PGIMS Rohtak Staff Nurse Question Paper

PGIMS Rohtak Staff Nurse Question Paper

If you are preparing for the government job of paramedical and nursing staff, then you are at the right place, here we will meet you with the paper of the previous exam with the answer key. With this, modal paper study material and question papers of various examinations will be available. In this article, PGIMS Rohtak has brought Staff Nurse Question Paper.
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  1. Attempt all the questions Each Question is of one (01) mark.
  2. There is no negative marking.
  3. Before attempting the question paper kindly check that this booklet has a total of 90 questions. At the start of the examination and within the first five minutes, the candidates are advised to ensure that all pages of the test booklet and OMR answer sheet are properly printed and the test booklet is not damaged in any manner. In case of any discrepancy, the candidate should immediately report the matter to the ‘Invigilator for replacement of the test booklet and OMR Answer Sheet. No claim in this regard will be entertained after five minutes of the start of the examination.
  4. Note: All the candidates must return the test booklet as well as the first copy of the OMR-based answer sheet to the invigilator concerned before leaving the Examination Hall. If any candidate leaves the Examination Hall without handing over the test booklet/answer sheet to the invigilator, a case of use of unfair means/misbehavior will be registered against him/her in addition to lodging an FIR with the police. The answer sheet of such a candidate will not be evaluated.
  5. Do not forget to write the roll number on the top of this question booklet and the OM R answer sheet.
  6. The OMR-based Answer Sheet has two copies. The examinee can retain the second copy of the OMR-based answer sheet and take that back along with him/her after the examination is over.
  7. Do not tear or fold any page of the question booklet and OMR Answer Sheet.
  8. Note: Candidates are advised to make sure to fill their Name, Roll No. and test booklet code on the OMR Answer Sheet in a correct manner only on the space provided. If the space for the Booklet Code is left blank or more than one booklet code is indicated therein or the filing of name and Roll No is not as per instructions mentioned then it will be deemed to be an incorrect booklet code and the Answer Sheet will not be evaluated.
  9. Candidates should put his/her signature and thumb impression on the required space in the presence of the invigilator in the Examination Hall.
  10. Candidates are warned not to fold or make any stray marks on the OMR Answer Sheet. Use of Eraser, Nail, Blade, White Fluid/Whitener, etc. to smudge scratch, or damage the OMR sheet in any manner during Examination is strictly prohibited. The Candidature of candidates indulging in such activities shall be canceled.

know we are start the PGIMS Rohtak Staff Nurse Question Paper 2020

Q. 1. Which of the following city was established by Feroze Shah Tughlaq?

A) Hissar ✅
B) Faridabad
C) Kaithal
D) Rohtak

Q. 2. Raja Nahar Singh was the Nawab of:

A) Rewari
B) Jind
C) Ballabgarh ✅
D) Rania

Q. 3. Archeological site ‘MitathaF is situated at:

A) Hissar
B) Fatehabad
C) Sirsa
D) Bhiwani ✅

Q. 4. Who from Haryana state wrote ‘Mehandi Rache Haath’ – a Hindi novel?

A) Madhukant
B) Amrit Lai Madan
C) Moosa Raza
D) Ramesh Chandra ✅

Q. 5. Which monthly magazine is published by ‘Haryana Sahitya Akademi’?

A) Haryana Sandesh
B) Harigandha ✅
C) Kayakalp
D) Panchjanya

Q. 6. ‘Sur Samman’ award is conferred by the Government of Haryana for outstanding talent in the field of:

A) Cinema
B) Music
C) Literature ✅
D) Dance

Q. 7. From which of the following hills does the river ‘Markandey’ originate?

A) Mewat hills
B) Yamunotri hills
C) Shivalik hills ✅
D) None of the above

Q. 8. In which district of Havana is the ‘Chhilchhila Wildlife Sanctuary’ situated?

A) Kurukshetra ✅
B) Hissar
C) Gurugram
D) Yamuna Nagar

Q. 9. Out of the following, in which district of Haryana is the mustard crop yield highest?

A) Hissar
B) Mewat
C) Mahendergarh ✅
D) Karnal

Q. 10. In which of the following city was Haryana’s first ‘National Autism Intervention Research Centre’ established?

A) Panchkula
B) Faridabad
C) Gumgram ✅
D) Rohtak

Q. 11. 11. Under the ‘Haryana Mahila Avam Kishori Samman Yojana, 2020’, the following is provided free of cost to the eligible population:

