Staff Nurse Question Papers VMMC 2019

VMMC Staff Nurse Question Papers

If you have applied for the Central Government Job of Nursing Officer. So you should read the old Staff Nurse Question Papers. Which are conducted by various govt institute like AIIMS, PGIMER Chandigarh, JIPMER, VMMC and Safdarjung Hospital Delhi. Here we are providing you VMMC Nursing Officer Previous Papers. So, download your Solved Old Papers from here and start your preparation for VMMC & other Nursing Officer Recruitment.

VMMC Safdarjung Nursing Exam Question Paper

This is the Staff Nurse exam paper in 2019 conducted by VMMC Safdarjung Hospital New Delhi. Which could not be operated or started at some centers due to technical problems. Due to this, these staff nurse question papers had to be canceled by declaring it out.

Staff Nurse Question Papers VMMC 2019

1. The muscle of the thigh present in the anterior aspect:
(A) Rectus femoris ✅
(B) Hamstring
(C) Deltoid
(D) Tibialis anterior

2. Functions of the Cerebellum are all except-
(A) Maintenance of muscle tone
(B) Maintenance Posture
(C) Equilibrium
(D) Hearing ✅

3. All are sinuses are belong to paranasal sinuses except-
(A) Maxillary
(B) Ethmoid
(C) Sphenoid
(D) Mastoid ✅

4. The spleen lies against
(A) 6th, 7th, and 8th ribs
(B) 7th, 8th, and 9th ribs
(C) 8th, 9th, and 10th ribs
(D) 9th, 10th, and 11th ribs ✅

5. The parts of the brain stem are:
(A) Midbrain, pons, and medulla ✅
(B) Pons and Medulla
(C) Midbrain and Medulla
(D) Pons, cerebellum, and medulla

6. The functions of the nasal cavity in relation to ventilation are the following Except:
(A) Warming up inspired air to body temperature.
(B) Humidify the air up to 100% saturation.
(C) Removal of particulate matter from the air.
(D) Disinfect the air entering into the lungs. ✅

7. All the statements are true regarding peripheral chemoreceptors except:
(A) Located in the carotid body
(B) Stimulated by fall in PaC02
(C) Have type II epithelial cells
(D) Not stimulated by a fall in Pa02. ✅

8. Prolonged stay in space will lead to all of the following changes in the body except:
(A) Decrease blood volume
(B) Decrease hematocrit
(C) Increase cardiac output ✅
(D) Decrease muscle strength

9. Fleeting abdominal pain due to follicular bleeding causing peritoneal irritation is called as:
(A) Corpus hemorrhagic
(B) Mittelschmerz ✅
(C) Corpus luteum
(D) Corpus Albicans

10. All of the following enzymes are present in Leydig cells except:
(A) CYPscc ✅
(B) 17-alpha hydroxylase
(C) 17,20 lyase
(D) 21- hydroxylase

11. What is the term used for normal respiratory rhythm and depth in a client:
(A) Eupnea ✅
(B) Apnea
(C) Bradypnea
(D) Tachypnea

12. Which of the following situation is considered an intentional tort:
(A) Nurse miscounts the gauze pads during a surgery
(B) Nurse divulges private information about the patient to media ✅
(C) Nurse causes a burn when applying a warm soak to legs
(D) Nurse fails to monitor blood pressure when administering an antihypertensive drugs

13. Nature of illness, characteristics come under which types of variable:
(A) Internal variables ✅
(B) External variables
(C) Extraneous variables
(D) All of the above

14. Pus in urine called:
(A) Pyuria ✅
(B) Polyuria
(C) Pusuria
(D) Dysuria

15. Sigmoidoscopy is done in which position:
(A) Lithotomy position
(B) Jackknife position
(C) Fowler’s position
(D) Knee chest position ✅ (Staff Nurse Question Papers)

