Post Basic Nursing Entrance Exam Question Papers pdf

Post Basic BSc Nursing Entrance Exam Question Papers pdf

There is Provide post basic nursing entrance exam question papers pdf. who is interested in choose the nursing profession the paper is very helpful. (nursing entry test MCQs pdf. Post Basic BSc Entrance exam, Post Basic BSc Nursing

MCQs 1. The Best method to dry hands after hand wash is

A) By dry air
B) By hairdryer
C) By the common towel
D) None of the above

Answer: By dry air

MCQs 2. The Place where RBCs are produced is

A) Liver
B) Blood
C) Testes
D) Redbone marrow

Answer: Red bone marrow

MCQs 3. Universal precautions include

A) Gloving
B) Gowning
C) Hand washing
D) All of the above

Answer: All of the above

MCQs 4. The Responsible Causative organism for ‘HIV’ is

A) Human immune deficiency virus
B) Sarcoptes scabies
C) Neisseria gonorrhea
D) Treponema pallidum

Answer: Human immune deficiency virus

MCQs 5. ‘Preterm baby’ means that Newborn

A) Born before 37 weeks
B) Born before 40 weeks
C) Born before 42 weeks
D) Born before 47 weeks

Answer: Born before 37 weeks

MCQs 6. ‘Simplified Partograph’ should be used

A) For every female in labor
B) For a female at risk to develop a complication
C) On the choice of nurse
D) Pregnant woman undergoing cesarean section

Answer: For every female in labor

MCQs 7. According to Freud, which component of personality operates according to the reality principle

B) Ego
C) Super Ego
D) Trust

Answer: Ego

MCQs 8. ‘VDRL Test’ is done for the Diagnosis of

A) Gonorrhea
B) Syphilis
C) Typhoid fever
D) Diphtheria

Answer: Syphilis

MCQs 9. Which bone is also known as ‘Collar bone’?

A) Clavicle
B) Scapula
C) Radius
D) Humerus

Answer: Clavicle

MCQs 10. ‘Koplik’s Spots’ symptom is associated with Post Basic BSc Nursing Entrance Exam Question Papers pdf

A) Measles
B) Diphtheria
C) Chickenpox
D) Pertussis

Answer: Measles

MCQs 11. Chemical substances released by an organism that influence the behavior of other individuals of the same species are called

A) Pheromone
B) Insulin
C) Androgen
D) Steroid

Answer: Pheromone

MCQs 12. Which tablet is given under ‘Deworming program’?

A) Paracetamol
B) Revotaz
C) Amoxycillin
D) Albendazole

Answer: Albendazole

Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Entrance Exam ­

MCQs 13. Medical management for increased intracranial pressure include

A) Administer mannitol
B) Administer half-strength saline
C) Administer plasma volume expanders
D) Reduce the number of breaths in ventilator

Answer: Administer mannitol

MCQs 14. “Five clean Practices” under strategies for elimination of Neonatal tetanus includes all, Except

A) Clean surface of the delivery
B) Clean hands of the attendant
C) New blade for cord cutting
D) Clean airways

Answer: Clean airways

MCQs 15. The Expanded form of ‘ESR’ is

A) Electrolyte Sedimentation Rate
B) Enzyme Synthesis Rate
C) Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
D) Erythrocyte Synthesis Rate

Answer: Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate

MCQs 16. ‘Bagassosis’ is an occupational disease of the lungs caused by inhalation of

A) Cotton
B) Jute
C) Sugarcane dust
D) Coal

Answer: Sugarcane dust

MCQs 17. A drug used in the treatment of Pediatric AIDS is

A) Procaine penicillin
B) Nevirapine
C) Azithromycin
D) Oseltamivir

Answer: Nevirapine

MCQs 18. The active ingredient of Cidex is

A) Formaldehyde
B) Dettol
C) Savlon
D) Glutaraldehyde

Answer: Glutaraldehyde

MCQs 19. The diluent used for BCG vaccine is

A) Distilled water
B) Normal saline
C) Dextrose solution
D) Ringer lactate

Answer: Normal saline

MCQs 20. Which is Not a Dry Cold application? (Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Entrance Exam Question Papers 2020 pdf)

