UP NHM CHO Question Paper Answer Key

UP NHM CHO Question Paper Answer Key

To provide better health services in rural areas, community health officers are being recruited in almost all states of India under the National Health Mission. (UP NHM CHO Question Paper Answer Key)Eligible candidates apply for this recruitment and have passed minimum qualifications (GNM & BSC Nursing). After qualifying for the CHO exam, a 6-month bridge course is conducted for the Community Health Officer. This bridge course is operated by IGNOU.

The monthly salary varies from state to state, from the induction of community health officers to bridge courses, from 15000 – 20000. The monthly salary is paid from 25000 to 40000 after 6 months course, which includes various types of allowances.

this article provides a UP NHM CHO exam paper with an answer key. that test was held on January 24, 2021.

Railway nursing exam paper 2019 pdf

Q. 1. Five boys A, B, C, D, and E are standing in a row. D is on the right of E. B is on the left of E but on the right of A. D is on the left of C, who is standing on the extreme right. Who is standing in the middle?

(A) B
(B) C
(C) D
(D) E ✅

Q. 2. If ‘T’ means (x), ‘U’ means (-), ‘X’ means (÷) and W means (+), then will be the value of the following expression. (50 X 2) W (28 T 4)

(A) 142
(B) 158
(C) 137 ✅
(D) 163

Q. 3. Barun is taller than Sanjay. Bipul is taller than Barun. Krishna is also not as tall as Bipul but is taller than Barun. Who is the tallest?

(A) Barun
(B) Bipul ✅
(C) Krishna
(D) Sanjay

Q. 4. In a certain code language ‘MADRAS’ is written as ‘DAMSAR’, how can ‘MUMBAI’ be written in that code language?


Q. 5. If in a certain code language ‘RAMESH’ is written as ‘HSEMAR’, then how will ‘CREATE’ be written in that language?


Q. 6. Arrange the following words according to the English dictionary.
1) Episode 2) Epistle 3) Episcope 4) Epigraph

(A) 1,2,3,4
(B) 4,2,1,3
(C) 3,2,1,4
(D) 4,3,1,2 ✅

Q. 7. A woman said to a man, “The daughter of your only sister is the sister of my husband.” what is the relation of a man’s sister to the woman?

(A) Mother
(B) Mother-in-law ✅
(C) Data inadequate
(D) None of these

Q. 8. A man walks 6 km South, turns left and walks 4 km, again turns left and walks 5 km. which direction is he facing now?

(A) South
(B) North ✅
(C) East
(D) West

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Q. 9. Find the odd word that does not belong to the group?

(A) I ✅
(B) J
(C) K
(D) L

Q. 10. Austria: Vienna

(A) Pakistan: Lahore
(B) Egypt: Cairo ✅
(C) USA: Orlando
(D) Germany: London

Q. 11. The ‘Cannes Award’ is given for excellence in which field?

(A) Films ✅
(B) Journalism
(C) Literature
(D) Economics

Q. 12. Pulitzer prize is awarded for outstanding work in the field of

(A) Science and Technology
(B) Environmental Studies
(C) Literature and Journalism ✅
(D) International Understanding

Q. 13. Which among the following is the smallest Human Chromosome?

(A) Chromosome 10
(B) Chromosome 16
(C) Chromosome 20
(D) Chromosome 21 ✅

Q. 14. Headquarters of International Labour Organization ( ILO) is situated at _ UP NHM CHO Exam Paper Answer Key

(A) Paris
(B) Frankfurt
(C) Geneva ✅
(D) New York

Q. 15. The Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology is situated at

(A) Patna
(B) New Delhi
(C) Hyderabad ✅
(D) Mumbai

Q. 16. The Chamera Dam is located in which State/UT?

(A) Puducherry
(B) Uttar Pradesh
(C) Himachal Pradesh ✅
(D) Jharkhand

Q. 17. Which port is known as Queen of Arabian Sea?

(A) Vizag port
(B) Paradip port
(C) Kochi Port ✅
(D) Mumbai Port

Q. 18. Who among the following has discovered X-rays?

(A) Marie Curie
(B) J.J. Thomson
(C) W.C. Roentgen ✅
(D) James Chadwick

Q. 19. Who among the following founded the “National Herald”?

(A) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
(B) Mahatma Gandhi
(C) Jawahar Lal Nehru ✅
(D) Indira Gandhi