16. In Gluten Intolerance, the following is not recommended:
(A) Wheat
(B) Rye
(C) Oats
(D) All of the above ✅

17. Highest energy-yielding food group is?
(A) Carbohydrates
(B) Fats ✅
(C) Sugars
(D) Protein

18. Due to glycosis in post mortem muscles, there is an accumulation of:
(A) Carbon
(B) Lactic acid ✅
(C) Oxygen
(D) Blood

19. IARI stands for:
(A) Institute of agro and revenue investigation
(B) Indian Agriculture Research Institution ✅
(C) India Agriculture Research Institute
(D) Indian Agricultural research institute

20. World diabetes day is celebrated on:
(A) 14th September
(B) 14th August
(C) 14th November ✅
(D) 24th January

21. How many calories are there in one gram of fat?
(A) 4
(B) 12
(B) 8
(D) 9 ✅

22. Tissues form lactic acid from glucose. This phenomenon is termed as-
(A) Aerobic Glycolysis
(B) Oxidation
(C) Oxidative Phosphorylation
(D) Anaerobic Glycolysis ✅

23. The primary structure of proteins represents-
(A) Linear structure of proteins joined by peptide bonds ✅
(B) Dimensional structure of proteins
(C) Helical structure of proteins
(D) Subunit structure of proteins

24. All the following are true about Phenylketonuria except:
(A) Deficiency of Phenylalanine Hydroxylase
(B) Mental retardation
(C) Increased urinary excretion of p-hydroxyphenyl pyruvic acid ✅
(D) Decrease serotonin formation

25. Lecithin on hydrolysis yields all the following except:
(A) Glycerol
(B) Fatty acid
(C) Choline
(D) Glucose ✅

26. NADPH required for fatty acid synthesis can come from
(A) Hexose monophosphate shunt
(B) Oxidative decarboxylation of malate
(C) Extramitochondrial oxidation of isocitrate
(D) All of these ✅

27. Psychology is a:
(A) Natural science ✅
(B) Physical science
(C) Biological science
(D) Social science

28. Psychology as a ‘Science of Mind’, defined by:
(A) Psychoanalysis ✅
(B) Behaviorists
(C) Functionalists
(D) Ancient Greek Philosophers

29. E.B. Titchener (1867-1927) defined ‘Psychology’ as the science of:
(A) Conscious Experience
(B) Science of Mind
(C) Science of Experience ✅
(D) Science of Soul

30. ‘Psychology’ as the scientific study of activities of an organism in relation to its Environment is defined by: (Staff Nurse Question Papers)
(A) J.B Watson
(B) Sigmund Freud
(C) Woodworth ✅
(D) William James

31. Abnormal Psychology is mainly the study of:
(A) Normality of mind
(B) Unconscious level of mind
(C) Subconscious level of mind
(D) Abnormality of mind ✅

32. Which of the following pioneers of Microbiology is credited with the discovery of microorganisms using high-quality magnifying lenses (early microscopes)?
(A) Anton Van Leeuwenhoek ✅
(B) Louis Pasteur
(C) Robert Hooke
(D) Robert Koch

33. A cluster of polar flagella is called
(A) Lophotrichous ✅
(B) Amphitrichous
(C) Monotrichous
(D) Peritrichous

34. Depending upon their oxygen requirement and metabolism Cholera species are-
(A) Obligate Aerobes
(B) Facultative Anaerobes ✅
(C) Obligate anaerobes
(D) Microaerophilic

35. All of the following occur in the stationary phase of the bacterial growth curve except-
(A) Cells show uniform and regular staining
(B) Cells show the presence of intracellular storage granules ✅
(C) Spores are seen
(D) Exotoxins are formed

36. Antibiotic sensitivity is usually done on-
(A) Blood agar
(B) Mac Conkey Agar
(C) Mueller- Hinton Agar ✅
(D) Chocolate agar

37. The magnitude of unemployment is aggravated by:
(A) Population control
(B) Quality healthcare services
(C) Population explosion ✅
(D) None of the above

38. Social stigma is felt or assumed in case of disability by the community brings:
(A) Isolation
(B) Serious problems
(C) Bitterness
(D) All of the above ✅