A) Ice pack
B) Ice bag
C) Cold compressions
D) Ice cradle

Answer: Cold compressions

MCQs 21. The First Dose of Hepatitis B Vaccine is given to a baby

Dr. NTRUHS MSc Nursing Entrance Exam Paper

A) At 6 weeks
B) At 10 weeks
C) At birth
D) At 8 week

Answer: At birth

MCQs 22. The Burn assessment is done by the rule of

A) 6
B) 5
C) 9
D) 11

Answer: 9

MCQs 23. The Causative organism of Dengue fever is

A) Enteric Virus
B) Arbo Virus
C) Variola Virus
D) Influenza Virus

Answer : Arbo Virus

MCQs 24. ‘Cholera’ is caused by a

A) Retrovirus
B) Viron
C) Bacteria and virus
D) Bacteria

Answer : Bacteria

MCQs 25. As a routine, All Newborn are given an intramuscular dose of

A) Vitamin A
B) VitaminB
C) Vitamin C
D) Vitamin K

Answer : Vitamin K

MCQs 26. When helping a stroke patient, the Nurse should assist

A) On the weak side
B) On the strong side
C) From behind
D) From back

Answer: On the weak side

MCQs 27. ‘Pulse Pressure’ is a: nursing question paper 2019 pdf

A) Difference between Systolic and Diastolic Pressure
B) Diastolic Pressure
C) Difference between Aortic and Systolic Pressure
D) Systolic Pressure

Answer: Difference between Systolic and Diastolic Pressure

MCQs 28. The Term ‘Immunity’ means

A) Antibodies and antigens reaction
B) Transfer of maternal antibodies across the placenta
C) Level of resistance of a person to a particular disease
D) Acquired immunity by immunization

Answer: Level of resistance of a person to a particular disease

MCQs 29. ‘Amoebic Dysentery’ is caused by

A) Giardia
B) Amoeba proteus
C) Entamoeba histolytica
D) Taenia solium

Answer: Entamoeba histolytica

MCQs 30. This Nutrient is needed for a healthy immune system and strong connective tissue: Post-Basic B.Sc Nursing Entrance Exam Question Papers 2020 pdf

A) Fiber
B) Vitamin K
C) Vitamin C
D) Fluoride

Answer: Vitamin C

MCQs 31. The Term ‘Keratomalacia’ is

A) Toad skin
B) Phrynoderma
C) Corneal Disease due to deficiency of Vitamin A
D) Weak bones due to deficiency of Calcium

Answer: Corneal Disease due to deficiency of Vitamin A

MCQs 32. ‘Megaloblastic Anemia’ is due to the deficiency of

A) Iron
B) Thiamine
C) Acetic acid
D) Vit. B12 and Folic acid

Answer: Vit. B12 and Folic acid

MCQs 33. Intramuscular injection is given at

A) 45 Angle
B) 15 Angle
C) 90 Angle
D) 60 Angle

Answer: 90 Angle

MCQs 34. The Nurse giving oxygen therapy should know that it has to be humidified because

A) Oxygen is a hot gas and it may burn trachea
B) Oxygen is a dry gas and thickens the mucus
C) Humidification cleans the gases of bacteria
D) Absorption of oxygen improves

Answer: Oxygen is a dry gas and thickens the mucus

MCQs 35. ‘Poliomyelitis’ is transmitted through

A) Water
B) Air
C) Blood
D) Vectors

Answer: Water

MCQs 36. The ‘Multi-Drug therapy (MDT)’ is a treatment for

B) Leprosy
D) All of the above

Answer: All of the above

MCQs 37. ‘Assessment’ Step of the Nursing process which of the following intervention includes

A) Taking blood pressure
B) Determine the level of comfort
C) Counting respiratory rate
D) All of the above

Answer: All of the above

MCQs 38. Long arm cast type of plaster cast is used in the treatment of

A) Fracture of the carpal and metacarpal bones
B) Fracture of radius and ulna bones
C) Fracture of metatarsal bones
D) Fracture of tibia and fibula bones