RRB Question Paper Previous Year

Q. 20. Who among these has been honored with the 2020 Asia Game Changer Award?

(A) Sonu Sood
(B) Virat Kohli
(C) Vikas Khanna ✅
(D) Narendra Modi

Q. 21. Puskas Award is associated with the game of

(A) Football ✅
(B) Cricket
(C) Badminton
(D) Tennis

Q. 22. Chetan Chauhan, who has passed away recently was a former player of which sports?

(A) Football
(B) Cricket ✅
(C) Golf
(D) Hockey

Q. 23. Which institute has developed the first ICMR-approved mobile RT-PCR lab?

(B) IIT-Guwahati
(C) IIT-Delhi
(D) IISC-Bengaluru ✅

Q. 24. Who launched Operation Samudra Setu?

(A) Indian Army
(B) Indian Navy ✅
(C) Indian Air Force
(D) NITI Aayog

Q. 25. ANANDA is a digital application launched by which organization recently?

(A) LIC ✅

Q. 26. Which country has topped the Global Economic Freedom Index 2020? UP NHM CHO Question Paper Answer Key

(A) Singapore
(B) Hong Kong ✅
(C) Germany
(D) Finland

Q. 27. Which country has recently joined the IMF as its 190th member?

(A) Andorra ✅
(B) Armenia
(C) Iran
(D) Madagascar

Q. 28. Which country hosted the 12th BRICS Summit in 2020?

(A) Russia ✅
(B) India
(C) South Africa
(D) Nepal

Q. 29. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) has partnered with which food tech company to take street vendors online?

(A) Swiggy ✅
(B) Zomato
(C) Uber Eats
(D) Food Panda

  1. India’s first sandalwood museum has been unveiled in which city?

(A) Mysuru ✅
(B) Hyderabad
(C) Chennai
(D) Bhubaneswar

Section II: Domain-Specific Questions In CHO Exam Paper

Q. 31. The various methods of intrapartum fetal monitoring include all except

(A) Fetal scalp stimulation test
(B) Fetal pulse oximetry
(C) Fetal blood sampling
(D) Braxton Hicks contractions✅

Q. 32. During active management of labour injection ergometrine is contraindicated in which of the following conditions

(A) Primigravida
(B) Severe eclampsia ✅
(C) Prolonged labour
(D) None of the above

Q. 33. The fetal movement felt by the mother is called

(A) Braxton Hicks contractions
(B) Quickening ✅
(C) Goodell’s sign
(D) Hegar’s sign

Q. 34. Fetal tachycardia is caused due to all of the following factors except

(A) Maternal or fetal anemia
(B) Maternal or fetal infection
(C) Severe Fetal hypoxia ✅
(D) Fetal compromise

Q. 35. Fetal blood sampling is contraindicated in which of the following conditions

(A) HIV positive women ✅
(B) Thick meconium stained liquor
(C) Atypical and abnormal tracing on Electronic Fetal Monitoring
(D) All the above

Q. 36. A family planning measure of using a Diaphragm or Dutch Cap is called

(A) Natural method
(B) Barrier method ✅
(C) Intrauterine contraceptive device
(D) Calendar method

Q. 37. Any bleeding from or into the genital tract after the period of viability but before the birth of the baby is called

(A) Antepartum hemorrhage ✅
(B) Intrapartum hemorrhage
(C) Postpartum hemorrhage
(D) All the above

Q. 38. The clinical features of the first stage of labour include all except

(A) Effacement of cervix
(B) Contractions every three to five minutes
(C) Minimal descent of presenting part
(D) Sudden gush of vaginal bleeding ✅

Q. 39. Crowning occurs in

(A) First stage of labour
(B) Second stage of labour ✅
(C) Third stage of labour
(D) Fourth stage of labour

