Asthma, types symptoms day and theme

Asthma, types symptoms

Asthma and its type is a respiratory system disease. It is categorized under obstructive respiratory disease. It is common to long term obstructive disease of the airway (tubes) of lungs. that can cause breathing problems or difficulty in breathing. because those tubes Mack so narrow and can’t pass/move air freely. There are many types according to its onset and severity. World Asthma Day and theme is conducted every year worldwide.

It is characterized by chronic airway inflammation, recurrent and reversible, airway obstruction. And it is easily converted into Bronchospasm (narrowing of the bronchi). that condition leads to the response of various stimuli (allergic factor) like environmental factors, various flower smell, From the pollen of flowers, and dust particles can cause inflammation.

It is a long-term problem of airways. its effect all age group of peoples and its start during childhood breathing problem. the patient is may experience the symptom mild to severe. it can cause severe wheezing and breathlessness called the asthmatic attack. that problem cannot be completely cured. but it can be prevented or controlled the symptom by making some changes in daily life such as continuous spirometry, exercise, yoga, and a balanced diet.

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World asthma day and its theme

The 22nd annual World Asthma Day will be held on 5 May in 2020. The Day is declared on the first Tuesday of May every year. Conducted as an annual awareness program continuously for the last 21 years. The first World Asthma Day was held on May 5, 1998, and is followed by a globally significant awareness program conducted each year. And it is supported by the US-based National Heart Lung and Blood Institution (NHBL) and the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) and the World Asthma Foundation.

Considering the current time of the global pandemic COVID-19, Until further notice, the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) decided to postpone the promotion of World_Asthma_Day 2020. And they will not actively promote this event.

Important Days List National and International

world asthma day

The theme & Logo of asthma day 2020 is.

Enough Asthma Deaths

The theme of asthma day 2019 is

STOP For Asthma

Types of asthma

Based on its severity categorized in four types-


Mild types do not have much effect on the daily life of the patient. Some mild symptoms appear once or twice a month and get well without any treatment.

Mild to moderate

Mild to moderate types of asthma have some effect on a patient’s daily life. Some symptoms are seen (cough, wheezing, developed mucus in the airways, congestion and chest pain, etc).

Symptoms appear at any time of the day and night at least two or more times a week. And they are cured by taking low-dose corticosteroid inhalers and nebulizers as prescribed by the doctor.


A moderate asthma type has an effect on a patient’s daily life. Some symptoms are seen (cough, swollen airways, wheezing, developed mucus in the airways, congestion and chest pain, etc).

May appear two or more times a week and once daily in the day or night.

And they are cured by taking daily medication prescribed by the doctor slightly higher dose of corticosteroid inhalers and nebulizers.  and he has also prescribed a rescue inhaler when the onset of symptoms.

Severe Asthmatic attack

Severe asthmatic attack is a very serious condition.

Symptoms of the patient may persist several times and continuously in a day or night. The symptoms suddenly appear in an asthmatic attack.

Sign/Symptoms like – Difficulty breathing, chest congestion, and pain, cough, wheezing, etc.

The patient required immediate hospitalization. and sometimes required advanced medical equipment or ICU support. otherwise, the condition is very critical and the patient will die.

Types of asthma Based on its onset


Every year millions of children in the world are affected by asthma.

Some children have asthmatic diagnoses in early life and most of the child completely cured when they are young. this type is known as childhood asthma.


Asthma often occurs in childhood, but in some people, It is diagnosed for the first time after becoming an adult. This is known as adult-onset asthma.

The main reasons for this are smoking, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, ignorance, and other health problems stressful life.

Allergic asthma

Pericardial Effusion Symptom Diagnosis Treatment

Allergic is also known as ‘Seasonal’. It is one of the most common types of asthma. This is a condition caused by the reaction of an external allergen. Which can be in the form of dust mites, pollen particles, any scent, etc. In this, the airway cells become extra sensitive and respond to irritability by performing an immune function. So, the muscles around the airways tighten and the airways become inflamed. This causes the airways to become narrower, and thicker mucus accumulates over time in the airways, causing difficulty in breathing.

Its severity can be different in different people and depends on its allergic agent. In most cases, it is very common but some patients require emergency treatment.


Non-allergic, also known as exercise-induced dyspnoea. It is caused by factors other than allergies such as heavy exercise, stress, cold air, smoke, viral infections, and other irritants.

Non-allergic type asthma is less common. In many cases, this type seems more severe. It develops more frequently in adults and is more difficult to treat than allergic asthma.

In this also, routine symptoms are seen like

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest tightness
  • Heavy mucus production


Occupational is work-related asthma. It is a common lung disease. This is due to laborers breathing in chemical fumes, gas, dust, wood sawdust, coal sawdust, etc. In addition, it can also occur in health workers who have a latex allergy. It can occur as a result of exposure to a substance that you are sensitive to that causes an allergic or immunological reaction or a toxic toxin.

Like other types, That is also can cause coughing, chest tightness, wheezing, and shortness of breath. People with allergies or those with a family history of allergies are more likely to develop occupational dyspnoea.

Sign And Symptom

The asthmatic symptoms can vary from person to person. If anyone has asthma. The symptoms may not always be visible, it can be more intense when they are doing some heavy work and exercise.

some important symptom is here…

  • coughing
  • Wheezing (most common symptom)
  • tightness of chest
  • chest pain
  • shortness of breath
  • Trouble sleeping (due to shortness of breath)
  • Feeling very weak or tired when exercising
  • sign of cold or allergy, etc.

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What are the 3 types of asthma?

childhood, Adult, allergic, occupational, nonallergic/ exercise-induced asthma…

What is the first sign of asthma?

Wheezing (most common symptom) tightness of chest, chest pain,shortness of breath, Trouble sleeping (due to shortness of breath)…

Can asthma be cured?

It cannot be completely cured. But symptoms can be controlled by regular treatment, diet, and modification in daily living activities.

asthma symptoms in kids.

Frequent coughing worsens when the child is suffering from cold and flue. Shortness of breath. A wheezing or whistling sound when breathing out. ( most common) Chest congestion or tightness and pain.

asthma symptoms in adults.

some important symptom is here…
coughing & Wheezing (most common symptom)
the tightness of chest, & chest pain
Trouble sleeping (due to shortness of breath)…

What drink is good for asthma?

Hot coffee, soup, ginger tea can help relieve the symptoms of asthma. Due to ginger and hot drinks, the airway becomes relaxed and cough is relieved.

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