Answer: Fracture of radius and ulna bones

Blood MCQs – Question For Nursing Exam

MCQs 39. The Most Common Side effect of IUCD insertion is

A) Bleeding
B) Pain
C) Pelvic Infection
D) Ectopic Pregnancy

Answer: Bleeding

MCQs 40. Hepatitis virus that spreads by the fecal-oral routePost Basic BSc Nursing Entrance Exam Question Papers pdf

A) Hepatitis A
B) Hepatitis B
C) Hepatitis C
D) Hepatitis D

Answer: Hepatitis A

MCQs 41. Which of the following is included in daily meals to supplement the protein

A) Vegetables
B) Daal
C) Potatoes
D) Ghee

Answer: Daal

MCQs 42. The Important clinical parameter for assessing the degree of hypoxia at birth is

A) Respiratory rate
B) Colour of skin
C) Heart rate
D) Muscle tone

Answer: Colour of skin

MCQs 43. ‘Hemophilia A’ is

A) Christmas disease
B) Factor VIII deficiency
C) Factor IX deficiency
D) Von Willebrand disease

Answer: Factor VIII deficiency

MCQs 44. Floating tip of the iceberg represents

A) Clinical cases
B) Apparent cases
C) Latent cases
D) Undiagnosed cases

Answer: Clinical cases

MCQs 45. The Term ‘Mastication’ means

A) Digestion
B) Absorption
C) Assimilation
D) Chewing

Answer: Chewing

MCQs 46. Cardinal signs of inflammation are all, Except

A) Pain
B) Redness
C) Swelling
D) Hypothermia

Answer: Hypothermia

MCQs 47. ‘Undescended Testes’ is termed as

A) Cryptorchidism
B) Inguinal Hernia
C) Umbilical Hernia
D) Hydrocele

Answer: Cryptorchidism

MCQs 48. Old Man’s appearance is seen in children with

A) Fever
B) Marasmus
C) Jaundice
D) Encephalopathy

Answer: Marasmus

MCQs 49. Which of the following Danger signs should be informed immediately during the Antepartum period?

A) Blurred vision
B) Nasal stuffiness
C) Breast tenderness
D) Constipation

Answer: Blurred vision

MCQs 50. ‘The Indian Mental Health Act’ was passed during the year

A) 1992
B) 1987
C) 1947
D) 1942

Answer: 1987 Post Basic BSc Nursing Entrance Exam Question Papers pdf

MCQs 51. The Term ‘Inventory’ means

A) The list of medicines at a drug store
B) The list of material ordered
C) The list of materials available in the store
D) The list of materials required in the store

Answer: The list of materials available in the store

MCQs 52. What care should be taken on a priority basis for the oral hygiene of an unconscious patient?

A) Thoroughly cleaning oral surfaces
B) Preventing aspiration
C) Controlling mouth odor
D) Applying local antiseptic

Answer: Preventing aspiration

MCQs 53. In a patient already suffering from a disease, a new infection set up from another source or host is known as basic nursing questions and answers pdf

A) Sepsis
B) Cross infection
C) Iatrogenic Infection
D) Contamination

Answer: Cross infection

MCQs 54. If the LMP is January 31 the expected date of delivery EDD is

A) Oct 7
B) Oct 24
C) Nov 7
D) Nov 8

Answer: Nov 7

MCQs 55. The maximum amount of ‘Vitamin D’ is present in which of the following

A) Milk
B) Eggs
C) Fish fat
D) Cod liver oil

Answer: Cod liver oil

MCQs 56. What is the Colour coding of the bag in hospitals to dispose of human anatomical waste such as body parts?

A) Yellow
B) Black
C) Red
D) Blue

Answer: Yellow

MCQs 57. Staining technique used in RNTCP is

A) Zeihl Nielson stain
B) Gram stain
C) Giemsa stain

Correct Options: Zeihl Nielson stain

MCQs 58. Which of the following anti-tuberculosis drug is Not given in Pregnancy?