A) Bicycle
B) Books
C) Laptops
D) Sanitary napkins ✅

Q. 12. Haryana Government’s ‘Muft laptop Yojana,’ was introduced in the year:

A) 2017
B) 2018
C) 2019
D) 2020 ✅

Q. 13. Which of the following pairs (research institute/university and its location) is correctly matched?

A) National Brain Research Centre – Hissar
B) JC Bose University of Science & Technology, YMCA – Faridabad ✅
C) National Dairy Research Institute – Manesar
D) Lingaya’s University – Hissar

Q. 14. ‘KMP Expressway’ stands for:

A) Kamal Manesar Panipat expressway
B) Kaithal Manesar Palwal expressway
C) Kundli Mewat Palwal expressway
D) Kundli Manesar Palwal expressway ✅

Q. 15. How many Municipal Corporations are there in the state of Havana?

A) Ten ✅
B) Twelve
C) Eleven
D) Thirteen

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Q. 16. “Kala Amb,’ where a War Hero Memorial has been developed, is situated near the city of:

A) Sonipat
B) Panipat ✅
C) Kunikshetra
D) Kamal

Q. 17. Which of the following scheme of the Haryana Government promotes local varieties of trees?

A) Har Shahar Hariyali Yojana
B) Har Pahar Hariyali Yojana
C) Har Ghar Hariyali Yojana ✅
D) Har Nagar Hariyali Yojana

Q. 18. Which of the following is the state bird of Haryana?

A) Peacock
B) Myana
C) Black Francolin ✅
D) Kingfisher

Q. 19. In which district of Haryana is the ‘Satkuinbh’ fair organised?

A) Sonipat ✅
B) Panipat
C) Kurukshetra
D) Kamal

Q. 20. Which musical instrument is the bigger form of ‘Damru’?

A) Dhol
B) Deru ✅
C) Daph
D) Gara

Q. 21. Who among the following is known as the ‘Father of the folk theatre’ in Haryana?

A) Ali Baksh ✅
B) Lakhmi Chand
C) Daya Chand
D) Mukesh Yadav

Q. 22. Which player from Haryana state had won the Gold Medal for wrestling in the 17th Asian Games?

A) Yogeshwar Dutt ✅
B) Sushil Kumar
C) Anil Phogat
D) Nitin Gulia

Q. 23. Who among the following has been the speaker of the Haryana Vidhan Sabha for the maximum number of times?

A) Harmohinder Singh Chatha ✅
B) Kuldeep Sharma
C) Satbeer Singh Kadian
D) Ashok Kumar Arora

Q. 24. International Day of Yoga is celebrated every year on:

A) 21st June ✅
B) 21st July
C) 21st August
D) 19th August

RRB Question Paper Previous Year

Q. 25. The ongoing COVID-19 situation was declared by WHO as ‘pandemic’ on:

A) 11th March 2020 ✅
B) 19th March 2020
C) 15th March 2020
D) 09th March 2020

Q. 26. In a certain code, ‘SURVEY’ is written as ‘846729’, and ‘FORT’ is written as ‘1563’. How would ‘FROST” be written as in that code?

A) 16583 ✅
B) 15683
C) 16538
D) 16573

Q. 27. Rohan started walking towards the north. After walking 20 meters, he turned towards left and walked 10 meters. He then turned left and walked 20 meters. He again turned left and walked 20 meters. How far is he from the original position?