Q. 40. The immunity an individual develops after acquiring an infection is called (UP NHM CHO Question Paper Answer Key)

(A) Active immunity ✅
(B) Passive immunity
(C) Herd immunity
(D) All the above

Railway staff nurse question paper 2019

Q. 41. The equipment used to carry small quantities of vaccines for the outreach program is called

(A) Walk-in freezers
(B) Walk-in coolers
(C) Vaccine carriers ✅
(D) Ice packs

Q. 42. The major cause of nutritional blindness in children usually between the age of 1 – 3 years is called

(A) Xeropthalmia ✅
(B) Night blindness
(C) Blindness
(D) None of the above

Q. 43. The poisoning caused due to ingestion of foods contaminated by living bacteria is all except

(A) Salmonella poisoning
(B) Staphylococcal poisoning
(C) Botulism
(D) Chemical poisoning ✅

Q. 44. Varicella vaccine is a

(A) Killed vaccine
(B) Live attenuated vaccine ✅
(C) Immunoglobulin
(D) None of the above

Q. 45. The route of administration of the measles vaccine is

(A) Intradermal
(B) Subcutaneous ✅
(C) Intramuscular
(D) Oral

Q. 46. The incubation period of mumps is

(A) 0 to 1 week
(B) 1 to 2 weeks
(C) 2 to 4 weeks ✅
(D) 5 to 8 weeks

Q. 47. The antiviral drug used to treat influenza is

(A) Acyclovir
(B) Oseltamivir ✅
(C) Imunovir
(D) Zidovudine

Q. 48. The vaccine-preventable diseases that are caused by droplet infection are all except

(A) Meningococcal meningitis
(B) Whooping cough
(C) Diptheria
(D) Polio ✅

Q. 49. Which of the following is a blood-borne disease

(A) Hepatitis A
(B) Hepatitis C ✅
(C) Hepatitis E
(D) All the above

Q. 50. In children with diarrhea, the main aim of ORS therapy is to

(A) Prevent dehydration
(B) Reduce mortality
(C) To correct water and electrolyte deficit
(D) All the above ✅

Q. 51. In a person with cholera, diarrhea occurs due to a toxin produced by the virus on multiplication in the small intestine. The toxin produced by vibrio cholera is

(A) Endotoxin
(B) Enterotoxin ✅
(C) Hepatotoxin
(D) None of the above

Q. 52. Cancer arising from mesodermal cells constituting the various connecting tissues is called? (UP NHM CHO Question Paper Answer Key)

(A) Carcinomas
(B) Sarcomas ✅
(C) Lymphomas
(D) Leukemias

Q. 53. Blood glucose values above normal but below that diagnostic diabetes, occurring during pregnancy is called

(A) Type 1 diabetes
(B) Type 2 diabetes
(C) Gestational diabetes ✅
(D) Insulin resistance syndrome

Q. 54. In a patient with pernicious anemia, the primary purpose of the schilling test is to determine

(A) Intake of vitamin B12
(B) Absorption of vitamin B12
(C) Excretion of vitamin B12
(D) None of the above

Q. 55. A type of fracture in which one fragment of the bone goes into another is called

(A) Spiral fracture
(B) Transverse fracture
(C) Oblique fracture
(D) Impacted fracture ✅

Q. 56. Signs and symptoms of asthma include all except

(A) Shortness of breath
(B) Fever ✅
(C) Wheezing
(D) Chest pain

Q. 57. The signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease is

(A) Tremors
(B) Impaired postures and balance
(C) Speech changes
(D) All the above ✅

Q. 58. Infection of the urinary bladder caused by Escherichia coli is a type of bacteria commonly found in the gastrointestinal tract is called

(A) Pyelonephritis
(B) Cystitis ✅
(C) Urethritis
(D) Nephrotic syndrome

Q. 59. The most essential fatty acid that serves as a basis for the production of other fatty acids is

(A) Linoleic acid ✅
(B) Trans fatty acid
(C) Butyric acid
(D) Caproic acid

Q. 60. Vitamin D is largely stored in the body in

(A) Muscles
(B) Fatty tissues ✅
(C) Skin
(D) Gall bladder

RRB Nursing Question Paper with Answers pdf

Q. 61. Fat-soluble vitamins are all except

(A) Vitamin A
(B) Vitamin C ✅
(C) Vitamin E
(D) Vitamin K

Q. 62. The clinical sign of Riboflavin deficiency is

(A) Angular stomatitis ✅
(B) Keratitis
(C) Pellagra
(D) Rickets

Q. 63. The richest source of vitamin C is

(A) Lemon
(B) Orange
(C) Amla ✅
(D) Tomato

Q. 64. Thiamine deficiency results in

(A) Cardiac Beriberi ✅
(B) Infantile Beriberi
(C) Peripheral neuritis
(D) None of the above