39. The reason for people opposing social change is:
(A) Desire for stability
(B) Ignorance
(C) Vested interest
(D) All of the above ✅

40. Vasoconstrictors should not be used in:
(A) Neurogenic shock
(B) Haemorrhagic shock ✅
(C) Secondary shock
(D) Hypotension due to spinal anesthesia

41. Propranolol can be used to allay anxiety associated with:
(A) Chronic neurotic disorder
(B) Schizophrenia
(C) Short-term stressful situations ✅
(D) Endogenous depression

42. Lansoprazole is not used in which of the following cases?
(A) Gastritis
(B) Peptic Ulcers
(C) Zollinger-Ellison syndrome
(D) Thalamus hypertrophy ✅

43. Which of the following drugs is associated with the reaction of Stevens-Johnson syndrome?
(A) Valproic acid ✅
(B) Quinidine
(C) Isoniazid
(D) Procainamide

44. A drug ending in the suffix (pril) is considered a
(A) Antidepressants
(B) ACE inhibitor ✅
(C) Antifungal
(D) Beta agonist

45. If a patient has severe burns on the upper torso, which would be a primary concern:
(A) Administering antibiotics (Staff Nurse Question Papers)
(B) Debriding and covering the wounds
(C) Frequently observing for hoarseness, stridor, and dyspnea ✅
(D) Establishing a patent IV line for fluid replacement

46. Which is considered an internal disaster:
(A) Patient fall
(B) The massive spread of pneumonia ✅
(C) A computer hacking episode
(D) Unexpected staff absences due to illness

47. Which of the following food enhances the absorption of an iron supplement: (A) Baked potato
(B) Orange juice ✅
(C) Green beans
(D) Fortified Milk

48. Which statement about glaucoma is true and accurate:
(A) Acute angle-closure glaucoma is an ocular emergency ✅
(B) Acute angle-closure glaucoma leads to the loss of peripheral vision and tunnel vision
(C) Primary open-angle glaucoma leads to eye pain, nausea, vomiting, blurry vision, and halos
(D) Bubbles are implanted to protect the retina from the glaucoma

49. Which of the following is a hazard of immobility:
(A) Loss of bone calcium ✅
(B) Increased vital capacity
(C) Venous vasoconstriction
(D) A positive nitrogen balance

50. Projectile vomiting is the feature of:
(A) Duodenal atresia
(B) Pyloric stenosis ✅
(C) Congenital megacolon
(D) Appendicitis

VMMC Safdarjung Hospital Nursing Officer Previous Papers

51. The side-effect of nitroglycerin is:
(A) Vomiting
(B) Diarrhea
(C) Headache ✅
(D) Constipation

52. The normal range of CVP is:
(A) 5-15 cm H20
(B) 10-15 cm H20
(C) 5 -10 cm H20 ✅
(D) 10 – 20 cm H20

53. The common route of transmission of Hepatitis-A is:
(A) By blood transfusion
(B) Oro-fecal ✅
(C) By sexual intercourse
(D) By droplet

54. To perform colostomy irrigation, the catheter should be inserted into the stoma up to:
(A) 10 cm ✅
(B) 5 cm
(C) 15 cm
(D) 20 cm

55. The most rapid absorption of insulin occurs in-
(A) Abdomen ✅
(B) Arms
(C) Thigh
(D) Buttocks.

56. Complication that can be prevented by using a footrest-
(A) bedsore
(B) foot edema
(C) foot drop ✅
(D) rash

57. This comfort device is used to support hips and thighs, preventing external rotation and keeping the feet in alignment in case of paralysis, fracture of the femur, and hip surgery. Staff Nurse Question Papers
(A) trochanter roll ✅
(B) sandbags
(C) bed boards
(D) bed block

58. ………is a tool of the Nursing Process-
(A) Personal history
(B) Present illness
(C) socio-economic status
(D) Planning ✅