A) Streptomycin
C) Ethambutol
D) Rifampicin

Answer: Streptomycin

MCQs 59. ‘Pregnancy test’ is based on the estimation of the

A) FSH Hormone
B) Progesterone Hormone
C) HCG Hormone
D) LH Hormone

Answer: HCG Hormone

Nursing Model Question Paper With Answers

MCQs 60. The Equipment used in the examination of ear is called

A) Laryngoscope
B) Otoscope
C) Proctoscope
D) Endoscope

Answer: Otoscope

MCQs 61. The Solution used to disinfect the bed linen of HIV infected patient: Post Basic BSc Nursing Entrance Exam Question Papers pdf

A) Savlon
B) Sodium hypochlorite
C) Dettol
D) Cidex

Answer: Sodium hypochlorite

MCQs 62. The Reduction of insulin leads to

A) Arthritis
B) Diabetes
C) Heart Diseases
D) Migraine

Answer: Diabetes

MCQs 63. Severe joint pain is associated with which of the following

A) Malaria
B) Flu
C) Chikungunya & Dengue
D) All the above

Answer: Chikungunya & Dengue

MCQs 64. Exposure to the sun without appropriate protection may cause

A) Skin Cancer
B) Blood Cancer
C) Bone Cancer
D) Mouth Cancer

Answer: Skin Cancer

MCQs 65. ‘March 8’ is celebrated as

A) Rajasthan Day
B) World Women’s Day
C) WHO Day
D) UN Day (List Of Internesnal Days)

Answer: World Women’s Day

MCQs 66. Which part of the eye is transplanted from the eyes that are donated?

A) Retina
B) Cornea
C) Entire eyeball
D) Iris

Answer: Cornea

MCQs 67. The Millennium Development Goal 6′ was associated with

A) Reduce Child Mortality।
B) To improve Maternal health
C) Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases
D) Develop a Global Partnership for Development

Answer: Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases

MCQs 68. The first country to start the Family Planning program is

A) India
B) China
C) Pakistan
D) Japan

Answer: India

MCQs 69. District level authority of the health department is

B) Joint Director

Answer: CM&HO

MCQs 70. The National program ‘RNTCP’ is related to which disease condition: Post Basic BSc Nursing Entrance Exam Question Papers pdf

A) Neonatal Tetanus
B) Measles
C) T.B.

Answer: T.B.

MCQs 71. The Primary Health Centre (PHC) is managed by

A) Health Inspector
C) Medical officer

Answer: Medical officer

MCQs 72. ‘Scurvy’ is caused due to the deficiency of which vitamin

A) Vitamin B
B) Vitamin C
C) Vitamin D
D) Vitamin A

Answer: Vitamin C

MCQs 73. When should one drink ORS?

A) During fever
B) During Diarrhea
C) When Thirsty
D) During high Blood Pressure

Answer: During Diarrhea

MCQs 74. How many doses of Tablet/Syrup of deworming can be given to a child

A) Once in a month
B) Twice in six month
C) Once in a year
D) Twice in a year

Answer: Twice in a year

MCQs 75. ‘IYCF (Infant and young child feeding)’ is related to which of the following

A) Initiation of breastfeeding within one hour of birth
B) Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months
C) Complementary feeding starting on completion of 6 months of age
D) All the above

Answer: All the above

MCQs 76. ‘Newborn Care Corners (NBCCs)’ have been established at

A) All Sub Centers
B) All Primary Health Centers
C) All Community Health Centers
D) All Delivery Points

Answer: All Delivery Points

MCQs 77. Section 4 of COTPA is related to COTPA

A) Warnings at selling points of tobacco products
B) Sale of tobacco products within 200 meters of educational institutes
C) Smoke-free public places
D) Advertisement for Tobacco products

Answer: Smoke-free public places

MCQs 78. Diet given in a Malnutrition Treatment Centre is called

A) H75 and H100
B) F75 and F100
C) Diet 75 and Diet 100
D) None of the above

Answer: F75 and F100

MCQs 79. Which food nutrient is required more in a pregnant woman in India?

