Canker sores types causes symptoms & treatment

Introduction- Canker sores is a painful, small, shallow open ulcer inside our mouth. That are noncontagious sores that can make eating and talking uncomfortable. Canker sore also known as aphthous ulcers, only happen inside the mouth, they may be found under the tongue, inside the cheeks, and on the gums.

Canker sores types causes symptoms & aphthous ulcer treatments

Types of canker sores-

Minor sores- This typically happens in people of the 10 to 20 age group, these may happen 3 to 4 times in a year. It healed in a week without any scars.
Major sores- These are rarely seen, the ulcers are bigger and heal with a scar in 2 weeks.
Herpetiform canker sores- These are rare and founds in clusters of tiny ulcers. These sores usually heal in approx a week.

Causes of canker sores-

  • An allergic reaction to certain bacteria in the mouth
  • Minor injury in mouth from dental work
  • Hard brushing, accidental cheek bite
  • Sensitivities with particular food like- strawberries, eggs, cheese, spicy and acidic foods
  • Hormonal changes during menstruation
  • Stress

Symptoms of canker sores-

  • Small sores in our mouth that are round or oval in shape, and their color may be white, gray pale yellow with red edges.
  • It may be painful.
  • can appear in clusters or alone inside the mouth (on the tongue, on the base of gums, on the soft palate, and inside the cheeks)
  • Burning or tingling sensation before 6 to 24 hours a canker sores
  • fever
  • fatigue
  • swollen lymph nodes

Treatment of canker sores-

They usually heal in a few days, but some treatments for painful sores are below-

  • Mouthwashes with painkillers or steroids
  • Topical medications – Topical medication containing a steroid for the inflammation
  • Topical analgesics for pain like lidocaine
  • oral medications like sucralfate and mitigate
  • Nutritional supplements-
  • The doctor may cauterize sores with chemicals like Silver Nitrate and Debacterol.

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