59. In which strength Savion will be used for Bed Making-
(A) 1:40 to 1:50 ✅
(B) 1:20 to 1:40
(C) 1:30 to 1:40
(D) 1:40 to 1:60

60. The Medical termination of pregnancy act came into force in the year:
(A) 1964
(B) 1962
(C) 1972 ✅
(D) 1966

61. Bhore Committee was appointed by the Govt, of India in the year:
(A) 1933
(B) 1953
(B) 1943 ✅
(D) 1963

62. Pulse Polio Immunization was introduced in:
(A) 2001
(B) 2000
(C) 1999
(D) 1995 ✅

63. WHO declared global eradication of smallpox on:
(A) 26th October 1977
(B) 5th July 1975
(C) 17th May 1975
(D) 8th May 1980 ✅

64. Dengue fever is transmitted by:
(A) Culex fatigans
(B) Aedes Aegypti ✅
(C) Culex Vishnu
(D) Glossina palpalis

65. All are true about Anganwadi workers except:
(A) Part-time worker
(B) Covers a population of 5000 ✅
(C) Supply Nutrition and educate about vaccination
(D) Under controls ICDS

66. All are true of the mid-day school meal program except:
(A) Should supply one-third of daily calories and half of daily protein
(B) Substitute for regular food
(C) Locally available foods are used
(D) Cheap and easy to prepare ✅

67. Residual Chlorine after chlorination of water should be:
(A) 1 mg/L after 1 hour
(B) 1 mg/L after % hour
(C) 0.5 mg/L after 1 hour
(D) 0.5 mg/L after % hour ✅

68. One PHC covers a population of:
(A) 50000
(B) 30000 ✅
(C) 10000
(D) One lakh

69. The system of storing and transporting vaccines is termed as:
(A) Cold Chain ✅
(B) Freezer Chain
(C) Cool Chain
(D) Vaccination

70. Deficiency of thyroxin in adults leads to a condition called:
(A) Tetani
(B) Cretinism
(C) Myxoedema ✅
(D) Graves disease

71. Schick test is used in confirming the diagnosis of:
(A) Tuberculosis
(B) Diphtheria ✅
(C) Syphilis
(D) Scarlet fever

72. All are important elements of the communication process except:
(A) Sender and receiver
(B) Referent and message
(C) Channel and feedback
(D) Time and environment ✅

73. Health education by a nurse to a group of people can be termed as:
(A) Small group communication ✅
(B) Interpersonal communication
(C) Intrapersonal communication
(D) Public communication

74. Which one of the following diseases is not transmitted mainly by the Fecal-Oral route:
(A) Enteric fever
(B) Measles ✅
(C) Cholera
(D) Hepatitis – A

75. Total lung capacity in a newborn is: Previous year exam Staff Nurse Question Papers
(A) 100ml
(B) 350ml
(C) 500ml
(D) 150ml ✅

76. The guidelines for the clinical diagnosis of acute rheumatic fever were suggested by:
(A) Dr.T. Duckett Jones ✅
(B) Robert Koch
(C) Landsteiner
(D) Michael Smith

77. A killed vaccine is:
(D) Rabies ✅

78. Kernicterus, which may occur as a complication of jaundice, is a pathological condition.
(A) Liver
(B) Brain ✅
(C) Kidney
(D) Heart

79. A hereditary hemolytic anemia is:
(A) Aplastic anemia
(B) Thalassemia ✅
(C) Megaloblastic anemia
(D) All of the above

80. Newborn reflexes which are present at birth and remain unchanged throughout adulthood:
(A) Blinking, coughing, rooting, and gag
(B) Blinking, coughing, sneezing, and gagging ✅
(C) Rooting, sneezing, swallowing, and coughing
(D) Stepping, blinking, coughing, and sneezing

81. The nurse would expect to find in a newborn with birth asphyxia is:
(A) Hyperoxemia
(B) Acidosis ✅
(C) Hypocapnia
(D) Ketosis

