The Pregnancy Period Third Trimester

pregnancy period, Third Trimester

You’re almost there !! It must be hard to believe, but you are in your final third trimester of pregnancy which means within a few months you will be holding your baby in your arms. The last months of the Pregnancy Period are called the third trimester. Which starts from 28th week/7th month till 40th week/9th month or till delivery.

7th month :

Your body: Your lungs are beginning to feel the pressure and you may feel breathless, Nevertheless, your lung capacity has increased by more than a third, and the baby is receiving enough oxygen. You need to maintain good posture and avoid slumping with the increased weight of the baby. Internal organs are being squeezed by the expanding uterus and you will find you need to urinate more often.

Your baby:  Rapid brain development occurs during this Pregnancy Period. and the nervous system is able to control some bodily functions. The fetus’s eyelids now open and close. At the beginning of the seventh month, there is a 60% chance of survival if born. The fetus is considered legally viable at the end of the seventh month and there is a 90% chance of survival if born at this point.

8th month :

Your body: from now you will have clinic visits every week for the doctor to monitor the baby’s progress. Practice pelvis tilting regularly particularly if you have a backache.

Your baby : There is a rapid increase in the amount of body fat the fetus has. Rhythmic breathing occurs, but the lungs are not yet mature. The fetus sleeps 90 to 95% of the day. At this point there the survival rate is above 95% if the baby is born.

9th month :

Your body:  In this Pregnancy Period, You will become pretty anxious by now, with a lot of discomforts. Sleeping will also be a problem but it is just a matter of a few days. The baby retains more fluid and mild swelling of the ankles is common, especially toward the evening. Try to include more protein in your diet. Resting during the day with your feet up and legs supported by pillows. If your face becomes swollen as well you should see your doctor.

Your baby: The fetus is considered full term. Lanugo is gone except on the upper arm and Shoulders. the hair on the baby’s head is now coarser and thicker. The lungs are mature. the average weight of the baby at this point is seven and a half pounds. Breathing will trigger changes in the heart and bypass arteries forcing all blood to now travel through the lungs.

Labor and Delivery:

Pregnancy Period For 9 months, the unborn child has been developing within the womb. Now the fetus is prepared to make an exit. birth in human beings typically occurs 270 days after conception, near the end of a full 9 months. Shortly before birth (typically a few weeks for first births but some times only a few hours for later pregnancies), the fetus usually rotates into a head-downward position. This movement is referred to as lightening because it releases pressure on the mother’s abdomen.

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Before your due date make sure to talk to your doctor about how to reach him or her is you go into labor. Know that sometimes you can think your in labor but really you are not (false labor). This happens to many women so don’t feel embarrassed.

Here are some signs of true labor: 

> Contractions at regular and increasingly shorter intervals that also become stronger in intensity.
> Lower back pain that doesn’t go. you might also feel premenstrual and crampy.
> Your water breaks (can be a large gush or a continuous trickle) and you have contractions.
> A bloody (brownish or blood-tinged) mucous discharge. This is the mucous plug that blocks the cervix.

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