A) 10 meter ✅
B) 30 meter
C) 50 meter
D) 70 meter

Q. 28. The height of a plant increases annually by l/8th of its height. What will be its height after two years if it stands today at 64 cm height? PGIMS Rohtak Staff Nurse Question Paper

A) 72 cm
B) 80 cm
C) 81 cm ✅
D) 82 cm

Q. 29. What is the ratio between 11 minutes 55 seconds and 02 hours 11 minutes and 05 seconds?

A) 2:21
B) 3:7 ✅
C) 1:11
D) 11:14

Q. 30. ‘आजीवन’ शब्द में कोनसा समास है ?

A) अव्ययी भाव ✅
B) तत्पुरुस
C) द्वंद्व
D) बहुव्रही

Q. 31. ‘ चिड़िया आकाश में उड़ रही है ‘ इस वाक्य में ‘उड़ रही’ किस प्रकार की किर्या है?

A) अकर्मक ✅
B) सकर्मक
C) समाप्ति
D) समापिक

Q. 32. Escherichia coli is used as an indicator organism to determine the pollution of water with:

A) Industrial effluents
B) Heavy metals
C) Pollen of aquatic plants
D) Fecal matter ✅

Q. 33. Which of the following are the correct approaches to reduce global warming?
(i) Use of fossil fuels (ii) improving the efficiency of energy usage
(iii) Afforestation (iv) Increasing the growth rate of human population

A) (i) and (ii)
B) (ii) and (iii) ✅
C) (iii) and (iv)
D) (i), (ii) and (iii)

Direction for question no. 34 & 35: Choose the correctly spelt word

Q. 34. Choose the correctly spelt word

A) Tranquillity
B) Trenquillity
C) Trenquility
D) Tranquility ✅

Q. 35. Choose the correctly spelt word

A) Vetniary
B) Vetarinary
C) Veteninary
D) Veterinary ✅

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Q. 36. Scanner connected to a computer is a type of:

A) Firmware
B) Software
C) Input device ✅
D) Output device

Q. 37. Hard disk is an example of:

A) Magnetic memory ✅
B) Temporary memory
C) Semi-conductor memory
D) Flash memory

Q. 38. Who among the following is the founder of Microsoft?

A) Steve Jobs
B) Bill Gates ✅
C) Mark Zuckerberg
D) Charles Babbage

Q. 39. ‘CPU’ stands for:

A) Control power unit
B) Central power unit
C) Control processing unit
D) Central processing unit ✅

Q. 40. Which of the following is NOT a storage device?

B) CD Drive
C) Pen Drive

Q. 41. Which out of the following is NOT a version of Windows?

A) Windows 7
B) Windows Vista
C) Windows 9 ✅
D) Windows 10

Q. 42. Which operating system is used in the ‘Apple’ computers?

A) Macintosh ✅
B ) Android
C) Windows
D) None of the above

Q. 43. Which out of the following is used as an electronic spread sheet?

A) Microsoft Word
B) Microsoft Powerpoint
C) Microsoft Excel ✅
D) Microsoft Access

Q. 44. DHTML stands for:

A) Digital HyperText Markup Language
B) Dynamic HyperText Markup Language ✅
C) Digital HyperText Marking Language
D) Dynamic HyperText Marking Language

Q. 45. The memory of a computer is commonly expressed in terms of ‘kilobytes’ and ‘megabytes.’ A byte is made up of:

A) Eight decimal digits
B) Eight binary digits ✅
C) Two binary digits
D) Two decimal digits

Q. 46. Which of the following muscle in the human body is also known as the ‘peripheral heart’?

A) Deltoid
B) Soleus ✅
C) Triceps
D) Gluteus

Q. 47. Which among the following is the largest cavity in the human body?

A) Cranial cavity
B) Thoracic cavity
C) Abdominal cavity ✅
D) Pelvic cavity

Q. 48. Which of the following nerve in the human body may get injured during intramuscular injection in the deltoid muscle?

A) Popliteal
B) Ulnar
C) Median
D) Axillary ✅

Q. 49. How many bronchopulmonary segments are there in the human right lung? PGIMS Rohtak Staff Nurse paper Question and answer

A) Ten ✅
B) Seven
C) Five
D) Two

Q. 50. Which one of the following is a salient feature in Myasthenia gravis?

A) Presence of circulating antibodies directed against the nicotinic Ach receptors. ✅
B) Sustained contraction of muscles.
C) Most commonly affected muscles are those of the limbs.
D) Presence of circulating antibodies against calcium channels.

