Important Days

Date & Month                  Celebrated As
January  9                               Cancer Day
January 12                              National Youth Day
January 26                              Republic Day
January 30                              Anti Leprosy Day
                                               Martyr’s Day


February 1                              Deaf & Dumb Day
February 28                            National Science Day
March 1                                   World Science Day
March 8                                   International Women’s Day
March 9                                   Anganwadi Workers Day
March 15                                 World Disabled Day
                                                World Consumer Rights Day


March 16                                 Measles Day
March 22                                 World Water Day
March 24                                 World Tuberculosis Day
April 7                                     World Health Day
April 17                                   Haemophilia Day
April 22                                   World Earth Day
April 25                                   World Malaria Day
April 30                                   Anti Child Labour Day
April Last Week                      World Immunization Week
May 1                                      Word labour day and may day
May 7                                      World Asthma Day
May 12                                    Nurses Day Red Cross Day
May 31                                    World No Tobacco Day
May 2                                      Sunday Mother’s Day
June 5                                     World Environment Day
June 14                                   World blood Donor Day
John 26                                   International Drug Abuse Day
June 3 Sunday                        Father’s Day
July 1                                       Indian Doctors Day
July 11                                     World Population Day
July 28                                     World Hepatitis Day
August 1 – 7                            Breastfeeding Week
August 6                                  Hiroshima Day
August 9                                  Nagasaki Day
August 15                                Independence Day
August 20                                Sadbhavana Day
                                                World Mosquito Day
September 1-7                        National Nutritional week
September 5                           Teachers Day
September 8                            International Literacy Day
September 16                          Ozone Day
September 20                          International Peace Day
September 21                          Alzheimer’s Day
October 8                                Blood Donation Day
October 1-7                             Midwife Week
October 10                              World Mental Health Day
October 24                              United Nation Day
November 14                           Children’s Day
November 15                           World Diabetes Day
November 18                           Epilepsy Day
November 24                           NCC Day
December 1                             AIDS Day
                                                 Population Prevention Day
December 3                             Bhopal Gas Tragedy Day
December 8                             National Mental Retarded Day
December 10                           World Human Rights Day


December 11                           UNICEF Day


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