid

Q 54. The Brodmann area number that corresponds to the primary visual cortex is?

(A) Three
(B) Four
(C) Forty one
(D) Seventeen

Q 55. In this question, the relationship between different elements is shown in the statement. This statement is followed by three conclusions. Assume the given statement to be true and choose the answer from the given options:
W = O > R ≥ I > E < D


  1. E < R
  2. I < O
  3. W > I

(A) Only 3) follows
(B) Only 1) and 2) follow
(C) All follow
(D) Only 2) and 3) follow

Q 56. All green plants and bacteria which can synthesize their food by photosynthesis come under the category of-

(A) Food givers
(B) Decomposers
(C) Producers
(D) Intakers

Q 57. Which one of the following is the emergency management of burn injury in the first 24 hours?

(A) Dressing
(B) Plastic Surgery
(C) Fluid Resuscitation
(D) Antibiotic Therapy

Q 58. An individual expressing his failures and difficulties by blaming others is known as

(A) Repression
(B) Projection
(C) Denial
(D) Sublimation

Q 59. How much population is covered by a community health center?

(A) 15000 to 45000
(B) 80000 to 120000
(C) 20000 to 30000
(D) 3000 to 5000

Q 60. What is called the time required for the satellite to complete one rotation?

Staff Nurse Exam paper 2018 SSB DD AND DNH

(A) Period of revolution
(B) Period of force
(C) Period of motion
(D) Period of momentum

Q 61. Which drug is preferred in urinary and genital infections?

(A) Ciprofloxacin
(B) Ofloxacin
(C) Pefloxacin
(D) Norfloxacin

Q 62. Which assessment method will be used after the client has been discharged?

(A) Quality Assurance
(B) Concurrent Evaluation
(C) Retrospective Evaluation
(D) Auditing

Q 63. Which of the following metals is in a liquid state at room temperature? RRB nursing question paper

(A) Mercury
(B) Sulphur
(C) Sodium
(D) Coal

Q 64. Pyridoxine is otherwise called as

(A) Vitamin B2
(B) Vitamin B1
(C) Vitamin B6
(D) Vitamin B12

Q 65. Which of the following is a biodegradable material?

(A) Wood
(B) Plastic bag
(C) Aluminium
(D) Nuclear waste

Q 66. Nominal variables are also known as

(A) Ordinal variable
(B) Confounding variable
(C) Categorical variable
(D) Discrete variable

Q 67. Which conventions are followed for spherical mirrors and lens?

(A) New Cartesian Sign
(B) New Einstein sign
(C) New Huygens Sign
(D) New Newton Sign

Q 68. Which AV block is also referred to as Mobitz-II?

(A) Second Degree AV Block
(B) Complete Heart Block
(C) First Degree AV Block
(D) Third Degree AV Block

Q 69. The term “Leg Before Wicket” is associated with which game/sport? RRB Previous year question paper

(A) Football
(B) Volley Ball
(C) Cricket
(D) Chess

Q 70. Which drug is used to treat HIV /AIDS?

(A) Streptomycin
(B) Zidovudine
(C) Ampicillin
(D) Dexamethasone

Q 71. Which theory was developed by a nurse?

(A) Job Satisfaction Theory
(B) Uncertainty In Illness Theory
(C) Hierarchy Of Need Theory
(D) Social Cognitive Theory

Q 72. The Pong dam is built on which of the following rivers?

(A) Sutlej
(B) Ravi
(C) Beas
(D) Chenab

Q 73. By which one of the following measures the human immunodeficiency virus does not spread?

(A) Sexual contact
(B) Use of intoxicant drugs
(C) Shaking hands
(D) Blood transfusions

Q 74. Which is the main characteristic of scientific research?

(A) Empirical Research
(B) Historical Research
(C) Experimental Research
(D) Theoretical Research

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Q 75. Which function is the transmission of sound vibrations to the internal ear?

(A) Auricle
(B) Tympanic membrane
(C) Vestibule
(D) Eustachian tube

Q 76. Which is not a therapeutic communication technique?

(A) Humour
(B) Reflection
(C) Informing
(D) Automatic response

Q 77. Which one of the following is the process of urination resulting from voluntary and involuntary muscles?

