Postpartum Hemorrhage

PPH Cause, Risk Factor, Symptoms & Management

Introduction of Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) is a critical medical condition characterized by significant blood loss through vaginal bleeding following childbirth. This condition poses a serious threat to maternal health and typically occurs immediately after the delivery of the placenta, though it can also manifest up to 12 days post-delivery. PPH requires prompt…

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Types of Wound | Wound Definition basics of skin integrity, causes, severity, and cleanliness

Types of Wound | Wound Definition

Wound Definition – The definition of a wound is a breakdown in the continuity of biological tissue, including skin, mucous membranes, and any body part/organ tissue. It can be internal or external. Wounds have many causes, any activity that damages the integrity of the body can cause a wound. Such as a roadside, industrial, or…

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Ringer Lactate use Contraindicated & Composition

Ringer lactate use contraindications & composition

Ringers Lactated was invented in the 1880s and added to the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines in the 1930s. Ringer’s lactate solution (RL) is a mixture of sodium (Na+), chloride (Cl-), lactate, potassium chloride(K+), and calcium chloride(Ca+2), and water. also known as Hartmann’s solution multi-electrolyte fluid. the sodium lactate solution most physiological fluid….

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