Ectopic pregnancy symptoms cause management

ectopic pregnancy, symptoms

In the ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized egg implants and grows outside of the uterine cavity mainly occurs in the fallopian tube then is called a tubal pregnancy. but sometimes it implants in other parts of the body like the ovary, abdominal cavity, and also may be in the cervix. So ectopic pregnancy is also called extrauterine pregnancy. The types of ectopic pregnancy are divided according to their location. In the symptoms, Ectopic pregnancy can cause heavy bleeding which may be life-threatening without medical help/ management.

what is ectopic pregnancy, its cause sign symptom and treatment

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms

  • The ectopic pregnancies develops from the 4th week to the 12th week of pregnancy.
  • Ectopic pregnancy can cause a patient’s fallopian tube rupture, so the main symptoms is major pain with or without bleeding.
  • light vaginal bleeding.
  • sharp abdominal cramps.
  • nausea vomiting.
  • pain on one side of the body.
  • weakness and dizziness.
  • shoulder tip pain (Bleeding can pool near the diaphragm and irritated nerves that are related to shoulder)

Cause of ectopic pregnancy

Pelvic inflammation – it can damage the fallopian tube so the fertilized egg can’t move to the uterus.
Hormonal imbalance.
Abnormal development of the fertilized egg.

Risk factor of ectopic pregnancy

  • Infection – STDs like Gonorrhea and chlamydia have an increased risk of an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Tubal surgery.
  • fertility treatments.
  • previous tubal pregnancy.
  • Method of birth control – A pregnancy with an intrauterine device in place increased the risk of tubal pregnancy.
  • Smoking.

Types of ectopic pregnancy

Tubal ectopic pregnancy – 90% of all cases of ectopic pregnancy is a tubal pregnancies.
this type of ectopic pregnancy is divided into four types according to their location.

  • Fimbrial and of fallopian tube – 5%
  • In ampullary section – 80%
  • the isthmus of the fallopian tube – 12% (most dangerous)
  • In the coronal and interstitial part of the fallopian tube.
  • Nontubal ectopic pregnancy – 2% of all case pregnancy in the ovary, the cervix, or the abdominal area called nontubal pregnancy.

Complications of tubal pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy can cause rupture of the fallopian tube which may bleed severely this condition is a life-threatening condition, and patients need urgent medical intervention.

management and treatment of ectopic pregnancy

ectopic pregnancy is a life-threatening condition to prevent the condition. the ectopic tissue should be removed by using medication, laparoscopic surgery, and abdominal surgery.

Medical Management of tubal pregnancy

Early ectopic pregnancy without bleeding is mostly treated with methotrexate(Take this medicine only under the supervision of a gynecologist.). This drug stops cell growth and dissolves the cells.
After giving this medicine HCG test is required for determining that treatment.

Surgical Management of ectopic pregnancy

Emergency Surgery

Heavy bleeding in the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy requires emergency surgery, this can be done by laparoscopy procedure and laparotomy, and the tubes are removed according to the severity.

Laparoscopic Procedure

Salpingostomy – only ectopic tissue is removed and the tube is left to heal in this procedure.

Salpingectomy – Both ectopic tissue and the tubes were removed in this procedure.

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