(A) Kidney process
(B) Glomerular process
(C) Prostate process
(D) Micturition process

Q 78. On dividing a number by 483, we get 68 as the remainder. On dividing the same number by 69, what will be the remainder?

(A) 38
(B) 68
(C) 48
(D) 58

Q 79. Standards of mental health practices are published by

(A) State Nursing Council
(B) American Nurses Association
(C) Indian Nursing Council
(D) Trained Nurses Association of India

Q 80. Who won the Australian Open 2019 Men’s single title?

(A) Novak Djokovic
(B) Rafael Nadal
(C) Roger Federer
(D) Andy Murray

Q 81. What are the immediate side effects of Electroconvulsive therapy? RRB nursing question paper

(A) Fractured and dislocated bones
(B) Permanent memory loss and brain damage
(C) Temporary memory loss and confusion
(D) Myocardial infarction and cardiac arrest

Q 82. A diet high in saturated fats can be linked to

(A) Anorexia
(B) Cardiac/heart diseases
(C) Kidney failure
(D) Bulimia

Q 83. The ratio of the number of girls to boys in a school of 4500 students is 49:51. How many more girls should be admitted to make the ratio 1:1? RRB nursing question paper

(A) 88
(B) 90
(C) 92
(D) 86

Q 84. Bile salts are important for digestion of

(A) Fat
(B) Protein
(C) Carbohydrate
(D) Iron

Q 85. The optimal head circumference will be 45 cm at

(A) 8 months of age
(B) 12 months of age
(C) 4 months of age
(D) 6 months of age

Q 86. Which one of the following is the major cause of postpartum hemorrhage?

(A) Pre-Eclampsia
(B) Atonic Uterus
(C) Incoordinate Uterine Action
(D) Thrombin

Q 87. A train passes a station platform in 65 seconds and a man standing on the platform in 49 seconds. If the speed of the train is 29 m/s, what is the length of the platform? (meter)

(A) 494
(B) 484
(C) 464
(D) 474

Q 88. Facial palsy is also known as

(A) Klumpke’s palsy
(B) Erb’s palsy
(C) Brachial palsy
(D) Bell’s palsy

Nursing Exam Model Question Paper A&P

Q 89. A girl started to walk 2 km in the North direction. She turned towards her right and walked 6 km and walked 3 km towards her left. Once again she took a left turn to walk 3 km before taking another left to walk 5 km. How far is she from the starting point?

(A) 7km
(B) 4 km
(C) 3km
(D) 5km

Q 90. The memory disorder that affects older adults is

(A) Dyspnoea
(B) Dementia
(C) Dystrophy
(D) Insomnia

Q 91. The ancient Harappan city of Lothal is located in the state of

(A) Rajasthan
(B) Gujarat
(C) Punjab
(D) Uttar Pradesh

Q 92. The three-tier system of Panchayat Raj was recommended by

(A) Balwant Rai Mehta Committee
(B) Kaka Kalelkar Committee
(C) Simon Commission
(D) Jai Prakash Narain Committee

Q 93. Where does the fertilization takes place?

(A) Isthmus
(B) Ovary
(C) Ampulla
(D) Infundibulum

Q 94. In which condition oral pills should not be given to a women?

(A) Asthma
(B) Menstrual problems
(C) Hypertension
(D) Vaginal infection

Q 95. Which sampling could be effective during a sampling frame is difficult to identify in research?

(A) Convenient
(B) Quota
(C) Snowball
(D) Purposive

Q 96. In which condition the projectile vomiting is seen?

(A) Megacolon
(B) Duodenal atresia
(C) Pyloric stenosis
(D) Intussusception

Q 97. Which structures act as wires of a telephone in the body?

(A) Nerves
(B) Arteries
(C) Veins
(D) Muscles

Q 98. Which one of the following is the last part of the small intestine?

(A) Ileum
(B) Duodenum
(C) Jejunum
(D) Appendix

Q 99. What is cardinal sign of meningitis?

(A) Trousseau’s Sign
(B) Ortolani Sign
(C) Chvostek’s Sign
(D) Kernig Sign

Q 100. How many times can a person be elected as the President of India?

(A) One time only
(B) Any number of times
(C) Five times only
(D) Two times only

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