Q. 65. A thorough investigation made to evaluate the overall nursing care received by a patient is called

(A) Nursing process
(B) Nursing Audit ✅
(C) Medical Audit
(D) Nursing assessment

Q. 66. Patient fall due to improper application of restraints in the ICU is an act of

(A) Assault
(B) Battery
(C) Negligence ✅
(D) Fraud

Q. 67. While resuscitating a preterm baby, Positive Pressure Ventilation should be started with an oxygen concentration of

(A) 21% ✅
(B) 40%
(C) 75%
(D) 80%

Q. 68. International Nurses Day is observed around the world on _

(A) 12th May ✅
(B) 16th May
(C) 18th May
(D) 20th May

Q. 69. The most central and accessible artery to check the pulse in children over one year of age is

(A) Brachial
(B) Carotid ✅
(C) Dorsalis pedis
(D) Popliteal

Q. 70. A patient is diagnosed to have insomnia. The term insomnia means: UP NHM CHO Question Paper Answer Key

(A) Inability to think
(B) Inability to move
(C) Inability to eat
(D) Inability to sleep ✅

Q. 71. The ideal position to provide mouth care for an unconscious patient is

(A) Fowlers position
(B) Lateral Position ✅
(C) Supine position
(D) knee-chest position

Q. 72. The most preferred site of administration of intramuscular injection in children under one year is

(A) Dorso Gluteal site
(B) Vastus Lateralis ✅
(C) Ventro gluteal site
(D) Deltoid site

Q. 73. Major factors influencing an individuals blood pressure are all except

(A) Stroke volume
(B) Venous return
(C) Heart rate
(D) Normal body weight ✅

Q.74. The drugs administered to promote uterine contractions are

(A) Oxytocin ✅
(B) Ergometrine
(C) Misoprostol
(D) Duvadilan

Q. 75. Medication appropriate to treat an acute anginal attack is

(A) Propanolol
(B) Nadolol
(C) Atenolol
(D) Nitroglycerine ✅

Q. 76. Essential micronutrient iodine is required for the synthesis of which of the following hormones

(A) Goitre, Cretinism
(B) Thyroxine, Triiodothyronine ✅
(C) Tyrosine, Thyroxine
(D) Trypsin, Thyroxine

Q. 77. A drug used to treat hyperkalemia is

(A) Atenolol
(B) Prednisolone
(C) Nitroglycerine
(D) Calcium gluconate ✅

Q. 78. Drugs used to treat nausea and vomiting are all except

(A) Dopamine antagonists
(B) Serotonin receptor antagonists
(C) Cannabinoids
(D) Calcium channel blockers ✅

Q. 79. The function of the state nursing council is all except

(A) Ensure proper training is given in the institutions
(B) Approve training institutions
(C) Register all trained nurses and provide a license to practice
(D) Provide employment to all trained nurses ✅

Senior Nursing Officer Exam Question Paper 2018

Q. 80. Hypoxia may be caused by all the following factors except

(A) Decreased Hemoglobin
(B) A respiratory problem
(C) A decrease in blood supply to an area
(D) Increased hemoglobin ✅

Q. 81. A defensive reaction intended to neutralize, control or eliminate the offending agent and to prepare the site for repair is called

(A) Infection
(B) Inflammation ✅
(C) Induration
(D) Insult

Q. 82. The movement of hands towards the midline of the body is called

(A) Abduction
(B) Adduction ✅
(C) Inversion
(D) Eversion

Q. 83. The first aid measure to be taken to stop bleeding due to epistaxis

(A) Make the person sit down, lean backward, and pinch the soft part of the nose
(B) Make the person sit down, lean forward, and pinch the soft part of the nose ✅
(C) Make the person lie down, and pinch the soft part of the nose
(D) Make the person lie down, and pinch the top part of the nose