82. What is the best and most accurate method of measuring the medication dosage for infants and children.
(A) Weight ✅
(B) Height
(C) Nomogram
(D) Weight and Height

83. The APGAR Score should be assessed:
(A) Immediately after birth and at 30 minutes after birth
(B) At 5 minutes after birth and at 30 minutes after birth
(C) At 1 minute after birth and at 5 minutes after birth ✅
(D) Immediately after birth and at 5 minutes after birth

84. The modern concept of pediatrics means:
(A) Short term care of the child
(B) Basic care of the child
(C) Continuous and preventive care of the whole child ✅
(D) Terminally ill care of the child

85. Peeling of the palms and the soles is not a characteristic feature of:
(A) Chickenpox ✅
(B) Scarlet fever
(C) Kawasaki disease
(D) Tinea infection

86. Which information obtained from the mother of a child with cerebral palsy most likely correlates to the diagnosis: Staff Nurse Question Papers
(A) She was born at 42 weeks of gestation
(B) She had meningitis when she was 6 months old ✅
(C) She had physiologic jaundice after delivery
(D) She has frequent sore throats

87. Which of the following best describes the language of a 24-month-old:
(A) Doesn’t understand yes and no
(B) Understands the meaning of words
(C) Able to verbalize needs ✅
(D) Continuously asks “Why?” to most of the topics

88. Which of the following examples represents parallel play:
(A) Jenny and Tommy share their toys
(B) Jimmy plays with his car beside Mary, who is playing with her doll ✅
(C) Kevin plays a game of Scrabble with Kathy and Sue
(D) Mary plays with a handheld game while sitting on her mother’s lap

89. Assuming that all have achieved normal cognitive and emotional development, which of the following children is at greatest risk for accidental poisoning:
(A) A 6-month-old
(B) A 4-year-old ✅
(C) A 10-year-old
(D) A 13-year-old

90. The nurse is caring for a 6-year-old client admitted with the diagnosis of conjunctivitis. Before administering eyedrops, the nurse should recognize that it is essential to consider:
(A) The eye should be cleansed with lukewarm water, removing any exudate, before instilling the eye drops. ✅
(B) The child should be allowed to instill his own eye drops.
(C) The mother should be allowed to instill the eye drops.
(D) If the eye is clear of any redness or edema, the eye drops should be held.

91. A patient approached Nurse asking for advice on how to deal with his alcohol addiction. The nurse should tell the client that the only effective treatment for alcoholism is:
(A) Psychotherapy
(B) Alcoholics anonymous (A.A.)
(C) Total abstinence ✅
(D) Aversion Therapy

92. A nurse is caring for a male client who experiences false sensory perceptions with no basis in reality. This perception is known as:
(A) Hallucinations ✅
(B) Delusions
(C) Loose associations
(D) Neologisms

93. A nurse is developing a plan of care for a female client with anorexia nervosa. Which action should the nurse include in the plan:
(A) Provide privacy during meals
(B) Set up a strict eating plan for the client
(C) Encourage the client to exercise to reduce anxiety ✅
(D) Restrict visits with the family

94. A client is experiencing an anxiety attack. The most appropriate nursing intervention should include: staff nurse previous year question paper-
(A) Turning on the television ✅
(B) Leaving the client alone
(C) Staying with the client and speaking in short sentences
(D) Ask the client to play with other clients

95. A 20-year-old client was diagnosed with a dependent personality disorder. Which behavior is most likely to be evidence of ineffective individual coping:
(A) Recurrent self-destructive behavior
(B) Avoiding relationship
(C) Showing interest in solitary activities
(D) Inability to make choices and decisions without advice ✅

96. A male client is diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder. Which signs would this client exhibit during social situation:
(A) Paranoid thoughts
(B) Emotional affect ✅
(C) Independence needs
(D) Aggressive behavior

97. A nurse is caring for a client diagnosed with bulimia nervosa. The most appropriate initial goal for a client diagnosed with bulimia nervosa is:
(A) Encourage to avoid foods
(B) Identify anxiety-causing situations
(C) Eat only three meals a day ✅
(D) Avoid shopping for plenty of groceries