A) Iron
B) Calcium
C) Potassium
D) Zinc

Answer: Iron

JIPMER Staff Nurse Papers with Solution 2019

MCQs 80. ‘Iron Sucrose’ is given to

A) All women
B) All anemic women
C) Pregnant women who are highly anemic
D) Lactating mothers who are anemic

Answer: Pregnant women who are highly anemic

MCQs 81. ‘Rashtriya Bal Swathya Karyakram’ considers children of the following age group: (Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Entrance Exam Question Papers pdf)

A) 0-18 years
B) 0-19 years
C) 1-18 years
D) 1-19 years

Answer: 0-18 years

MCQs 82. ‘HBNC+ Program’ covers the child until the age of

A) 2 Months
B) 6 Month
C) 1 Year
D) 5 Year

Answer: 1 Year

MCQs 83. Which females get services at ‘Anganwadi Center’?

A) All women
B) All lactating mothers
C) All pregnant and lactating mothers
D) Aged women

Answer: All pregnant and lactating mothers

MCQs 84. What is the measure of the health status of children in the community?


Answer: IMR

MCQs 85. On a fixed day service for women and child health care are provided at the Anganwadi Kendra. This Day is called B.Sc nursing previous year question paper

A) Arogya health camp
B) Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition day
C) Swasthya Divas
D) Poshahar Divas

Answer: Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition day

MCQs 86. ‘Alopecia’ is commonly seen after in which of the following Drug therapy

A) Antibiotic therapy
B) Chemotherapy
C) Radiotherapy
D) None of the above

Answer: Chemotherapy

MCQs 87. What should be done to decontaminate the articles used in the labor room to conduct delivery?

A) Wash with detergent & water
B) Place in 0.5 % chlorine solution for 10 minutes
C) Place in 5 % chlorine solution for 60 minutes
D) Wash with tap water

Answer: Place in 0.5 % chlorine solution for 10 minutes

MCQs 88. ‘Distant vision’ is assessed by using

A) Confrontation test
B) Hirschberg test
C) Jaeger card
D) Snellen chart

Answer: Snellen chart

MCQs 89. Eyes need to be covered during phototherapy session because

A) To make sure that the newborn has closed the eyes well
B) Reduce overstimulation from bright colors
C) Prevent injury to conjunctiva and retina
D) Limit excessive rapid eye movements and anxiety

Answer: Prevent injury to conjunctiva and retina

MCQs 90. In diarrhea, which of the following supplementation should be done Post Basic Nursing Entrance Exam Question Papers pdf

A) Iron
B) Iodine
C) Zinc
D) Calcium

Answer: Zinc

MCQs 91. Which of the following patient is at high risk of UTI?

A) Diabetes mellitus
B) Patient on antibiotics
C) Patient with Urinary stone
D) Patient with a family history of U.T.I.

Answer: Diabetes mellitus

MCQs 92. The Most Commonest cause of Blindness in India is

A) Vitamin A deficiency
B) Cataract
C) Glaucoma
D) Trachoma

Answer: Cataract

MCQs 93. ‘Meniere’s disease’ is related to

A) Eye
B) Ear
C) Respiratory system
D) Digestive system

Answer: Ear

MCQs 94. Factor affecting nutrition is/are

A) Religion
B) Culture
C) Economic
D) All of the above

Answer: All of the above

MCQs 95. ‘KMC’ should be continued for a neonate born preterm

A) Up to 28 days after birth
B) Up to 4 month age
C) Up to 40th week of pregnancy
D) Till baby achieves 3500 gm weight

Answer: Till baby achieves 3500 gm weight

MCQs 96. The Space between arachnoid & pia matter is called

A) Epidural
B) Subdural
C) Subarachnoid
D) Extradural

Answer: Subarachnoid

MCQs 97. The right dose of Inj. Vitamin K for babies born with weight less than 1kg

A) 0.5 mg
B) 1 mg
C) 0.1 mg
D) 1 mcg

Answer : 0.5 mg

MCQs 98. ‘IOP’ increases in

A) In Conjunctivitis
B) In Glaucoma
C) In Cataract
D) In Style

Answer: In Glaucoma

MCQs 99. During Meningitis, which of the following clinical findings appears

A) CSF pressure increases
B) CSF pressure decreases
C) CSF glucose increases
D) B.P. decreases

Answer: CSF pressure increases

MCQs 100. Inadequate intake of which vitamin by the pregnant woman can cause Neural tube defect in the child

A) Folic acid
B) Thiamine
C) Niacin
D) Riboflavin

Answer: Folic acid

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