Q. 84. According to the MTP Act, the following are indications for terminating a pregnancy before viability except

(A) Severe cardiac disease
(B) Chromosomal abnormality
(C) Pregnancy due to rape
(D) Unplanned pregnancy ✅

Q. 85. Chemicals that reduce or inhibit the transmission or perception of pain is

(A) Prostaglandins
(B) Leukotrienes
(C) Endorphins ✅
(D) Serotonins

Q. 86. The factors that result in increasing the serum osmolality are all except

(A) Diabetes insipidus
(B) Uremia
(C) Hyperglycemia
(D) Renal failure ✅

Q. 87. The characteristics of fluid volume deficit include all except

(A) Decreased skin turgor
(B) Postural hypotension
(C) Increased temperature
(D) Increased central venous pressure ✅

Q. 88. The systemic complications of intravenous therapy include all except

(A) Fluid Overload
(B) Air Embolism
(C) Infection
(D) Infiltration ✅

Q. 89. A 30-year-old man is brought to the emergency with a history of the accident. Which of the following sign indicates skull fracture? (CHO exam paper)

(A) Fluid draining from ear or nose, periorbital ecchymosis ✅
(B) Blood from the nose, blood from forehead
(C) Battle sign, Kernigs sign
(D) None of the above

Q. 90. A type of presentation in which the fetal buttocks presents at the pelvic inlet and the denominator is sacrum is called as

(A) Vertex Presentation
(B) Breech Presentation ✅
(C) Knee Presentation
(D) Footling Presentation

Q. 91. Which of the following is the most important nursing action that has to do for a patient who has undergone cardiac catheterization

(A) Check for pulse deficit
(B) Elevate the head end of the bed
(C) Assess the catheterization site for bleeding ✅
(D) Provide a bed cradle

Q. 92. A nurse is assigned to take off a patient with multiple sclerosis. The priority nursing diagnosis for the patient would be

(A) Impaired urinary elimination ✅
(B) Altered body temperature
(C) Deficient knowledge
(D) Impaired mobility

Q. 93. The indication for a newborn to be given positive pressure ventilation soon after birth is when

(A) Heart rate <100 beats/minute ✅
(B) Cyanosis in baby
(C) spo2 below 95%
(D) Baby is not crying at birth

Q. 94. In a restaurant a person suddenly collapses, choking while eating food. The ideal method to clear the airway is to use which of the following methods

(A) Jaw thrust maneuver
(B) Head tilt chin lift maneuver
(C) Heimlich maneuver ✅
(D) Valsalva maneuver

Q. 95. The formula for calculating mean arterial pressure is

(A) Diastolic BP + systolic BP/ 3
(B) Diastolic BP + 2( systolic BP) / 4
(C) Systolic BP + Diastolic BP/2
(D) Systolic BP + 2(Diastolic BP)/3 ✅

Q. 96. In the compensatory stage of shock, the patient’s blood pressure remains within normal limits. The factors that contribute to maintaining adequate cardiac output are

(A) Increased contractility of the heart
(B) Vasoconstriction
(C) Increased heart rate
(D) Increased movement of extremities ✅

Q. 97. The role of a nurse is treating a patient in a compensatory stage of shock is all except

(A) Monitor patient’s the hemodynamic status
(B) Promote patient safety
(C) Administer prescribed IV fluids and medications
(D) Provide health education ✅

Q. 98. Unreversed hypovolemic shock progresses to which of the following types of shock

(A) Anaphylactic shock
(B) Cardiogenic shock ✅
(C) Septic shock
(D) Neurogenic shock

Q. 99. The vaccine that is administered after exposure is

(A) Measles
(B) Typhoid
(C) Mumps
(D) Rabies ✅

Q. 100. The Complications that are associated with poor nutrition and growth restriction in postnatal life in a newborn include

(A) Stunting
(B) Wasting
(C) Adverse neurodevelopmental outcome
(D) All the above ✅

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