98. A neuromuscular blocking agent is administered to a client before ECT therapy. The Nurse should carefully observe the client for:
(A) Respiratory difficulties ✅
(B) Nausea and vomiting
(C) Dizziness
(D) Seizures

99. A 75-year-old client is admitted to the hospital with the diagnosis of dementia of the Alzheimer’s type and depression. The symptom that is unrelated to depression would be:
(A) Apathetic response to the environment
(B) “I don’t know” answer to questions
(C) Shallow labile effect ✅
(D) Neglect of personal hygiene

100. A nurse is aware that the major health complication associated with intractable anorexia nervosa would be:
(A) Cardiac dysrhythmias resulting in cardiac arrest
(B) Glucose intolerance resulting in protracted hypoglycemia ✅
(C) Endocrine imbalance causing cold amenorrhea
(D) Decreased metabolism causing cold intolerance

Safdarjung Hospital VMMC Staff Nurse Question Papers

101. A 39-year-old mother with the obsessive-compulsive disorder has become immobilized by her elaborate hand washing and walking rituals. The nurse recognizes that the basis of Obsessive-compulsive disorder is often:
(A) Problems with being too conscientious
(B) Problems with anger and remorse
(C) Feelings of guilt and inadequacy ✅
(D) Feeling of unworthiness and hopelessness

102. A patient with borderline personality disorder who is to be discharged soon threatens to “do something” to herself if discharged. Which of the following actions by the nurse would be most important:
(A) Ask a family member to stay with the client at home temporarily
(B) Discuss the meaning of the client’s statement with her
(C) Request an immediate extension for the client
(D) Ignore the client’s statement because it’s a sign of mania ✅

103. A patient with antisocial personality disorder belches loudly. A staff member asks “Do you know why people find you repulsive?” this statement most likely would elicit the following client reaction:
(A) Defensiveness
(B) Embarrassment ✅
(C) Shame
(D) Remorseful

104. Which of the following approaches would be most appropriate to use with a client suffering from narcissistic personality disorder when discrepancies exist between what the client states and what actually exists:
(A) Rationalization
(B) Supportive confrontation
(C) Limit setting ✅
(D) Consistency

105. Which of the following foods would the nurse eliminate from the diet of a client in alcohol withdrawal:
(A) Milk ✅
(B) Orange Juice
(C) Tea
(D) Regular Coffee

106. A woman is 37 weeks pregnant and she is bleeding profusely with no pain is suggestive of:
(A) Antepartum hemorrhage ✅
(B) Unavoidable hemorrhage
(C) Accidental hemorrhage
(D) Concealed hemorrhage

107. A puerperal woman is more susceptible to venous thrombosis due to:
(A) Increased viscosity of blood due to dehydration ✅
(B) Decreased viscosity of blood during labor
(C) Stasis of blood in veins due to late ambulation
(D) Increased intake of fat in the diet

108. The breastfeeding mother of an infant with lactose intolerance asks the nurse about dietary measures. The nurse tells the mother to avoi: (staff nurse previous year question papers)
(A) Hard cheese ✅
(B) Green leafy vegetables
(C) Dried beans
(D) Egg yolk

109. The cause of change in size and appearance of breasts during pregnancy:
(A) The breast changes are due to the secretion of estrogen and progesterone ✅
(B) The breasts become stretched because of the weight gain
(C) The increased metabolic rate causes the breasts to become larger
(D) Cortisol secreted by the adrenal glands plays a factor in increasing the size and appearance of the breasts

110. A pregnant woman has a positive history of genital herpes but has no lesions during the present pregnancy. The nurse should plan to provide the following information to the client:
(A) You will be isolated from your newborn infant following delivery
(B) You will be evaluated at the time of delivery for herpetic genital tract lesions, and if lesions are present a cesarean delivery will be needed ✅
(C) There is little risk to your newborn infant during this pregnancy, birth, and following delivery
(D) Vaginal deliveries can reduce neonatal infection risks even if you have an active lesion at birth