Q. 51. Widely asked for laboratory investigation for estimation of the Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is:

A) Inulin clearance
B) Creatinine clearance ✅
C) Sucrose clearance
D) Radioactive cobalt labeled vitamin B12

Q. 52. Which of the following hormone mediates the milk ejection reflex?

A) Oxytocin ✅
B) Vasopressin
C) Prolactin
D) Estrogen

Q. 53. The mechanism of action of the contraceptive pills is based on:

A) Inhibiting ovulation. ✅
B) Increasing the motility of fallopian tubes.
C) Decreasing the motility of sperms.
D) Blocking the entry of sperms into fallopian tubes.

Q. 54. A scientific study of the human population is called:

A) History
B) Psychology
C) Demography ✅
D) Population count

RRB Nursing Question Paper with Answers pdf

Q. 55. What is meant by sex ratio?

A) The relation between males and females.
B) The ratio between the number of adult males and females.
C) The ratio between the number of boys and girls.
D) The number of females per 1000 males in a population. ✅

Q. 56. Hallucinations are:

A) Feeling of familiarity with unfamiliar things.
B) Alteration of perception of one’s reality.
C) Misinterpretation of stimuli.
D) Perception occurring without external stimulation. ✅

Q. 57. Childhood disorder – ‘enuresis’ means:

A) Sleepwalking
B) Bedwetting ✅
C) Lack of bowel control
D) Stammering

Q. 58. Which of the following is the most common symptom of opioid toxicity?

A) Constricted pupils ✅
B) Dilated pupils
C) High fever
D) Blood in urine

Q. 59. Which of the following drug is used in the treatment of roundworm infestation?

A) Cotrimoxazole
B) Fluconazole
C) Albendazole ✅
D) Omidazole

Q. 60. Which of the following is the antidote for organophosphorus poisoning? PGIMS Rohtak Staff Nurse Question Paper with an answer key.

A) Physostigmine
B) Atropine ✅
C) Diazepam

Q. 61. The levels of which of the following immunoglobulins will be raised in allergy?

A) Immunoglobulin E ✅
B) Immunoglobulin G
C) Immunoglobulin M
D) Immunoglobulin A

Q. 62. Which of the following agent is used for disinfection of surgical instruments against HIV?

A) Spirit
B) 2% Glutaraldehyde ✅
C) Savlon 1:100 strength
D) Hydrogen peroxide

Q. 63. The etiologic agent of which of the following conditions was discovered by Robert Koch?

A) Typhoid
B) Small Pox
C) Tuberculosis ✅
D) Polio

Q. 64. The genome of ‘Coronaviruses’ consists of:

A) RNA ✅
C) Both RNA and DNA
D) Neither RNA nor DNA

Q. 65. Which of the following pathogen causes gas gangrene?

A) Mycoplasma
B) Clostridium perfringens ✅
C) Coronavirus
D) Vibrio cholera

Q. 66. Which of the following agent is used for the sterilization of disposable syringes?

A) Infrared radiation
B) Ultraviolet radiation
C) Gamma radiation ✅
D) Sodium hypochlorite

Q. 67. Chorionic gonadotrophin is secreted by:

A) Placenta ✅
B) Thyroid gland
C) Ovary
D) Uterus

Q. 68. Which of the following is NOT a risk factor for ‘pelvic inflammatory disorder’?

A) Frequent vaginal douching.
B) Use of diaphragm for contraception ✅
C) Multiple partners.
D) Prior episode of a pelvic inflammatory disorder.