111. A rubella vaccine is prescribed to be administered to a two-day postpartum client. The nurse preparing to administer the vaccine develops a list of the potential risks associated with this vaccine. The nurse reviews the list with the client and the cautions the client to avoid:
(A) Sunlight for 3 days
(B) Scratching the injection site
(C) Pregnancy for 2 to 3 months after the vaccination ✅
(D) Sexual intercourse for 2 to 3 months after the vaccination

112. A prenatal client with a history of heart disease has been instructed on care at home. Which statement is made by the client would indicate that the client understands her needs?
(A) There is no restriction on people who visit me
(B) I should avoid stressful situations ✅
(C) My weight gain is not important
(D) I should rest on my right side

113. A contraction stress test is scheduled for the pregnant client, and the client asks the nurse about the test. The nurse tells the client that:
(A) Small amount of oxytocin (Pitocin) is administered during internal fetal monitoring to stimulate uterine contraction
(B) An external fetal monitor is attached and the woman ambulates on a treadmill until contractions begin
(C) The uterus is stimulated to contract by the use of small amounts of oxytocin (Pitocin) or by the nipple stimulation ✅
(D) Uterine contractions are stimulated by Leopold’s maneuver’s

114. A client is scheduled for a pap smear. The nurse provides instructions to the client regarding preparation for the test:
(A) The test can be performed during menstruation
(B) Fluids are restricted on the day of the test
(C) The test is painless ✅
(D) Vaginal douching is required 2hours before the test

115. The nurse is teaching a pregnant client about the morning sickness in pregnancy. Which of the following sign & symptoms would indicate a need for further education:
(A) Visual disturbances ✅
(B) Rapid weight gain
(C) Generalized or facial edema
(D) The presence of irregular and painless contraction

116. A nurse needs to check the most important parameter if a patient is on magnesium sulfate therapy:
(A) Urine output > 30ml/hr
(B) Presence of knee jerk reflex ✅
(C) Respiration is > 12 per minute
(D) Blood pressure < 140/90 mm Hg

117. When performing a postpartum assessment on a patient, a nurse notes the presence of clots in the lochia. The nurse examines the clots and notes that they are larger than 1cm. Which of the following nursing actions is most appropriate:
(A) Document the findings
(B) Notify the physician ✅
(C) Reassess the client in 2 hours
(D) Encourage increased oral intake of fluids

118. A nurse in a labor room is performing a vaginal assessment on a pregnant patient in labor. The nurse notes the presence of the umbilical cord protruding from the vagina. Which of the following would be the initial nursing action:
(A) Place the client in Trendelenburg’s position ✅
(B) Call the delivery room to notify the staff that the client will be transported immediately
(C) Find the closest telephone and stat phone the physician immediately
(D) Gently push the cord into the vagina

119. During the ovulation phase of the menstrual cycle, ovulation is caused by the secretion of:
(A) Estrogen
(B) Progesterone
(C) Luteinizing hormone ✅
(D) Follicle-stimulating hormone

120. The largest amount of progesterone secretory phase of the menstrual cycle is a response.
(A) The onset of ovulation
(B) The regulation of menstruation
(C) The incidence of capillary fragility
(D) Sustaining the thick endometrium of the uterus ✅

121. The hormone responsible for the menstrual cycle are:
(A) Gonadotrophins
(B) Estrogen and progesterone
(C) Gonadotrophins and estrogen
(D) Gonadotrophins, estrogen, and progesterone ✅

122. Before a client with syphilis can be treated the nurse must determine the:
(A) Portal of entry
(B) Size of the chancre
(C) Existence of allergies ✅
(D) Name of sexual contacts

123. The final step of the research process for a researcher is to:
(A) Utilize the findings ✅
(B) Analyze the data
(C) Interpret the findings
(D) Communicate the findings