Q. 69. In fetal distress is found in the amniotic fluid:

A) Vemix caseosa
B) Meconium ✅
D) Bile

Senior Nursing Officer Exam Question Paper 2018

Q. 70. Which of the following structure is also known as the ‘living ligature of the uterus’?

A) Endometrium
B) Middle layer of myometrium ✅
C) Inner layer of myometrium
D) Perimetrium

Q. 71. ‘Quickening’ in pregnant woman takes place at:

A) 2 to 4 weeks of pregnancy
B) 16 to 20 weeks of pregnancy. ✅
C) 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy.
D) 12 to 14 weeks of pregnancy.

Q. 72. Which one of the following is seen in pre-eclampsia?

A) Proteinuria ✅
B) Weight loss
C) Hypotension
D) Excessive facial hair

Q. 72. Which of the following is mainly responsible for childhood illnesses?

A) Infection ✅
B) Accidents
C) Malnutrition
D) Infestation

Q. 74. All of the following are hereditary disorders, EXCEPT:

A) Thalassemia
B) Hemophilia
C) Cystic fibrosis
D) Cystitis ✅

Q. 75. A ventriculoperitoneal shunt is used in the treatment of:

A) Hydrocephalus ✅
B) Cardiomegaly
C) Ascites
D) Pleural effusion

Q. 76. Which among the following is the sign of severe dehydration among infants? PGIMS Rohtak Staff Nurse Question Paper

A) Anxiety and increased skin turgor
B) Drowsiness, depressed fontanelle and decreased skin turgor ✅
C) Excessive crying and excessive thirst
D) Drowsiness, bulging fontanelle, and decreased skin turgor

Q. 77. Which among the following is the most important post-operative parameter to be observed in a child, immediately after tonsillectomy?

A) Coffee ground emesis
B) Frequent swallowing ✅
C) Complaint of sore throat
D) Slight increase in temperature

Q. 78. Severe generalized edema is called as:

A) Myxedema
B) Pitting edema
C) Anasarca ✅
D) Dependent edema

Q. 79. Inability to retract the prepuce to reveal the glans penis is called:

A) Epispadias
B) Cryptorchidism
C) Phimosis ✅
D) Hypospadias

Q. 80. The diluent used for the reconstitution of BCG vaccine is:

A) Normal saline ✅
B) Distilled water
C) Dextrose
D) Glycerine

Q. 81. Pap Smear Examination procedure to detect carcinoma cervix is an example of:

A) Primary prevention
B) Secondary’ prevention ✅
C) Specific prevention
D) Tertiary prevention

Q. 82. Infant mortality rate is expressed in terms of:

A) Ratio of number of infant deaths to 100 live births
B) Ratio of number of infant deaths to 1000 live births ✅
C) Ratio of number of infant deaths to 1000 total births
D) Ratio of number of infant deaths to 100 total births

Q. 83. The constant presence of a disease or infection within a given geographic area is called:

A) Epidemic
B) Sporadic
C) Endemic ✅
D) Pandemic

Q. 84. Who among the following is the founder of the ‘International Committee of Red Cross’?

A) Henry Ford
B) Henry Dunant ✅
C) Henry Brown
D) Henry Clyde

Q. 85. The ‘International Council of Nurses’ (ICN) is headquartered at:

A) New York
B) London
C) Geneva ✅
D) Toronto

Q. 86. Hardening and tightening of the skin and connective tissues are known as:

A) Pyoderma
B) Erythroderma
C) Leucoderma
D) Scleroderma ✅

Q. 87. ‘Prolonged immobility’ may act as a risk factor leading to:

A) Decreased bone resorption
B) Formation of thromboembolism ✅
C) Decreased serum calcium level
D) Increased hemoglobin formation

Q. 88. Application of drugs on the skin by local nibbing is called as:

A) Instillation
B) Inunction ✅
C) Insertion
D) Insufflation

Q. 89. Clark’s rule is used for:

A) Evaluating the IQ of a child
B) Evaluating a child’s mental growth
C) Evaluating a child’s physical growth
D) Estimation of pediatric dosage of the drugs ✅

Q. 90. Deficiency of vitamin B12 or folate in the body can lead to which of the following conditions?

A) Sickle cell anemia
B) Megaloblastic anemia ✅
C) Aplastic anemia
D) Haemolytic anemia

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