124 Which of the following is not the element of informed consent:
(A) Purpose of study
(B) Offer answers only for selected questions ✅
(C) Subject selection process
(D) Alternative procedures if any, are disclosed

125. Which of the following is not true about the characteristic of good research:
(A) Conducted using a large number of funds ✅
(B) Orderly and systematic process
(C) Finding the solution to a problem
(D) Begin with clearly defined purposes

126. Translating the message into verbal and non-verbal symbols to communicate to the receiver means:
(A) Encoding ✅
(B) Decoding
(C) Channel
(D) Feedback

127. The manager gives an incentive to one employee for their extra effort on a new project, the power used in this situation is:
(A) Coercive
(B) Reward ✅
(C) Legitimate
(D) Expert

128. The state of complete disorganization and confusion leads to a loss of identity and direction. It is known as: Previous year exam Staff Nurse Question Papers
(A) Equilibrium
(B) Bargaining
(C) Chaos or disruption ✅
(D) Resistance

129. The assessment method that occurs after the patient has been discharged is:
(A) Concurrent Evaluation
(B) Auditing
(C) Retrospective evaluation ✅
(D) Quality assurance

130. All of the following are types of conflict except
(A) Intrapersonal
(B) Manifest ✅
(C) Interpersonal
(D) Intragroup

131. Normal adult hemoglobin contains:
(A) One alpha chain and one beta chain
(B) One alpha chain and two beta chains
(C) One beta chain and two alpha chains
(D) Two alpha chains and two beta chains

132. The device for catching is known as:
(A) Lock
(B) Zoo
(C) Trap ✅
(D) Rope

133. Who was the first to use the word “Statistics”?
(A) Gottfried Achenwal ✅
(B) Prof. Horace Secrist
(C) Croxton & Cowden
(D) Gelan

134. Which of the following rates is applied to calculate “The total no. of Death occurring in a hospital after 48 hrs. of admission for a period (divided by) total no. of Discharge including. Death (minus) Death under 48 hrs. for the same period in a hospital multiplied by 100”
(A) G.D.R.
(B) N.D.R. ✅
(C) B.T.O.R.
(D) B.O.R.

135. In which Century did the Vital Statistics was originated?
(A) Eighteen Century
(B) Seventeen Century
(C) Nineteen Century ✅
(D) Sixteen Century

136. Identify the odd term out
(A) FrontPage Express
(B) Composer
(C) Web Page Editor
(D) World Wide Web ✅

137. Different networks can be linked using
(A) A remote PC
(B) A router PC
(C) A disk server
(D) Modem ✅

138: Hypertext is a text that Staff nurse exam question Papers
(A) Appears as superscript
(B) Contains links to other documents ✅
(C) Appears above normal text
(D) Has images embodied in the text

139. The domain name in a URL refers to the
(A) Protocol ✅
(B) filename
(C) server
(D) directory

140. Software designed for a specific purpose is called as
(A) system software
(B) compiler
(C) specific software
(D) application software ✅

141. Pyknosis is characterized by
(A) Nuclear basophilia
(B) Nuclear shrinkage ✅
(C) Nucleus disintegration
(D) Nucleolus disintegration

142. Mallory’s degeneration seen in alcoholic liver disease is a form of:
(A) Hyaline degeneration ✅
(B) Amyloid degeneration
(C) Hydropic degeneration
(D) Fatty degeneration

143. Severe generalized edema is called:
(A) Myxoedema
(B) Pitting edema
(C) Anasarca ✅
(D) Dependent edema

144. The activation of caspases is likely to lead to:
(A) Apoptotic cell death ✅
(B) Blood coagulation
(C) Mitotic cell division
(D) G1 and S phases of cell cycle

145. A reduction in the total leucocyte count is called:
(A) Leucocytosis
(B) Leucopenia ✅
(C) Leucorrhea
(D) Leukemia

146. A reduced number of platelet is found in all the conditions except:
(A) Disseminated intravascular coagulation
(B) Aplastic anemia
(C) Acute myeloid leukemia
(D) Von Willibrand disease ✅

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